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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, December 15th, 2004
2:30-5:00 pm
GSLIS Room 126
Refreshments at 2:30

Paula Kaufman, presiding

1. Approval of faculty meeting minutes of November 17th, 2004

     Minutes were approved by a motion from Kathleen Kluegel, seconded by Karen Schmidt.

2. University Librarian's Report

     Paula attended a Dean's meeting today. No one knows any details about support from the State. It is widely accepted that we won't have an increase. Tuition will be increase in the 7-9% range starting under the Joyce plan. They want to lock in tuition as quickly as possible. There will be a campus reallocation to cover salary allocations. There was discussion from the University Administration (UA) level about restructuring of the Human Resources Division. This is tied to Banner. Human Resources would have several service centers on campus and become a UA integrated service.


     The Council of Deans see themselves as serving as a viable and vital decision making group and will be looking at ways to enhance this.


     Minority enrollment is down for next fall. Undergrads are down by 20%. Campus is looking at redoing the admissions process. The Grad applicationss are holding steady.


     The Senate Committee on Educational Policy is charged with, among other things, examining the budgetary implications of the proposals it receives. Therefore, the Committee requires letters of support from other impacted units showing that all budgetary implications have been addressed in formulating a proposal. This includes, but is not limited to, proposals that impact course offerings and enrollment of courses offered by other units as well as other resources such as the libraries, etc.


3.  Old Business
Continuation of Discussion on Task Force to Investigate Library Fees (Al Kagan)

     The Task Force was charged to look at the possibility of a Library fee. Last April Al raised this issue and Paul Kaufman appointed the Task Force. One question that came up at the last meeting was whether the Force had ethical concerns. Al felt that was in part due to ALA's policy that libraries should not have fees for basic services. The Force is not proposing a fee that would have differential effects on anyone. Another question that came up was why there weren't any dollars associated with each of the scenarios. The Force did not feel that was part of their charge.


     (See Power Point Presentation.)


     One concern is that adopting the report might somehow tie Paula Kaufman's hands in negotiating for funds. The Force recommends adopting the report for further exploration of the fee issue.


     Paula commented that the Library gets money from the Provost, who gets money from the state and tuition. We don't know how much comes from each one.


     A motion was made by Janis Johnston for the faculty to adopt the report with thanks to the Force for doing this work and to recommend to the University Librarian to further explore this idea as the opportunity arises. Muhammad al-Faruque seconded the motion. Motion passed with 1 opposed and 1 abstained.

Vote on Zero Time appointment in the Library for Mara Wade

     Paula Kaufman explained that it is not uncommon for faculty to have zero time appointments in other departments. Faculty with zero time appointments are not able to vote but can attend faculty meetings and would be including in LIBFAC. Mara Wade has been very involved in research done by Library faculty.


     Kathleen Kluegel motioned to accept the zero time appointment for Mara Wade. Bill Mischo seconded the motion. Motion carried with one abstention.


     Lisa Hinchliffe suggested that a future agenda item be the discussion of creating a document process about making appointments.

Committee reports
Executive Committee (Bill Mischo)


Executive Committee Report for December 15, 2004 Library Faculty Meeting


The Executive Committee met twice since the last Faculty Meeting, on December 1 st, 2004 and December 13 th, 2004.


At the December 1 st meeting of the Executive Committee:


Minutes of the November 8 meeting were approved as corrected


Paul Healey, Chair of the Faculty Review Committee met with the Executive Committee to discuss proposed changes to the annual review process and to clarify comments made by FRC members at the last Faculty Meeting. Several facts were brought to light: (1) the average Librarianship score for Library faculty at 4Y or above (including tenured) in 2003 was 7.78. Librarianship will continue to be evaluated by FRC against the same scoring guidelines, and (2) there is no significant difference between the Librarianship scores awarded to unit heads vs. non-unit heads.


The role and function of the Administrative Council was discussed. Various reconfigurations of the AC were viewed by the EC.


There was a discussion of the proposal put forth by the Library Fee Task Force. The differences between a student activities fee and an IT or tuition surcharge were discussed and the ramifications of a Library Fee were explored.


Issues raised at the last Faculty Meeting regarding the 0% appointment issue were discussed.


The Library Policies and Procedures database was talked about. A decision was made to create two databases-one for public view and one for staff view.


At the December 13 th, 2004 meeting of the Executive Committee:


The December1 minutes were approved with amendment


A new referral web page for users designed to enable them to order items from general online booksellers, particularly Amazon, via the Library web site was described.


The UL informed the EC about the broad collaborative relationships that are being established with the Indiana University Library.


The process for setting priorities for the Library budget was discussed. Issues raised included the role of EC vis-à-vis the Library Budget Group. A meeting with Rod Allen will be scheduled.


Eligibility criterion for individuals to serve as Division Coordinators was raised. Specifically discussed were individuals in a Division with administrative appointments. Library Bylaws indicate that Division members need to be nominated as Coordinator by the Division and the nomination must be approved by the University Librarian.


The implementation of the Strategic Plan was discussed. There is a general consensus on EC that any general mechanism for assigning specific SP tasks to groups or individuals is problematic and perhaps not workable. EC has asked the SP Committee to take a pause while both EC and AC examine SP issues.


The process for accepting nominations for the latest CLIR fellow vacancy was discussed.


The UL will meet with the GSLIS faculty in February regarding proposed affiliate faculty relationships between the University Library and GSLIS.



Bylaws Committee (Mary Schlembach, Nancy O'Brien, and Bill Maher)

     Mary discussed several of the changes. The faculty agreed to come back to these at the next meeting when all the changes were available to vote on.


5. Other reports

CLIR post-doc fellows (Dawn Schmitz and Patrica Hswe) and Lisa Hinchliffe and Miranda Remnek on the program.
Patricia stated that she had been working on several digital projects in the Slavic Library, a grant proposal to expand digital projects, and attended workshops in preservation and digitalization. Patricia has also decided to apply to GSLIS and will be taking LIS courses.


     Miranda feels the program is working very well and that there are real advantages to bringing people into the Library who have different expertise and different ideas--although the program isn't meant to replace library school curricula, which these days are changing dramatically to help students meet the great challenges they will encounter in library work


     Dawn has been working to develop a tutorial for the global studies initiative. She has also been working at the Information Desk.


     Lisa maintained that it has been helpful to draw on Dawn's background in developing the tutorial.. For those thinking of applying to the program for a post-doc for next year Lisa feels it is good to have a project in mind.


6. New business

     FRC will have a final version of the annual report documents out next week.


7. Announcements

CAMELS will not be available during winter break.P


Respectfully Submitted,

Wendy Shelburne, Secretary of the Faculty