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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

3:30-4:30 pm

LEVIS Room 407

(Refreshments at 3:15)


Paula Kaufman, presiding


1. Approval of faculty meeting minutes of August 18th, 2004 draft posted on LIBNEWS-L on 09/09/04; and soon to be posted at


Minutes were approved by a motion from Becky Smith, seconded by Muhammad al-Faruque.


2. Introduction of new librarians


CLIR Postdocs (Lisa Hinchliffe --Dawn Schmitz and Miranda Remneck -- Patricia Hwse)


Dawn Schmitz

Dawn Schmitz has a PhD in Media Studies and an MLIS focused in Archival Studies, both from the University of Pittsburgh.  While completing her degrees, Dawn was a graduate research assistant in the Department of Library and Information Science, and a Teaching Assistant, Teaching Fellow, and Advisor to Undergraduate Majors in the Department of Communication.


Patricia Hwse

Patricia has a PhD in 19 th C Russian literature from Yale, and she was working most recently for Bruccoli Clark Layman publishers in Columbia, South Carolina, where she helped to prepare Russian literature volumes for the Dictionary of Literary Biography


New Mortenson Associates – Barbara Ford


Raphael AREGU, Acting University Librarian , Gulu University Library , Gulu, Uganda

Adriana Maria BETANCUR, Coordinadora Servicios , de Informacion Local , Medellin, Colombia

Therese ELS, Librarian Branch Head , City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality , Pretoria, South Africa

Johon Javer GARIBELLO LOAIZA, Support Services Boss , Banco de la Republica, Library & Arts Dept. , Bogota, Colombia

Alvina MATTHEE, Chief Librarian , Medical Research Council , Tygerberg, South Africa

Rirhandzu Sharon MHINGA, Head Librarian , Tshwane University of Technology , Polokwane, South Africa

Paul MWANZILO, Cataloger , Egerton University Library , Njoro, Kenya

Mariam NATALWALLA, Librarian , eThekwini Municipal Library , Durban, South Africa

Hanh Thi NGUYEN, Researcher , Nat’l Center for Scientific and Technological Info , Hanoi, Vietnam

Gloria Maria PARRA MORA, Librarian , Universidad Pedagogica y Technologica de Colombia , Tunja, Colombia

Nomabhaso RAMUGONDO, Learning Facilitator, School Libraries
Free State Department of Education , Witsieshoek, South Africa

Gonzalo RINCON GOMEZ, Manager , Banco de la Republica, SUC , Florencia, Colombia

Gladys RODRIGUEZ GUZMAN, Public Services Coordinator , Banco de la Republica, Library & Arts Dept. , Bogota, Colombia

Ingrid THOMSON, Librarian , University of Cape Town , Rondebosch, South Africa

Takanori UMEZAWA, Librarian, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan

Ronelle VAN VOLLENHOVEN, Principal Librarian , Department of Sports, Arts and Culture , Rustenburg, South Africa

Nga VU DUONG THUY, Senior Lecturer/Vice Dean Library Info Faculty , Hanoi University of Culture , Hanoi, Vietnam


Lynne Rudasill (will introduce Philippe Cantie )


Philippe Cantie is serving as an intern from ESSIB, the French National School of Information Science and Librarianship.  Philippe has two projects to work on over the course of the two months he is here.  First, he is working on a paper concerning the effects of the U.S.A. PATRIOT ACT on American librarianship.  Second, he is here to study the administration and workings of our Library.


Becky Smith will introduce Carissa Holler


Carissa Holler is the new BEL part-time Business Reference Specialist. Carissa is a recent MLS graduate and has an MBA w/ Finance concentration from the University of Iowa, as well as extensive experience at Ernst & Young and as a state performance auditor in Des Moines.


Sharon Clark will introduce Michael Monroe


Michael joined the NEH funded Illinois Newspaper Project on Sept. 10th, as Cataloger and Visiting Assistant Professor.

Michael holds a BA in Linguistics from the College of the University of Chicago, having graduated with Honors and Phi Beta Kappa; an MS degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from SUNY, Albany and received his MSLIS from the UIUC program in 2003. 

