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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

Library Faculty Meeting
August 18, 2004
3:00-5:05 pm


Paula Kaufman, presiding, called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm after it was determined that a quorum was present.


1.   Approval of faculty meeting minutes of June 15, 2004

Minutes were approved by a motion from Becky Smith, seconded by Esther Gillie


2.   Introduction of new librarians

            Paula briefly introduced Chris Hamb as a new faculty member in the Engineering Library.  He is a recent GSLIS graduate and also holds a bachelors degree from Math.  Joanne Kaczmarek introduced Beth Leitz.   Beth has been working with the University Archives for approximately one year on Special Document Information Management Project.  Paula also introduced Susan Singleton, who is the Director of Center for Library Initiatives at the CIC.

3.   University Librarian's Report - Paula Kaufman

Paula began by emphasizing that the Library took a cut in our budget - prior to last year the Library had been paying for many of our operating costs out of the lapsed salaries.  Due to the cuts, however, empty positions have been eliminated and are no longer available to cover operating expenses such as OCLC and ILCSO payment.  Paula expressed her gratitude the Interim Chancellor Herman for protecting the Library when almost every other academic unit on campus took a cut. The Library received $1 million added to our permanent budget and $600,000 in one-time money which has been distributed as previously reported to pay for Oak Street, restoring Systems funds, OCLC, ILSCO, and other operating expenses.   We did receive 3% of 95% of our filled positions on December 31 to use to distribute for salary increases.  We also received another $50,000 for equity which has been distributed. 


Jo Kibbee asked what happens to the money if graduate assistants leave before their contract is up?  Paula answered that it goes back into the graduate assistants pool, where the money is used to fill GA positions in emergency situations. 


Paula also discussed the Implementation Task Force, which has established three teams so far and will soon form at least one more.  She was pleased to announce the formation of the CAMELS team, led by Sandy Wolf, which is designed to undertake cyclically predictable work as well as to provide emergency coverage for public service units.  Sandy will be visiting with each of the divisions soon; Becky Smith serves as the liaison from the Implementation Task Force.

The Access Strategy Team, chaired by Peggy Steele, has gotten underway.   Their charge is to examine existing organizational structures, policies, and practices for providing intellectual and physical access to the library's collections and resources in the overall format and to propose the design for new organizational infrastructure to support library access.  


The Digital Content Creation Team has also been implemented and is charged to develop digitization and metadata standards for application to future digital library projects and resources that lack appropriate metadata, as well as to set priorities for our digital library. This will be chaired by the head of the Digital Services Development Unit when that person is appointed.  Until then, Chris Prom is serving as chair.


The two science divisions: Physical Sciences and Engineering and Life Sciences Division have been meeting together to talk about several joint pilot projects that will be announced soon. 


In addition, progress has been made in the area of revenue generation. The Executive Committee has approved expansion the position of the head of IRRC, Lynn Wiley, to include responsibility for revenue generating activities.   This appointment is new and so Lynn will be reporting back to the faculty as these projects get underway.  


The Implementation Task Force has now turned its attention to longer term issues.


Several new upcoming professional appointments were also discussed.


The Executive Committee also asked Paula to remind those who serve on committees or who supervisor faculty and staff who serve on committees that committee service is part of your job.   The excuse that you are too busy to go to committee meetings is not acceptable.


Lastly, Paula reported that the two CLIR post-docs have started and will be introduced at the next meeting.  She reminded the faculty that applications for acting head of Music Library or the ARL Research Library Leadership Fellowship program are due on Monday.   She also noted that she had recently attended a meeting in to what may be an emerging initiative on campus.   There was meeting at NCSA put together by people who are interested in developing a Center for Humanities Computing.   This meeting involved in Interim Chancellor and the Acting Provost and a number of NCSA officials and Vice Chancellor for Research.


Thanks went out to Jennifer Hain Teper and Wendy Shelburne was welcomed as the new Faculty Secretary.


4.         Committee Reports

Executive Committee (Lisa German)

Since the last faculty meeting on June 15 th, the Executive Committee has met four times, on Thursday, July 1 st, Monday, July 26 th, Wednesday, July 28 th, and Monday, August 9 th, as regularly scheduled meetings.


