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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

3:00-5:00 pm


Refreshments at 2:30

Paula Kaufman, presiding


1. Approval of faculty meeting minutes of May 18th, 2005 draft distributed via libnews on July 13th


Minutes accepted with no changes. Motion made by Lisa Hinchliffe and seconded by Lynn Rudasill


2. University Librarian's Report


Paula acknowledged the contributions of Sharon Clark to the Library and reminded everyone to wish her well in her retirement.  


Grainger Library was thanked for providing projection equipment for the meeting.

The FY06 Budget is established.  The Library is working to put money into collections, however 2% must be held back for a possible rescission.   Most units on Campus were cut 4% again this year, but the Library was spared.  This may be the last year that the Campus is able to protect the Library’s budget in this fashion.  Discussions are continuing with Provost regarding a Library fee, but the feeling is that the timing is not yet right.
The University is again involved in Strategic Planning. President White has issued a plan to “Create a Brilliant Future for the University of
Illinois.” Under this plan, each campus will provide a strategic plan and the corresponding units of each campus will submit a plan.  Substitute the following for this paragraph >   >

Under President White's leadership, the University has begun a vigorous strategic planning process. The campus has been asked to submit a plan by Dec. 31, 2005 and campus units (including the Library) will be asked to complete plans by June 30, 2006. We are waiting for specific instructions.

3. Committee reports

Executive Committee (Bill Mischo)


The Executive Committee has met 8 times since the last faculty meeting.


Minutes and agendas are posted as they become available to EC’s website at:



June 1, 2005


The Executive Committee met in special session to discuss the annual review of the University Librarian


June 8, 2005


There was a clarification of some information concerning a spousal hire.


A change in assignments on a peer review committee was approved.


The Executive Committee agreed to move forward on a request for a TOPS appointment and a screening committee was appointed for the individual proposed for this appointment.


An academic professional position was approved for the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library.


An academic professional position was approved for the English Library.


The Executive Committee unanimously agreed that a bylaws amendment for electronic balloting be put forward to the faculty. 


The Executive Committee arranged to make electronic minutes of EC meetings available in a timely manner.


June 13, 2005


The checklists for incoming committee chairs of the Promotion and Tenure and Faculty Review Committees are being finalized.


An orientation will be held for anyone appointed to a Peer Review Committee who hasn’t gone through our tenure process.


Work continues on the discovery of position titles in the University Library and a proposal will be ready for the Executive Committee to review in the near future.


Regarding the change in Library Bylaws to allow electronic ballots, the Executive Committee unanimously recommends to the Nominations, Elections, and Voting Procedures Committee that these changes be read and brought to a vote b y the Library Faculty.


ICR monies expenditures/Services Award Request – In response to a request from the Advisory Committee to the Unversity Librarian for Services, it was noted that only one other request was received for the use of these monies after the original call went out.  The availability of these monies should be promoted more widely and perhaps the use of these funds needs to be better understood by potential grantees.  A call for proposals using these funds will be made on a semi-annual basis.


Access Strategies Task Force Report Recommendations – In addition to reaction from the Library Faculty at the May 18th Faculty meeting, several other concerns had been expressed about the recommendations:

  1. the size of the new teams being developed
  2. the importance of full and frequent communication on the work of the teams with those involved in public service delivery
  3. and, concern about the implementation of the tools being suggested for user access.

As a response to these concerns, the Executive Committee suggested the following:

  1. recognition that several new teams are being formed, but several of the old teams will be disbanded
  2. teams will be charged to give demonstrations and to communicate often regarding their progress.
  3. as a sunset provision, the teams will have one year to organize and assess the effectiveness of the work being done in this manner

A motion was made and seconded to approve the Access Strategies Task Force Report.  The motion passed.


The Budget Implementation Task Force Report Recommendations were discussed.  Kathleen Kluegel and Jane Block will review the document and suggest priorities for the Executive Committee to endorse.


John ‘Bud’ Velde Gift – After receiving a revised proposal for the expenditures of the Velde gift, the Executive Committee discussed the intent and distribution of these monies.  A motion was made and passed to create the John ‘Bud’ Velde Scholar in Library Preservation Administration.  The motion was passed. Velde funds for a visiting scholar program were reduced and the funds were added to a collection endowment in Rare Books and Special Collections.  A motion to this effect was made and also passed.


Andrew Turyn Gift – The Turyn family has given extensive correspondence in Polish, Spanish, Italian, and other languages to the University Library. The first priority will be to make the Turyn collections accessible. 


June 14, 2005


The procedures and process connected with the annual review of the University Librarian were discussed. 


June 23, 2005


Dana Wright attended the meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss her current position and to provide the Committee with information concerning her vision of what the position might be in the future and its place in the organization.  Dana suggested that the individual in this position work very closely with the residence hall libraries. 