Michael has taught English as a Second Language both in the U.S. and in Seoul, South Korea.  He has worked on a series of grant projects in the Library, most recently as the Project Supervisor on the Mellon funded Catalog Recon Project for
AUL, Bob Burger.


Lynn Wiley will introduce Susan Harum


Susan Harum joins the Library as the new Coordinator for IRIS (Illinois Researcher Information Service) operations and development. Susan is an alumnae of the GSLIS graduate program, and she has held appointments in the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs, and in collaborative grant activities between the GSLIS and the Library.  Susan was the External Relations Coordinator for the UIUC’s grant from the National Science Foundation’s Digital Libraries Initiative (DLI) program for several years. Following that project she was appointed National Coordinator for NSF’s DLI phase 2 grant programs. Susan holds an MLS from the GSLIS, and an MA in East Asian Languages and Cultures from the U 0f I.


3. University Librarian's report (Paula Kaufman)


At the last Council of Deans meeting it was announced that Kathleen Pecknold, who was Associate Provost and Director of Academic Human Resources, has moved to the Chancellor’s Office to work with interim Chancellor Herman. Peg Rawls, a lawyer, took her position. Peg Rawles has a background in social work, industrial relations, and law.


Again it was reiterated that we cannot expect any more money from the state in the coming years; state revenues aren’t improving, but they are holding steady. The campus is working with the university for a tuition package. There was a move at the last Board of Trustees meeting which changed the responsibilities of the Vice-president for Technology and Economic Development. All the research parks and all the offices of technology management will report to him.


There was also a report that research grants brought in by the university rose again this year around 10% for the 3 rd year in a row.


The Council spoke about the plan to “Restore the Core.”  A couple of years ago financing was put together to begin restoring the core buildings on the quad. The Library and Undergrad Library were both left out of the plan because it was determined they would cost too much. There will not be money from the state for renovations of buildings.  ICR funds and other sources are being added to a building pool to use for debt servicing to float bonds that can be paid back over time.  Lincoln Hall is one quad building that has been under restoration. The building did not get funded by the state at the level they requested.


The roof, gutter, and downspout project will be held until the veto session in November, dealt with then, and then the funds will be released for the project to begin.


University Library Day went well. Over 200 people were at the President’s reception.



4. Committee reports


Executive Committee (Lynne Rudasill)


The Executive Committee met twice since the last Faculty Meeting, on August 23 and September 13.


At the August 23 meeting the 8/9/04 minutes were approved with changes. We elected a vice chair and secretary:  Election of Vice Chair – Bill Mischo and Election of Secretary – Lynne Rudasill. The question was asked, will service hours ever be restored completely? The answer was there is not enough money to be able to do that this year but it is a high priority for the committee. Rod Allen will be invited to a future meeting to go over the budget with the new committee. Another question was, how many years will we be expected to contribute hours to Oak St? The answer: the commitment is through the calendar year 2005. The confidentiality statement was reviewed and signed by committee members. The applications for acting head of the Music Library were reviewed and Paula Kaufman will make an offer. The Committee determined that AC should be made up of the UL, AULs, Division Coordinators, and a staff representative and that the committee should consider meeting one time a month. Members will be asked to review the agenda and documents and if possible, meet with their divisions prior to the meetings, so they can come to the meetings prepared to make decisions. The Bylaws committee has found that the version of the bylaws on the web and the last printed bylaws do not match. They will be going through the bylaws and matching them to decisions made in past faculty meetings so we have a correct and current version on the web. A number of changes will be proposed by the Bylaws committee based on current University policy.  In regards to FRC’s merit evaluations, more scores were questioned and appealed this year than in the last few years. The Committee will revisit this issue at a future meeting and talk about the process.