1.         Approval of the minutes

            Minutes of meetings up to August 9 th were approved as submitted and revised.


2.         Question Time

Interim Chancellor Herman asked Paula Kaufman to tell him what's needed to accelerate the
campus campaign for the library. She and Lyn Jones have requested two additional development
professionals. Lynette Marshall has confirmed that Interim Chancellor Herman is considering the
request seriously; the outcome will depend upon available funds.

We discussed the Reference position and were favorably inclined to approve it. We asked Jo
to provide a position description.

Questions arose how the Library is working with the Colleges in regards to the campaign.
Lisa will ask Lyn Jones to attend a future EC meeting.


The problem of not getting enough feedback on the performance of the Associate University Librarians was discussed, and it was agreed that the Executive Committee should take some responsibility for giving feedback.


After some discussion of roles of the Executive Committee Officers, Beth Woodard agreed to draft a description of the duties of the secretary and vice-chair of the Executive Committee.


3.                 Budget

Paula updated the committee on the budget decisions and the impact on the library, which Paula has communicated with the faculty via email and the University Librarian's report.


Clarification of the timing on the $200,000 for the collection money was discussed.  Paula Kaufman will discuss with Rod the options for getting collection money allocated sooner rather than later.


4.                 Budget Implementation Updates

EC discussed the progress of the Budget Implementation Team, which has appointed 2 teams and has two more underway.  The Circulation/Call slip team had difficulty finding enough members and its implementation has been postponed.  Paula Kaufman will send out revised charges for the two groups still forming to EC members.


The committee will also identify some topics for longer term strategies.


5.                 Personnel Matters

A personnel matter was discussed. It was decided that EC should invite the person in
question to a future EC meeting.


The draft description of a reassignment possibility for a faculty member was discussed, and suggestions made for revision.  After subsequent discussions, the position of Head of Information Services and Entrepreneurial Programs was approved, with much dissention on the actual job title.  Alternative suggestions are much welcomed.  The relationship of this individual to the Digital Services Department was discussed, as well as clarification of ongoing support.


6.                 Academic Professional Positions and updates on searches

The Executive Committee had a lengthy discussion about academic professional positions in the library, and feel that this is an issue that the new EC should address.  Two issues emerged:  in general, how do academic professional searches get approved, and how are they appointed.  In the past, EC was merely informed about AP searches, and as the line between AP and librarians gets thinner, it seems that the Executive Committee should have more of a role in the approval process.


Paula updated us on the status of several searches.  Some are waiting on search narratives, two offers had been made by the time of the August 9 th meeting, and because the Head of Music search did not result in filling the position, Paula will put out a call to the tenured faculty for an acting head of the Music Library.


7.                 ARL pilot Research Library Fellows Program

The ARL pilot Research Library Fellows Program was discussed.  The UIUC Library will have two people allowed to attend.  Since the timeline is fairly short, continuing members of the Executive Committee will form a screening committee for selection from those interested, and Paula will send out an announcement asking individuals interested to submit a paragraph indicating their interest. The deadline for applying is August 23 rd.


8.                 Committee Appointments

There was some discussion of committee structures on the whole, about the appointment process in general, and specifically about Collection Development and ISCC committees being appointed differently than other committees.  Because of the nature of these committees, it was affirmed that it does seem appropriate for these to have different appointment structures, but that ISCC committees should have one year terms with annual appointments, and unlimited renewals, and should report these appointments to EC so that EC can take these appointments in consideration when making other committee appointments.  The Diversity Committee charge was approved, and appointments made to all open committees.


EC discussed the role of service on committees and affirmed that it is an important responsibility of all faculty members. 


9.                 Bylaws

A charge to the Bylaws Committee to compare the version of the Bylaws on the web with the last available printed version, and Bylaws Committee notes and faculty meeting minutes, as well as other campus documents, particularly those relating to the 5-year review of Deans, and note other discrepancies, and make recommendations to the faculty by the November faculty meeting was drafted and approved.


10.             Gifts from Vendors Policy    

The draft policy was approved.  The policy conforms to the State Gift Ban Act of 1999 and also states that vendors cannot give library staff gifts such as candy, flowers, and liquor and should not pay for meals.   If you have a meal with a vendor, you must pay for yourself.  This recommended policy will be discussed at a future Administrative Council meeting.


