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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

Library Faculty Meeting
October 21, 2003
407 Illini Union
3:00 – 4:20 pm


Paula Kaufman, presiding, called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm after it was determined that a quorum was present.


1.   Approval of faculty meeting minutes of Sept. 16, 2003  

      Motion to approve minutes-Al Kagan; seconded by Beth Woodard


2.  Introduction of New Librarians

      Bill Maher introduced Scott Schwartz, Archivist for Music and Fine Arts.  Scott has assumed responsibilities for the Sousa Archives as well as for considering how the program can expand its scope to document, more effectively, both the music accomplishments of the UIUC School of Music faculty as well as American music in general.  Scott comes from the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History where he was in charge of collections in American popular music.  His research interests concern ethnomusicology, especially that of Appalachia.


      Beth Wohlgemuth introduced Anna FitzSimmons, assistant librarian in Natural History Survey. Anna worked in the Library as a grad student.


3.      University Librarian's report - Kaufman

Budget – Vacant positions and reductions in student hours reduced the staff by 73 FTE. Paula has asked the Provost for more money for student staffing because of increased traffic and complaints from students. Faculty should let Paula know if they are hearing complaints from patrons about the Library's hours and she will pass them on to the Provost.


Faculty should not come to Paula asking for money. Any requests should go through the budget group to make sure requests are handled fairly and equitably.


Paula reported that the 10 millionth volume dedication was a success. In the same week, the Library also had the dedication of the Houbolt papers. Houbolt was a UI grad and a NASA scientist who figured out how to get us back from the moon. His papers are in the University Archives and his books are at the Grainger Library.  Thanks went out to Bill Maher for making the event such a success.


Friday, October 11th was the annual meeting of the UI Foundation. At the meeting, they showed a video of the three campus libraries, and Paula spoke at the Foundation lunch, followed by the Governor.  At the Dedication Ceremony, the Chancellor announced the $30 million Campus Library Campaign with $9 million already raised. Jennifer Hain Teper was also recognized as the creator of the 10 millionth volume which is on display in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library.  Additionally, on November 12th the Stukels will be hosting the trustees with a reception and dinner in the Rare Book Room.


Paula thanked everyone who conducted tours during the dedication and gave special thanks to the Development Staff who made the event happen, especially Cindy Ashwill who wrote Paula’s speech. Additionally thanks went out to Bruce Swann, Alvan Bregman and Gene Rinkel who gave tours of the Rare Book and Special Collections Library.


The current exhibit in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library is each of the millionth volumes as well as an exhibit commemorating the 400th anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth. There is a written guide for this portion of the exhibit.


Paula also congratulated the Government Documents Library and Law Library who passed the repository conception with flying colors.


Becky Smith then asked what the tenor of the speech from the Governor was.


Paula replied that the Governor talked about the University as an engine of economic development. He recognized the Nobel Prize winners and Carl Woese. He announced he was releasing funds for two building projects. One on this campus -a $2 million micro-technology lab and a $62 million building at UIC.


4.   Committee reports


      Executive Committee – Woodard

      Since the last faculty meeting on Tuesday, September 16th, the Executive Committee has met twice, once on Thursday, September 22 and again on Monday, October 20, 2003.


      Global Resources Center

      The half- time faculty position for the Global Resources Center was discussed at both meetings. Karen Schmidt and Beth Sandore attended the September 22nd meeting to discuss the project in detail.  The funding is for 3 years and includes a .5 FTE librarian position.  This half-time position entails being a liaison with librarians working in this area, with technical people such as web designers for the center and with the center itself.  It will include outreach to the community and linking the center resources with campus needs.  EC decided to move forward with the position.  Karen Schmidt, Paula Kaufman, and Beth Sandore wrote a draft job description detailing expectations and reporting lines, which was reviewed and approved at the October 20th meeting.