At the September 13 meeting Rod Allen met with the committee to describe how the budget is put together and where we are now.  Although his information was directed primarily toward the new members of the EC, a refresher on the development of the budget was helpful to all members. The minutes of the August 23, 2004 meeting were approved as corrected. In answer to a question regarding alternative funding avenues, Paula indicated a small group of individuals is still looking at the question of a library fee.  The membership of the new Diversity Committee is being developed along with the formal charge of the new committee. If handouts are needed for a public service event external to the University Library, the external institution supporting the event should be asked to pay for the copies.  However, if time or other factors do not permit this, a reasonable number of copies can be made using Library resources in order to provide a public service. The Law Reference position was approved. Janis Johnston, Paul Healey, Jane Williams, Barbara Henigman, Mary Mallory, and a faculty member from the Law School to be named at a later date were suggested as members for the search committee. After further discussion of the Digital Resources and Reference position, members agreed to invite both Bob Burger and Jo Kibbee to attend an executive committee meeting for the purpose of discussing the future plans and direction of the Reference Library. A request for a rollback was approved and will be sent to the Provost’s office for consideration. William Maher was nominated by the Executive Committee to stand for the election to the Campus Budget Oversight Committee. Members discussed the Strategic Plan at length.  More specific discussion ended with the thought that the plan might be split into two parts – a strategic plan and an implementation plan.  It was decided to wait for comments from the Library Faculty meeting before making any more recommendations for changes to the proposed plan.


Strategic Planning Committee (Diane Schmidt)


The Committee has been working on the plan for the past year. The vision statement was approved in fall ’03, we had six open discussions for faculty and staff in the winter ’04, and we presented the plan to the faculty in May ’04. Based on that feedback we rewrote the plan and made the goals much clearer.  We could find nothing stating the approval process for the plan; the committee reports directly to Paula Kaufman.


The plan is not aligned to personal annual reports, there are no explicit priorities, and no detailed action plan, because we don’t believe that is in the committee’s charge.


We are working on a list of persons we feel will be responsible for certain areas of the plan. We have almost completed the assessment of the original five year plan. We are also setting up procedures for annual assessment and revision of the plan.


Diane was asked to clarify Goal III, b. – Diane said that would include things like Oak Street and open access.


Other comments were positive and the committee will move forward with the plan.


Training (Beth Woodard)


The Staff Development and Training Committee consists of:  Beth Woodard, Chair, Cindy Kelly, Lisa Hinchliffe, John Weible, Michael Norman, Sue Searing, Susie Duncan, Diana Walter, and Joe Zumalt.  New members for 2004-2005 are Zoe Revell and Tom Teper.


The Staff Development and Training Committee has been meeting bimonthly to discuss strategies for identifying training needs and economical means for providing that training.


The committee administered a web-based survey to identify training needs, and has been working with the data collected.  See data below.  The committee is exploring alternative methods for identifying training needs, including asking units to identify unit needs as part of annual reports, and conducting focus group interviews with divisions.

The coordinator has established a web site at  which includes links to a calendar of training opportunities in the library and on campus

The committee collaborated with the User Education Committee to identify software by E*vanced Solutions as software suitable to manage workshop registration and attendance.  This software has been used since July to register individuals for workshops.


The coordinator worked with an outside consultant, Wanda Plawer, to deliver workshops in fall 2003 on Microsoft Project and a series of basic workshops on Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access, with focused, shorter training sessions on specific advanced topics in spring 2004.  For this next year, Excel and Access workshops will again be offered, as well as Windows, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Dreamweaver.


A subscription to the Lincoln Trails Continuous learning series was purchased last year, with about 32 individuals taking advantage of the workshops available there.  Two of the series from last year, Conflict Resolution and Fish! Service Philosophy will be brought to the UIUC campus for this year.  The subscription was renewed for this year.  Staff members who wish to take part in these sessions merely need to call Lincoln Trails and set up their own account to self-register.  Upcoming events include Blogging 101 and a session on copyright by our own Paul Healey.


A concentrated effort to raise staff awareness of campus opportunities for online learning has been started.  Sessions are being held monthly to introduce staff to NetG and to provide opportunities to work on online tutorials away from the normal working environment.  The coordinator has visited two divisions to introduce faculty members to NetG.


The coordinator is in the process of developing an online tutorial through the State Library’s LibraryU program, which will bring in funds for student assistance for web development of the training page.  Some funds were also made available via a request to the Budget committee.


Graduate assistant training is now held twice a year, in August and in January, with typically 70 to 75 graduate assistants involved in fall training, and around 6 to 10 in the spring training.  A wider variety of individuals are being involved.  This fall’s training involved:  Paula Kaufman, John Weible, Wendy Shelburne, Darlene Chirolas, Peggy Steele, Michael Norman, Cindy Kelly, Kathleen Kern, Karen Hogenboom, Lynne Rudasill, Katie Clark, Lynn Wiley, Cherie Weible, Stephanie Atkins, Jimmy Cotter, and staff from the Circulation department. 