11.             Distribution of ICR grant seed money

Approximately $12,000 is available for distribution.  Per the policy adopted by the Executive Committee in 2003, Paula will send out a call asking for grant proposal submissions.  These are due by September 30, 2004 and EC will review them.


12.             Number of Divisions

The Executive Committee has had this topic on its agenda since it was brought up by Tim Cole at a faculty meeting.  We had a lengthy discussion at the August 9 th faculty meeting.  We also talked about the Division structure, both pros and cons.  In the end, we decided that there are many benefits to this structure and that if particular Divisions whish to merge, they should not be precluded from moving a proposal to do so forward.  The Divisional structure can be evolutionary.


Becky Smith voiced concern that committees schedule meetings so as not to conflict with untenured faculty's research time.  Paula agreed that committee schedules should be agreed upon by the whole committee.


Jo Kibbee asked about the status of the 5Y review for Paula.  Lisa reported the procedure was complete and Paula was reappointed. 



Collection Development Committee (Karen Schmidt)

Karen Schmidt reported on the CDC, which meets monthly and encompasses general collection policies and procedures for collections in all formats including e-resources, preservation of collections.   This past year the committee discussed the following:


Policy issues:

      Significant gifts policy

      Expired patron circulation policy

      Guidelines for canceling print for electronic resources


Procedural issues:

      Advice on Elsevier and 3 campus agreement

      Details of Voyager acquisitions



      The committee reached consensus on the budget matrix factors in January; 2% reallocation.  This was the first time ever discussed with the full committee and with no new money. The committee set up processes and conducted the allocation; advised on $200K distribution; and gathered information on marketplace factors.


Next year's work includes:

      Continue refining the reallocation process

      Bring marketplace factors into matrix

      Finish review of e-resource budget and advise on any new allocations or cancellations


New Interns for 2004/05:

      Michael Norman and Setsuko Noguchi


Cataloging Policy Committee (Marek Sroka)


Marek updated the faculty on the past year's activities for the Cataloging Policy Committee. 



      Web Dewey 22 (3 training sessions attend by 45 people)

      Cataloging for Non-Catalogers (2 training sessions attended by 23 people)



      Guidelines for Obtaining Voyager Cataloging Maintenance Authorization

      UIUC Rare Book Cataloging Policy (a draft)

      Implementation of Dewey 22


Cataloging authorizations:

      23 for cataloging units and Oak Street, 3 for non- cataloging units

      2 send requests to Richard Burbank use webform


National Standards:

      MFHD's for serials



User Education Committee (Lisa Hinchliffe)

Lisa acknowledged all members of the User Education Committee, in particular Melody Allison, Cindy Shirkey, and Allison Sutton who completed terms of service this year. The Committee has been ably assisted during the year by Ely Anderson and Chad Fennel, Information Literacy Graduate Assistants. Yoo-Seong Song and Chris Hamb will be joining the Committee starting in August and Melody Allison has been re-appointed as well. The Committee meets monthly, usually on the second Monday of the month. Minutes are posted on the committee web site and linked from LON.


The User Education Committee has been quite active this year and has accomplished or made significant progress on the following:



Sue Searing asked for information on the Teaching Alliance. Lisa answered that the Teach Alliance received 20% of the grant we requested from the campus.   Linda Smith and Lisa are working on putting together 4 events this year.


Faculty Review Committee (Paul Healy)

Paul thanked the committee for their hard work this year and reported that of the 101 annual reports reviewed, the scores ranged from 47 to 87.  He stressed that scoring is a comparative process, where an 8.2 does not equated to the grade of "A". He, and the committee, recognized that everybody has worked very hard with minimal resources, and reminded the faculty that they are a group of highly rarified librarians who are all exceptional - what is "average" for this group is far above average for many other librarians.  He also reminded the faculty that the FRC relies on self-reporting, and asked that everybody do their best when preparing their annual reports, but keep the section on "librarianship" to the specified 2 pages or under.  The committee will come back to the faculty later in the fall for suggestions to make process more equitable.   The committee is constantly striving to make the process better.


