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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

2:30-5:00 pm

GSLIS Room 126

Refreshments at 2:30

Paula Kaufman, presiding


1.     Approval of faculty meeting minutes for February 16, 2004.


Minutes were approved by a motion from Michael Norman, seconded by Mary Laskowski


2.  Introduction of New Librarians


John Wagstaff introduced by Esther Gillie

John Wagstaff is the new Music Librarian. John enjoys an international reputation as a librarian.  From 1998-2005 he served as Music Faculty Librarian at the University of Oxford.  Prior to that (1984-88) was Music Librarian at King's College, University of London.  He holds a BA degree in music from the University of Reading, a Master's in historical musicology from King's College, University of London, and a diploma in librarianship from the Polytechnic of North London.

Jim Kelly introduced by Janis Johnston

 Jim, the new Reference Librarian in Law,  he completed his law degree at the  University of Louisville, and received his MSLS from the University of Kentucky.  Before attending library school practiced law in the areas of tax and bankruptcy for 3 years, and worked with Arthur Anderson


Laura Hanson introduced by Becky Smith

Laura Hanson is the new visiting librarian in the BEL.   Laura has a MSLIS from UIUC and has worked at the ACES/Funk Library as well as at a corporate library in town.  


3.  University Librarian's Report


Paula had no additional budget information. There will be a small tuition increase. The University is looking at a 3% salary increase program which we can add 1% to. Academic units may be cut an average of 4%. At the Dean's meeting there was a lot of discussion in the Dean's role in the planning and executing of the next University wide capital campaign.,


There will be a Campaign Update Forum for the Library on March 18 at 3pm in 291 UGL.  Paula also wants to remind everyone about the Library events and exhibits calendar that is going to be available off of the gateway. It's really important that you send your information to Cindy Ashwill so it gets put on this calendar. The calendar is useful in marketing the Library and in trying to coordinate with the other institutional members of the Cultural Engagement Council.


Master planning is going on at the University system level. Paula asked at the Deans meeting, when during the planning are they going to bring in some of the people affected by it and get their input.


President White is already making an impact with his statement, "The system is made up of three universities, not just one, each with its own mission."  White believes in the importance and power of each individual Dean.


The Search Committee to appoint a new Chancellor has been working hard and they hope to have a recommendation to the President and BOT very soon. The appointment of a Provost will depend on the appointment of the Chancellor.


President White will be giving a speech on April 11 at Wohler's Hall.


4.  Committee Reports


Executive Committee (Bill Mischo)


The Executive Committee meeting minutes will be posted here:


The Executive Committee has met three times since the last Library Faculty meeting.


Minutes from the February 22, 2005 EC meeting.


Minutes of the January 24 th and February 10 th meeting were discussed and approved.

Lynn Wiley was designated as the Library's nominee as ILCSO representative to the OCLC Members Council.

The evaluation process for AULs was discussed. As Paula note of March 9 indicates, this year the process will be overseen by the Executive Committee, with EC vice chair Bill Mischo organizing the process.  We are asking faculty to visit the Library Staff web page to access the goals set for Bob, Barbara, Karen, and Beth and their description of how those goals were met.  Please send your comments to Bill Mischo no later than March 31.  EC members will review your inputs and summarize them for Paula to use in her evaluations of these four administrators. Also discussed was the process for reviewing librarians with Library-wide responsibilities who are not AULs. Bob Burger will be responsible for coordinating this; please send any suggestions or comments to him.

A change in the election dates for FRC and PTA was discussed as well as the calendar for both committees.  Cindy Ingold and Lynn Wiley will draft new dates.


It was recommended that anyone new to the Peer Review Committee Process receive an orientation from FRC and PTA before they begin their duties.  This is particularly important for individuals hired with tenure.


Tim Cole and Bob Burger are working on guidelines for the Peer Review of Tenured Faculty. Please direct any questions to Tim Cole.


The ARL Leadership Workshop was very successful. There were 21 participants who worked on a variety of leadership scenarios. Our two representatives are Beth Sandore and Lisa German.


A final discussion was held of a projected spousal hire. This individual has been interviewed and comments have been received from various Library faculty. In the position description that has been approved, the individual will be primarily engaged in electronic resources infrastructure work, staff and faculty training endeavors, and web development. The Committee approved the hire as an academic professional, Electronic Access Specialist reporting to both Technical Services and the Library Systems Office.  The Library will be responsible for 1/3 of the individual's salary.


A second discussion was held concerning the John "Bud" Velde Professorship.

EC made several suggestions regarding the application of this endowment income. This endowment is earmarked for the support of preservation activities (including purchase of equipment, supplies, and outsourcing of materials) library-wide, and for the acquisition of rare materials, the inauguration and maintenance of a fellowship program for visiting scholars, and the hiring of graduate assistants for the Rare Book Room.


