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Library Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
2:30-5:00 pm
GSLIS Room 126
Refreshments at 2:30

Paula Kaufman, presiding

1. Approval of faculty meeting minutes of April 20th, 2005

Motion to approve from Becky Smith, and seconded by Lisa German.

2. University Librarian's Report

Paula updated the faculty regarding Rod Allen’s health. Susan Edwards will be filling
in for him while he is out.

Paula reported on the most recent Dean’s meeting she attended. Preliminary budget
information is expected by June 3
rd. Most units can expect a 3 ½ to 4% cut. The situation of the
Library in terms of the budget is still unclear.

Enrollment for next year is down. 7,500 new students are enrolled in the fall and
there are increases in all minority categories, but non-resident applications are down.

Paula gave a presentation on Translational Research. More information about this Campus
initiative may be found on the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research site at

Discussion and questions following the presentation centered upon concerns regarding
infrastructure and financial support for these new projects, and how current library e-resource
licenses might be affected. The Campus is still working on plans to address many of these

3. Committee reports

Executive Committee (Bill Mischo)

Executive Committee Meeting agendas and minutes are available on their website:

April 25, 2005

1. The Access Strategy Task Force Report was discussed by the committee. EC recommended
that the all members of the faculty should be solicited for comments and questions on the

2. A one year visiting appointment in the Art and Architecture library was approved.

3. The University Librarian will make a final decision regarding the WAGR library by May

4. A rollback discussion will be continued a future meeting. A peer review
committee was appointed. Names and referees for appointment papers were discussed and some
were chosen

May 2, 2005

1. This was called as a special meeting to consider comments received regarding the annual
reports of the AUL’s and the Director of the
Mortenson Center. Comments from this discussion will be shared with the University

2. A spousal hire was discussed.

May 9, 2005

1. Discussion of a rollback continued.

2. More comments regarding the Access Strategy Report were discussed.

3. EC made the decision to schedule 3 meetings a month beginning in August.

4. EC voted to fill a position in the Business and Economics library.

5. Rod Allen updated EC on the upcoming budget. The budget group and Rod currently have
three possible scenarios prepared.

6. Several peer review committee adjustments were made related to impending

7. EC communication issues were discussed as well as the role of the committee’s
website. Announcements will be made when the site is updated.

Discussion: Questions were asked concerning the BITF task force report and its
approval. The recommendation is to let Paula or EC know if you think a forum is necessary to
discuss the document.

A question was raised regarding concerns of secrecy in EC. EC has not discussed this

Library PTA Committee (Tim Cole)

Tim provided a summary of the committee’s activities for the year. (Document
distributed is attached)

4. Other Reports:

Global Studies Update (Lynne Rudasill)

Lynne gave an update on her activities at the Center for Global Studies. This center
began a little over a year ago and funding (grant) came through last fall. Currently, Lynne’s
duties are split between the Education and Social Science Library and the Center. The department
serves approximately 100 faculty affiliates in 42 departments. Lynne does selection,
reference, and instructional support for the Center. There will be an upcoming LEEP course in
GSLIS that addresses the European Union.

In addition, Lisa Hinchliffe and Dawn Schmitz have been working with some aspects of this
program as it relates to Web CT.

More information about the Center for Global Studies and the Center’s blog may be found
at this website:

ARL RLLF site visits to UT-Austin and UCLA (Lisa German and Beth Sandore)

Lisa and Beth reported on their site visits to University of Texas at Austin and UCLA as
participants in this program.

More information about this program can be found here:

5. Old business

There was no old business.

6. New business

There was no new business.

7. Announcements