Kathleen Kluegel asked for clarification of Paul's use of the word "comparative". 

Her understanding of the score is that the scoring is objective and the ranking is relative.  Paul confirmed that she was correct.   She noted that she was surprised that no one scored higher than 87.   Not that we don't have narrower standard of deviation from that average but the fact that the high score was 87 does not reflect her understanding of an objective scoring.  Paul stated that the scoring was truly objective, however, the highest average score was still an 87.   He also added that this points back to what committee is concerned about - how they have been doing the best job they can within the standards as they understand them.   It's a high imperfect system.   They are more than willing and eager to find ways to improve that process.  


Jane Block asked that the committee include the highest scores along with the individual letters when they are sent out.


Lisa Hinchliffe stated that rubric-based scoring should not be comparative.  Additionally, the guidelines, which have been in 'draft' form for some time is of concern.


NEVP (Chris Prom)

Chris reported that the NEVP has supervised seven successful elections this year and has undertaken two new initiatives.


Bylaws Committee (Frances Jacobson Harris)

Frances thanked the members of the Bylaws Committee and summarized the goings-on of the committee over the past year.  Major areas of change are summarized as follows:



The Committee is reconciling differences between the web version of the Bylaws and the version that is printed in the Committee Handbook. We are also examining past minutes of faculty meetings to check for other changes that might not be reflected in the current version of the Bylaws. Finally, the Committee is considering the adoption of language that would allow for electronic voting. We would like to receive input on this topic from the Faculty.  Once these changes are complete, they will be forwarded to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will direct the Bylaws Committee concerning the section on evaluation of the University Librarian. A new draft version of the Bylaws will then be presented to the Faculty for discussion and voting.


5. Other Reports:

DLF/Aquifer Initiative (Paula Kaufman)


On August 5 in a meeting of a small group of interested Digital Library Federation (DLF) libraries at Stanford University we forged an acronym change.  Some of the primary goals of the Aquifer initiative can be expressed using these terms:



Annotation tools, metadata enrichment tools, automatic metadata generation tools, all play roles that enable the above types of activities


Surveys/Action Items:


The University of Illinois Library is engaged in several digital library activities that are of potential value in building the DODL prototype. Tim Cole and Tom Habing have already begun a collaboration with several other DLF institutions on OAI.  Sarah Shreeves will work with the DLF OAI Best practices group to identify ways in which DLF libraries can better create metadata for aggregation for searching across collections.   Further, we have a number of rich digital collections that we can contribute to the Aquifer initiative.


Miranda Remnek asked how can you learn more.  Paula responded that she has a richer set of notes which she is willing to provide to anyone interested.


Muhammad al-Faruque asked who the other academic members are.  Paula answered NYU, California Digital Library, Indiana, Stanford, University of Virginia, and Minnesota, but there are also more. 


TDNET and Open URL Implementation Group (John Weible)

John reported on two functions and progress of the team.   


See for the MS PowerPoint presentation on the subject.


Law Division Report (Janis Johnston)

Janis reported on the College of Law and the Library's Law Division, and states that first year student orientation had already started for the College.  Currently, the College has 50 Permanent Faculty, 650 J.D. students and 35 Advanced degree student from around the world.

Hot topics, New Hires, and New directions include a growing emphasis on interdisciplinary scholarship and international law.  In last three years the College has established programs in:


The College is adding 6 new faculty and offers joint degrees in many other programs on campus.


Humanities Division Report (Tom Kilton)


What makes us unique among the Library's Divisions?



The Humanities Division consists of six departmental libraries: Architecture and Art, Classics, English, History and Philosophy, Modern Languages and Linguistics, and Music.  We serve two colleges:  The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the College of Fine and Applied Arts.


The Ricker Library of Architecture and Art serves the College of Fine and Applied Arts which
includes the Schools of Architecture and Art and Design, as well as the Krannert Art Museum. The
Classics Library serves the Department of the Classics. The English Library serves the Departments
of English, Theatre and the Unit for Cinema Studies. In addition it supports the
acquisition of English-language materials in Medieval Studies, Native American Studies, and Asian
American studies. The History and Philosophy Library serves the Departments of History and
Philosophy, the Program for the Study of Religion, the Program in Jewish Culture and Society, and
the Program in Medieval Studies. The Modern Languages and Linguistics Library serves the
Departments of French,Germanic Languages and Literatures, Spanish Italian and Portuguese,
Linguistics, and the Program in Comparative Literature. The Music Library serves the School of
Music and the Department of Dance.


