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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
2:30-4:00 pm
GSLIS Room 126
Refreshments at 2:30
Lynne Rudasill, presiding


1.    Approval of faculty meeting minutes of October 20th, 2004


       Minutes were approved by a motion from Mary Laskowki, seconded by Gail Hueting. Report to the Faculty for the Executive Committee Meeting of November 1, 2004


       Approval of the October 19, 2004 minutes


       Minutes from the October 19, 2004 meeting approved as distributed.


2.    Question Time


       There was further discussion of the Administrative Council’s structure, charge and mission. 


3.    Peer Review Committee


       A Peer Review Committee was appointed for a faculty member


4.    Review of Candidate Package Contents


       The packet of information for each candidate invited for an interview was reviewed. The list of items suggested for inclusion was changed slightly.  In addition to the candidate’s packet, a Welcome packet for the successful candidate was proposed.  It would include, in addition to the Realtor Guide, pamphlets or guides to the Allerton, Krannert Center, the Krannert Art Museum, and Spurlock Museum, Public Libraries, and a guide to Campus Recreation, and the MTD Schedule. Also to be included in the Welcome packet: an annual report from their perspective unit and information on child care.


5.    Wording Regarding Photos in the Library


       This is an area where 1st Amendment rights have potential conflicts with personal rights to privacy, ‘freedom from disruption’ in the Library, cultural sensitivity, and religious
considerations.  At the least, the committee feels permission should be obtained from the unit head or representative and those being photographed. While the Daily Illini and the local news stations follow good procedures in this area, tourists, wedding parties, and other folks taking pictures for a variety of reasons do not usually know that there may be a policy to follow.  Legal advice is being sought on this issue.


6.    FRC/PTA Appointment Process


Procedures during the interview process and procedures during the appointment process were discussed in relationship to these committees.


7.         Two new appointments


       John Wagstaff and Nuala Bennett Koetter have been approved by the Campus for appointment.  Wagstaff and Koetter have January 1 start dates. A ‘proto’ welcome packet will go to Nuala for her review and comments.  Wagstaff will receive the revised edition of the welcome packet.


Report to the Faculty - Executive Committee

November 8, 2004 meeting


1.    Approval of the November 1, 2004 minutes


Minutes from the November 1 meeting were approved after review of the text on candidate packet contents.


2.    Question Time


During question time, the Acting Chancellor’s statement concerning renewed emphasis on excellence in the areas of Art and Humanities was reiterated.  A discussion of campus directives regarding the disciplines followed, and it was agreed that this topic would be revisited at a future meeting.


The recent library disasters in Germany and Hawaii prompted discussion on  preparedness.


Repercussions regarding the Natural History Survey library plans to move to Research Park  were briefly discussed.


3.    Personnel


Two personnel issues were discussed.

4.    Strategic Plan


Although further discussion of the Strategic Plan was postponed, EC did agree that Diane Schmidt as chair of that group should be informed that the goals outlined in that document were endorsed.


5.    Library Policies


In anticipation of the development of a database for library policies, the Executive Committee is reviewing the items currently available for inclusion.


6.    0% Appointment


The recommendation that Professor Mara Wade, Associate Professor of Germanic Languages & Literature be given a 0% appointment in the Library was approved by EC after a brief discussion. EC noted that this would be brought to the Library faculty for their approval at the next meeting.


7.    New Visiting Position


The Committee approved a search for a visiting position that will be 100% grant funded.


8. Collaborative and Joint Appointments with GSLIS


9.  John Unsworth met with the Committee to discuss collaborative or joint appointments between the University Library and the Graduate School of Library and Information Science.

Faculty Review Committee update (Paul Healey)

1)                  New calendar and all annual report documents will be posted on the web site soon.

a)                  Annual reports due 2/15/05

b)                  Peer review reports due April 1.

c)                  Submit 10 copies of report and 3 copies of your CV (instead of 1 for Administration), 1 for HR, 1 for FRC


2)      Changes to website

a)                  Site redesign-to make clearer

b)                  Better separation of PTA and FRC

c)                  Always look to the website for most current information.


3)      Report form changes because old goals for the Strategic Plan are gone

a)                  Basic changes

i)        11 point font, 1 inch margins

ii)       Place for name, title and tenure status at top

b)                  Librarianship

i)        3 pages max. (was 2 pages max) extra pages will result in 1 point off score

ii)       Categories:

(1)               Honors

(2)               Grants for Library as opposed to grants for research

(3)               Significant accomplishments (up to 3)

(4)               Other important activities-such as mentoring or supervising

(a)    Include activities directly related to position including user ed.