The paperwork for a TOPS hire was sent forward.


A request was made to get the agenda out earlier for the Executive Committee Meetings.


Referees were selected for a tenure candidate.


A peer review committee change was made.


Evaluation of the position of Coordinator for Staff Development and Training – General consensus exists that this is a successful and valuable program that should be maintained.  Until more funding can be found for the position, it will remain as a half time appointment.


July 6, 2005 (special meeting)


The Executive Committee met in special session to discuss the proposed budget for the 2005-2006 academic year.  Bob Burger and Susan Edwards answered questions concerning the budget and supporting documents that were provided.  Bob Burger outlined a plan for reducing student wage budgets based on spending patterns over the last several years. 


The Executive Committee approved a motion that would direct the expenditure of any available funds from the $1 million special allocation to the library be directed to the collections budget.


July 12, 2005 (special meeting)


This meeting was called for the specific purposes of reviewing new budget information.  The Committee suggested two guiding principles for the next year’s allocations.  First, as much money as possible should be freed up to be spent on collections.  Second, the Budget Group and the Executive Committee need to carefully consider all open positions.  Vacancies need to be looked at very closely in order to be as creative as possible.


Paula Kaufman will send out a call for applications for an Acting Head of Acquisitions.


Bill Maher suggested that it might be a good idea to call for the administration to assemble a report regarding the disposition of the $5 million given to the University Library as part of the actions of the Senate Library Committee Review several years ago.


July 13, 2005


Discussion of the Diversity Services/Multicultural Services Librarian – Joyce Wright and Bob Burger described their perceptions of the work of the Diversity Services Librarian.  The position as originally articulated several years ago was called a multicultural librarian, but this changed to a Diversity Services Librarian.  Discussion also led to a consideration of the role of this position relating to a Diversity Services Committee.


There was some discussion of the focus of a proposed TOPS position, although general consensus was that it would provide many things that would be very important to the faculty.  The Executive Committee voted unanimously to rearticulate the focus of the position and appoint a screening committee.


In the course of further discussion of the Diversity Services Librarian position, Lynn Wiley and Cindy Ingold were asked to work with Bob Burger to further articulate the position description.  The Executive Committee voted unanimously not to approve a visiting position at this time.


Lynne Rudasill is preparing the materials necessary for committee assignments for next year and will distribute the results to the Executive Committee before the next meeting.


William Maher brought the revisions to the UIUC Library Policy on the Distribution of Grant ICR Monies back to the Executive Committee for considering.  The revisions were approved by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.



4. Introductions


Beth Sandore introduced Sarah Shreeves, who is the new Coordinator for the IDEALS project, a position that is funded by the Provost.  Beth also introduced Tim Donohue, a research programmer also working with the IDEALS project.



5. Digital Content Creation Team (Chris Prom)


Chris outlined and discussed the report of the Digital Content Creation team – all documents available at:


The group was established by the Budget Implementation Task Force and relates to concerns about the progress of digitization here and its associated workflows. 


Comments regarding the report and its recommendations may be sent to the Executive Committee.


6. The evolution of African projects at the Mortenson Center (Susan Schnuer and Barbara Ford)


Presentation documents have been requested from the Mortenson Center and will be distributed. 


7. Old business

NEVP -- new voting procedures (Jennifer Hain)

Jennifer sent out new voting guidelines via LIBFAC on July 20th.  All changes have been sent to the Executive Committee.

Discussion of the new voting procedure centered upon randomization of long lists of names, better ways of presenting the names in the ballots, and questions concerning greater or lesser turnout for elections with electronic balloting in place. NEVP will do more research on these topics. 

Bylaws Committee (Mary Schlembach)

Mary discussed proposed changes to the bylaws related to electronic voting.

Bill Maher moved that the changes be sent out for a faculty vote.   This motion passed.

8. New business


New Library Toolbar plug-in (Chris Hamb and Lisa Hinchliffe)


The User Education Committee has developed a library toolbar for the most commonly used library resources.  The toolbar is currently only operational in Internet Explorer, and the committee is continuing to look for ways to get the toolbar operational in other browsers.  The toolbar may be downloaded at:

User Education has done focus groups, and now wants to hear comments from Library Faculty on the toolbar.  They will be working with systems at a later date to install the toolbars on public machines.


Future of Academic Libraries (Paula Kaufman)


Due to shortage of meeting time this item was tabled and will be rescheduled at a later data – probably a library brown bag lunch meeting.


9. Announcements

The Library Fall Festival will be held on September 8th.  This year the Library will not have a table on quad day, but will be participating in I Diversity, an information fair for new students.  The Library will also have a table at new academic staff orientation.

The Library will be participating in the Book market at the Square on August 27th.

Friday August 12th has been designated “Lisa German Day” for her going away party.  There will be cake in Acquisitions from 2:00 – 4:00. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:50 pm.