GSLIS and Library met to outline policy and procedures for the GSLIS/Library Shared Faculty Proposal. Paula has forwarded the document to the Library faculty.

The Committee began discussion of the comments regarding EC communication to the Faculty which were raised at the last Faculty meeting. This discussion is ongoing and will continue. We do want to remind faculty the EC minutes are posted through a link from Library Online News.


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

March 9, 2005


Minutes of the February 22, 2005 meeting were approved with changes.


Paula Kaufman reported that the appointment of a committee to work on the implementation of the merger between the History and Philosophy Library and the Newspaper Library is complete.  A schedule for the implementation and a draft report on the process will also be developed soon.


A Decision on a rollback request was deferred until further information could be made available.


A discussion was held regarding the Faculty Meeting of February 16. The Executive Committee discussed the concept of collegiality and its implications for untenured faculty. While frank and open discussions are recognized as an integral part of the nature of faculty culture, we want to affirm the 'right' and responsibly of untenured faculty to provide their input at all meetings.

In a related matter, the Executive Committee discussed the role of the divisions, and the faculty-as-a-whole in the process of policy and decision-making.


The Committee initiated discussion of the Budget Implementation Task Force (BITF) Report. The EC expressed overall satisfaction with the tenor of the report and expressed support for moving the Library in a variety of ways to implement the plans proposed.  The EC asked for an executive summary of the report and particularly of the recommendations, as well as a list of the task forces that might need to be appointed. 


Kathleen Kluegel introduced a preliminary Vision for a Language and Literature Library proposal that she and Tom Kilton had drawn up for a Language and Literature Library. This proposal is consistent with other current proposals and plans to provide better, more cost-effective service to our users, improve faculty liaison activities, and better coordinate collection development. The EC will continue discussions on this matter in the future.


Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

March 14, 2005 - 1:30-3:00 p.m. - Room 428 Main Library


Minutes of the March 9, 2005 EC meeting were approved with changes.

Paula will ask Mary Stuart to prepare a statement for general distribution concerning the
rationale and purpose of the Newspaper Library and History and Philosophy Library merger

In a similar vein, it was requested that Cindy Ingold prepare a statement regarding the
reconfiguration of the Women and Gender Resources Library for general distribution.

Action was postponed on a request for a rollback.

Discussion was held on the Budget Implementation Task Force (BITF) report. The EC considered
a very timely and well executed report from Lisa German describing the argument for moving from the
Dewey Decimal classification system to the Library of Congress system. A number of arguments
for and against retaining a statement about this proposal in the Budget Implementation Task Force
Report were explored. As a follow-up, it was suggested that Lisa German provide the Executive
Committee with a report on the impact of local conventions in cataloging and a description of how
workflow might be improved using other classification systems. The EC is willing to look at
any changes that will provide more efficient classification of materials.

The Executive Committee made several suggestions for changes to both the Budget
Implementation Task Force report and the Executive Summary of the report. It was generally
agreed that the Task Force Report nicely complemented the Strategic Plan and provided concrete
steps to take the University Library forward in directions consistent with the Strategic Plan.
The report will be distributed to the library faculty to encourage collegial discussion of
the import of many of the suggestions contained therein. After the members of the Library
have had the opportunity to read the report, a venue for the discussion the recommendations will be
provided. The Executive Committee will briefly discuss how this might be implemented at its next

Paula Kaufman will appoint a group to look at the suggested Language and Literature Library.
In addition, the EC will consider the configuration of the Reference Room/Library and entertain
visions for the future of the Reference Library.



Research and Publications Committee (Katie Clark)

This report can be found at


5. Other reports


Illinois Digital Scholarship institutional repository initiative (Beth Sandore & Bill Mischo)


Beth distributed the draft collection policy for Ideals and discussed the development of the repository initiative including discussions with the Provost's office and the funding provided by his office . (see supplemental docs for collection policy)


Beth discussed the goals for the first phase of the project.  This phase will collect pre-print, working papers, published articles (post-prints), master's theses, dissertations, best paper awards from students, and inaugural lectures. 


Bill discussed hardware and software requirements, specifically the impending acquisition of STORAGE AREA NETWORK (SAN) hardware which will hold up to 6 terabytes of data.


If any of your departments have items they want to put into the repository, please ask them to contact Sarah Shreeves.


There was discussion about copyright issues, and theses and dissertations.


6.  Old Business


Ballots for the Bylaws election were distributed March 16, 2005.


7.  Announcements


Lynne Rudasill announced that Richard Clark's presentation is on the Center for Global Studies website along with other streaming media. ACDIS also posts streaming media events to the site.