Recent News about the Departments Served by the Humanities Division:

Humanities Division Accomplishments:


Cross Disciplinary Programs:



Jane Block is the first and thus far the only member of the Library faculty to have been
chose as an associate at the Center for Advanced Studies. Jane also holds the distinction of having
been elected as an associate member of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences of Belgium.
This past year she was selected as one of ten international jurors

to award the Francqui prize of 100,000 Euros to a young Belgian scholar in the humanities and
social sciences. And finally, Jane has recently been invited by the Musée d'Orsay in Paris
to contribute an article to the international exhibition on Neo-Impressionism to be held this
spring of 2005.


The History and Philosophy Library offered 36 instructional sessions in FY03.  The Music Library and UGL working to migrate access to class online audio reserves.  In addition, the Music Library was a satellite site for the Indiana University "Variations 2" project. The Music Library has also begun providing virtual reference service and has a wireless network installed.  Modern Languages Library was the site of a revitalization project involving the whole staff and physical environment resulted in moving major service points for efficiency and effectiveness and realigning staff responsibilities to achieve better functionality.  In addition, Caroline Szylowicz was awarded $3,278 in the May 2004 Friends Preservation Competition to reformat a set of Parisian directories (Paris-Hachette) that are heavily used in the Kolb-Proust Archive.  Lastly, the History and Philosophy Library undertook a major reconfiguration of staffing in the unit, resulting in the creation of a new academic professional position, Collections and Services Specialist. 


Special collaboration in the Division included:

Ricker Library provides regular assistance to the curators and staff of the Krannert Art
Museum. The Modern Languages Library collaborated with the Digital Emblematica, including the IBM
grant for large scale monitor to view the digital images.



Global English in the Humanities:  - C&RL May 2004

An avalanche of full-text resources beyond the e-journal has been an exciting development for research and scholarship in the Arts and Humanities.  We are all indebted to the Systems Office for their valuable assistance with so many difficult e-resources, in particular for their help with the Citrix server.  Special thanks go to Ryan Rogers. 


6. Old Business - There was no old business


7. New Business -

University of Toronto Library to visit UIUC (Barbara Ford)

Librarians from the University of Toronto will be visiting UIUC on Sept. 20-22, 2004.  Objectives are to discuss and develop concrete proposals for possible international collaborations.   Visitors will meet with individuals working in certain areas to assess the possibility of joint international projects or initiatives benefiting both institutions.  Possible areas that may benefit from this visit include: digital projects, virtual reference, collections and preservation, area and global studies and the Mortenson Center. 


8. Announcements

Paula Kaufman announced that the Interim Chancellor has approved expenditure funds to bring an architect here for preplanning for the Main Library.  This is preparatory to the request that the University will hopefully make for a full planning study for the Main Library.


She also reminded the faculty that University Library Day is on Saturday, September 11, which is the UCLA game played at Memorial Stadium.   For those who choose not to go to the game, there will be a special broadcast over halftime about the Library.


Lisa German questioned what impact the architects would have on the renovation of the library.  Paula said the timeline for the renovation of the library is so far in the future that it would not affect it.  


Becky Smith announced that she and Cindy Kelly are organizing a toy drive for the victims of Hurricane Charlie. An e-mail will be posted to LibNews-L soon.


Esther Gillie announced that The Music Library is hosting the Paul Revere Awards display from the Music Publishers Association. The Music Library has the entire set of scores that received excellence in publishing awards from the Association this past year. This display travels around the country to music libraries, and the music covers all genres from classical to pop. More information about the display can be found at:


Paula Kaufman announced that "Bookmarket @ the Square" takes place on Saturday, August 28 at Lincoln Square Mall with a Spelling Bee from 4-5.  The proceeds will be going to the Reading Group.


The meeting adjourned at 4:52 pm