(i)                  NOT GSLIS classes.

c)                  Research

i)        Honors – related specifically to research

ii)       Editorships of learned journals –publishing for research versus organizations

iii)     Grants for research

iv)     Publications

(1)               Published conf proceedings, NOT presentations

d)                  Service

i)        Honors –specifically related to service

ii)       Public service

iii)     Service to professional organizations

(1)               Membership,

(2)               offices,

(3)               editorships of prof. Journals and newsletters

(4)               involvement and contributions

(5)               Conferences and workshops

iv)     Other

(1)               Teaching (GSLIS)

(2)               Lectures and all conf presentations (regardless of publication)

v)      University and Campus service


4)      Scoring form changes

a)                  Scoring criteria clarified-get away from scoring by counting items

b)                  Explain committee discretion in scoring

c)                  Remove implication of scoring by “counting”

i)        8-10 are reserved for exceptional accomplishments

ii)       10 given rarely


5)      Other changes coming

a)                  Feedback changes-enhanced for better feedback

b)                  Appeals process-formal with set of criteria


6)      Changes in peer review process:

a)                  PTA & FRC will co-present workshops for untenured, committees and paper preparers

b)                  Feedback to peer review committees on their reports (enhanced process):

i)        PTA will now review reports on  0, 1, 2, & 3Y

ii)       FRC will review 4 and 5Y only


       What used to be divided into six points in the Strategic Plan have been condensed to three. The process is no longer tied strictly to the Strategic Plan. More information is given. The Committee is trying to get a better idea of what people are doing. Grants are under two places; research and librarianship.


       The Committee tried to match the campus dossier as much as possible and the grant process doesn’t match. It’s tied more to what the faculty do. All grants are included, both external and internal.


       The guidelines from FRC stating where you should list your GSLIS courses are separate and in no way affect the ARL guidelines about where you should list your GSLIS activities, which are indeed under user education. There will be this inconsistency. So for the purpose of ARL statistics presentations or teaching of courses will continue to be considered user ed.


Other reports
Entrepreneurial Development (Beth Sandore and Lynn Wiley)

       Beth Sandore introduced Lynn Wiley in her new role of Head of Entrepreneurial Development. Lynn along with EC have redefined her role as it has expanded to include these duties. This is not starting something new but looking at significant work already going on in the Library.


       An advisory board will be appointed. It will probably include someone from the Business Office, Collections, and someone from the community.


       Lynn explained that there has been a good deal of entrepreneurial activity in the libraries. A few examples include the annual book sale, the IRIS database, the t-shirts offered in Development, the ILL fee based services, the images database in Archives, collaborative reference activity and the many ongoing grant projects.


       What she will be doing is developing a program that takes over a few existing projects (IRIS and ABSEES) and one that will host new initiatives to allow for entrepreneurial idea generation, project the feasibility of new entrepreneurial programs, provide for project support, and provide for assessment of the new activity.


The current Head of Information Service Delivery and Entrepreneurial Programs is fulfilling the new duties as part of a three year assignment. The first year is devoted to building the program and helping to stabilize the 2 anchors, IRIS and ABSEES. The following years would be spent enhancing that infrastructure and then developing and establishing the products and services.


The duties include establishing partnerships across campus such as may be available within the Academy of Entrepreneurial Leadership or with GSLIS.  Other partnerships with CIC libraries or those libraries that have existing entrepreneurial program such as at John Hopkins can be explored as well.


University 101 Initiative (Lisa Hinchliffe)

       See supplemental documents.


       The University 101 Initiative is not an actual course. The Provost’s office has asked departments if they have this or are developing it. Lisa will send the report out once she has it.

Task Force to Investigate Library Fees (Al Kagan)

       See supplemental documents.


       The final recommendation is not a fee but a guarantee of percentage of tuition. The task force was asked if they had considered ethical issues of a tuition fee. The task force didn’t feel it was an issue.


       The task force was also asked if the fee would affect the other money the Library receives from Administration. The Task Force feels this would be a more stable source of funding and regularize what we are already receiving.


       There was a motion made by Maria Porta and seconded by Pat Allen to table the issue until the next meeting.

Vote on Zero Time appointment in the Library (Mara Wade)

       One faculty member wanted justification for granting this appointment for fear that we are opening the door for anyone to have an appointment.  Several faculty expressed a need for a clear procedure and guidelines for zero time appointments in the Library.


       Several faculty commented on the many contributions Mara Wade has made to the Library over several years. She has also served on search committees for Library faculty positions. This appointment would not make her a Library faculty member, but an official affiliate of the Library.


       By the end of the discussion there was no longer a quorum and this issue had to be tabled until the next meeting.



       John and Cherié Weible are the proud parents of twins; a girl and boy.


       Professor John Willinsky will be speaking at the Library Colloquium, 9:30-11:00am, Monday, November 22 in 126 GSLIS. The topic will be Open Access and Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Education.


       The Bylaws Committee has a summary up on the G:// drive.


The Meeting adjourned at 4:45


Respectfully Submitted,

Wendy Shelburne, Secretary of the Faculty