Process for Filling Faculty Positions

EC received 18 requests for faculty positions and anticipates that of the requests for the next EC meeting on October 27th and will rank each request into "Yes", "No", and "Hold" categories.  Individuals cannot rank requests from their own division, or where the individual believes that a conflict exists.  The group will then try to deal first with the ones that seem to have majority agreement, but anticipates being very deliberate in the process and will not rush to make decisions.  EC's scheduled meetings are: October 27, November 3, November 25, and December 8, and units should not expect immediate notification.  The group reiterated criteria discussed before, including:  unit head positions, accreditation issues, prior commitments, special skills, disproportionate loss in unit, resources served, and forward-looking descriptions.


Emeritus Status

The proposal for emeritus status of a retiring faculty member was considered.


Honorary Degrees Names were proposed and considered for nomination for honorary degrees. EC decided to proceed with supporting the nominee from Engineering and with preparing our own nomination, possibly in conjunction with GSLIS.  A subcommittee was formed to draft the nomination for review by EC.


Full Professor Committees

Appointments were made to the FRC and PTA Full Professor Committees for consideration of a promotion.


Question Time

Peer Review Committee membership for was discussed for a situation where one of the committee members will need to be replaced just prior to the final review.  EC will appoint a replacement.


A broader discussion of the Stacks Reconceptualization report has been suggested, possibly separate from a faculty meeting.


The status of the CLIR Post-Doc proposals was requested.  To date, Paula has not received any proposals.


Timing of the announcement of appointments was discussed.


Problems with the Banner implementation were discussed.  EC encouraged Paula to draft a letter on behalf of the Library letting the administration know the impact that these problems are having on students and on our ability to effectively manage.  Paula will talk with Bob Burger, Cindy Kelly and Rod Allen about what kinds of information that we have that we can distribute about the system to faculty and staff.



      Strategic Planning Committee - D. Schmidt

      The SPC submitted two documents: the Strategic Planning Discussion Document and A Vision for the UIUC Library for comments from the faculty. 


      SPC consists of Diane Schmidt, chair, Gail Hueting, Qiang Jin, Janis Johnston, Lura Joseph, Jo Kibbee, Kim Reynolds, Susan Schnuer, Scott Schwartz, Becky Smith, and Tom Teper. The Committee discussed in general terms how to proceed with the new Strategic Plan, which groups outside and inside of the Library to talk to, and how to get feedback.


      Last year EC, AC, and the Budget Group got together for a brainstorming session and wrote a vision document for the Library. SPC looked at, commented and re-wrote the document as a bulleted list. The document was sent to each Division for comments. They also took the vision document off Paula’s page and bulleted it.  These are the two documents submitted.


      Al Kagan stated that he was more comfortable with the first document [now titled "Strategic Planning Discussion Document"].


      Lisa Hinchliffe added that the new vision document [titled "A Vision for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Library"] is a more visionary document, but we need to work on wording the literacy section.


      Bill Maher thought that the new document better articulated what we aspire to be, the purpose of SP is to help us to strive towards these things.


      Bill Mischo pointed out that the most important parts of the document are the statements that follow “based upon…”, though they seem to get lost in the bullet points. The last bullet says “employees," which he believes doesn't work with the context.


      Michael Norman suggested that they remove "employees" all together.


      Janice Pilch indicated that are four bullets referring to employees but no mention of technology, which should be added.


      Naun Chew agreed with Janice and stated that the last bullet reads strangely about research we do opposed to research we help others do.


      Al Kagan added that "public good" should be integrated back into the document and "international" should be added in the beginning. He also felt that the Divisions should look at the square bulleted document ["A Vision for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Library"].  Diane responded that the first paragraph of the document could be changed to reflect this.


      Bill Maher clarified that he preferred the older version ["Strategic Planning Discussion Document"] and that the newer one should be trashed.


      Sue Searing added that she liked the square bullet document ["A Vision for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's Library"], and thought that the round bulleted one implies that our vision is 'not to get worse', which is not inspiring


      Diane Schmidt agreed that the SPC will rework the square bulleted document and send the revisions out for more discussion.


      Jo Kibbee questioned the need for more discussion, and suggested that the SPC send back the revised document and get the Divisions' ok.


      Robert Ferrer asked that the last round bullet should have partnership at 'local' level incorporated.