Voyager training is coordinated by the Voyager Training Team in consultation with the individual ISCC Teams.  Voyager staff side and OPAC searching sessions are typically held during GA training.  Voyager Circulation sessions were added this fall, with the Circulation Team in the process of revising the Circulation Manual and student assistant tutorials.  Cataloging held several training sessions this summer as well as another session this fall.  Acquisitions has held over a dozen sessions this past year and is planning more.  Katie Clark provided workshops last year on how fund managers can use Excel with their Acquisitions reports and will reprise that workshop at the end of the month.  Voyager Reporter training was held last December, and a review session is being planned for this fall.


The committee is also working on a white paper to address what resources will be needed to provide support for a broader-based training program, and to explore alternative structures for that support.


The committee is continuing to work on developing a checklist for orientation of new staff, and to examine ways to develop supervisor skills.  Some funds were requested from the Budget committee to send a few people to T4B training, and the committee is developing criteria for selection of those individuals.  Locally developed workshops on Supervising Students and Coaching Employees are being created.  There has also been some discussion on holding workshops on digitization basics, as well as grant-writing.


Ideas and suggestions are always welcome!


5. Other reports

CAMEL Squad – Becky Smith


No organization can afford to provide staff year-long for tasks whose workloads require only occasional extra effort.  By providing help when help is needed, Library resources can be allocated to support core services throughout the year.  We will start out this pilot as a part-time team.


The CAMEL Squad is designed to provide assistance for tasks that require occasional, but predictable, additional staff as well as to provide coverage in emergency situations when Divisional backup is unavailable.


CAMELS Members:


Sandy Wolf, Team Leader, LSX

Anna Gerard, BEL

Betty Smith, STX

Kathy Wright, UGX


CAMELS’ members will be assigned to provide assistance to these operations:


CAMELS will also be available to provide emergency coverage in public service units when Divisional backup coverage is unavailable.  Tasks will include


All unit heads must provide a manual of basic operational procedures, including your unit’s Voyager generic login name and passwords, for CAMEL team members.   Reference help is not included; it is suggested that unit heads should notify their departments or colleges of their absence.  CAMELS is not designed for short project work in individual units such as moving materials, etc.   Weekends are not included either.


Division Coordinators need to contact Sandy Wolf via on-campus hotline at 5-9891; From off-campus 265-9891; she can check messages from 9-4 pm as it has voice mail.  It is also listed in the Library Electronic Directory.  For more efficient service, we suggest you fill out a request form  However, you cannot contact Sandy at the last minute; she needs overnight notice in order to coordinate and contact the members, as well as the units that anticipated help from CAMELS.  Thus, you must contact Sandy by no later than 4pm M-F. 


If Sandy is unavailable, contact Becky Smith, liaison to CAMELS via e-mail


Toronto Visitors – Barbara Ford


The Toronto visitors will be arriving on September 21. They will be meeting with several groups. Anyone is welcome to attend. Barbara will be emailing their schedule to LIBFAC. If you are on the schedule and can’t come, please contact the session leader. If you are not on the schedule and would like to attend, please contact the session leader. On September 22 there will be a summary meeting in the afternoon.


CPS Pilot – Jo Kibbee


CPS had an ad hoc group that was looking into providing productivity software on Library computers. There are three computers in Reference, four in Documents, and 12 in Undergrad. Mary Laskowski is working on a survey to determine how useful the software is to the patrons. Some of the questions are: does this increase their productivity, does this enhance their Library experience, are they more likely to come to the Library and use other Library resources, etc. The pilot goes through December.


Productivity software is Microsoft Office; Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.  If anyone would like to have this in their library call Karen Hogenboom.



6.  New business


It was brought up that the faculty might agree to meet less often, perhaps six times per year. There was a consensus for this and the Bylaws committee will look into what needs to be done to change the number of meeting times.


7. Announcements


Dana Wright was featured as a UI alum during air time of the UCLA game.


Lisa Hinchliffe wanted to thank everyone who took part in the Fall Festival or made it possible for another employee to take part. They had around 800 participants.