      Lisa German voiced concern over time conflicts with the budget priorities, which are due by November 14. If the Divisions are discussing the vision document will they have time to discuss budget issues.


      Lynn Wiley agreed that the SPC should move ahead with the vision document.


      Gail Hueting concurred that we need to wrap this up.


      Maria Porta suggested that what we need is an idea of what the vision is, that way we can go ahead with the Strategic Plan and worry about wording later.


      Diane Schmidt said that she will write up the changes and send it out for any additional comments.


      Becky Smith added that the SPC does not have much time – and asked that people send in their comments promptly.


      Diane Schmidt concluded the discussion by adding that EC will be writing a new charge for the committee.


5.   Other reports


      Report on the ARL ILL/Document Delivery Services Study - Wiley

      The report is attached on the web site.


      Jo Kibbee asked if there is an impact of having electronic versions of journals.  Lynn replied to the affirmative and said that it’s primarily affects the corporate group, and hasn't shown before in the numbers because we’ve had the print copies.


      Smith asked how often the statistics on impact sharing are updated on the President's webpage.


      Paula Kaufman responded it was done at the request of the board of trustees and not updated. The statement came out of the work of the three University Librarians being charged to come up with how much we saved through interlibrary loan and shared purchasing.


      Bill Mischo asked what the ratio of photocopying versus scanning was.  Lynn answered that they always try to do scanning first, though they are moving to doing more PDFs.


6.   Old business


      Kruger – Memorial Grove project

      To clarify the background on the Memorial Grove project: one year ago Elsa Miller, who had been with the Library 20 years, died. Betsy’s staff wanted to do something in her memory. The initial idea from the Circulation Unit was to plant a tree with a plaque, but that would have cost about $1,500, and the idea was dropped because of the cost.  After Leslie Troutman died in May, however, the Library discovered that all the trees on the Wright street entrance were dying.  Betsy then stated that in the past few years, the Library has lost five people who were active, working members of the Library and thought it would be nice to have a memorial grove to remember all five people. This was not meant to exclude anyone and David Chapman will be added to the memorial project.


7.   New business


      Burger – Oak Street

      Bob reported that he had just met with the contractors for the Oak Street Building. The footings have been poured and on November 13th they will start erecting the steel retaining wall on the west side. Additionally, the pre-cast concrete walls are almost done. Betsy has added a website with pictures of the construction on the Circulation website [].  Bob added that they have built potential winter delays into the project timeline, and have moved the pouring of the super-flat floor to later in the project timeline.


      Allen, R. – UI Integrate

      Rod stated that UI Integrate is a five year initiative to put all three universities on the same business, personnel and student system in which we are entering the 4th year.  At this point the Business Office has achieved printing statements and you should get them by tomorrow.


      The Business Office would like to do training classes but will wait until they are more comfortable with the system. Currently they are getting locked out of the system frequently or the whole system shuts down, and are working on a redesign of the system and upgrade it to make it faster. The processing time is getting better.


      Rod added that as far as statements are concerned, there are no payroll obligations until January but you will see payroll expenditures. Most of you will see negatives for supply and service expenditures. They have been moved to the general library expense account for this year. As of 9/30 the Business Office had processed $1.4 million in Library materials. Right now the emphasis is on the payroll – it goes live 1/1/04.


      Tina Chrzastowski asked for clarification on the rumors that student and staff payrolls will be combined onto the same weekly schedule.  Rod answered that that is correct, but that students will not lose a week of pay.


      Bill Maher asked if faculty/staff should compare the beginning balance we have on 7/1 to the 6/30 UFAS statement.  Rod answered that  you shouldn’t have to worry except for non-state accounts, which would be a good idea to check.


      Lisa German added  that she knows this has all been a big headache to the Business Office, and gave 'major kudos' to Rod, Susan, Tiffany, and everyone in that office.


8.   Announcements

      Paula Kaufman stated that faculty will receive an e-mail this week regarding a new system for contacting Library HR. From this point forward, people should send everything to LibHR. Joyce Lowder will let you know she has received your email and she will give the information to the appropriate person.