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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting


February 18, 2003
Monsanto Room, ACES Library
3:00 - 4:30 pm

Paula Kaufman, presiding, called the meeting to order at 3:00pm after it was determined that a quorum was present. 

1.      Approval of faculty meeting minutes of January 21, 2003 

     The minutes were approved. 

2.      Introduction of new librarians 

     Karen Wei introduced Rajwant Chilana, the new South Asian Studies Librarian.  

3.      University Librarian's report (Paula Kaufman)  

Paula Kaufman reported that the budget situation next year will be more pressured than it was this year.  The Provost has pledged to protect the Library as much as possible, but cannot pledge to protect it to the extent that he did last year.  Paula's view is that we cannot do more with less, and we will not be able to continue everything we are doing. The Budget Committee and the Executive Committee will address strategies and priorities for dealing with the situation.   

Paula mentioned that she just received a survey detailing how ARL libraries are dealing with reduced budgets. Many libraries have protected acquisitions budgets, but others reduced book buying, reduced or eliminated duplication between print and electronic versions, and cancelled serials. Some cut positions, held vacancies open, reduced student wages, and contemplated layoffs. Some libraries reduced hours, travel, staff development, and replacement of computers and equipment, one library closed branches, and one stopped its residency program. Almost none of the libraries had ideas for raising money, although one instituted an electronic resources fee for students.  

The Provost has talked about various fees that might be instituted, but that is unlikely. The Budget Group has decided to leave open as many vacant positions as possible. The Executive Committee will do the same with faculty positions.  Paula feels that it is important to protect the acquisitions budget as much as possible.  There will be at least a six percent inflation increase in the cost of materials, so even holding the acquisitions budget flat means a loss of buying power. Paula urged faculty to send suggestions in the next few weeks on priorities, and on what could be done differently or not done at all.  Paula stated that she wants to avoid layoffs. 

Lynn Wiley commented that IRRC has experienced record increases in borrowing and lending requests. They have tried some innovative and collaborative efforts, including staff shares last fall, in which they borrowed staff from Undergraduate Library, Circulation, and Acquisitions in peak times. They have also shared verification of borrowing requests to capitalize on the expertise of reference staff in handling difficult citations. IRRC will continue to work with Acquisitions this semester, and IRRC hopes to do more virtual off-loading of work to departmental libraries. 

Paula Kaufman suggested that we not talk about a hiring freeze, as there is still a possibility of hiring, but we are not filling most jobs. 

     Lisa German explained that Acquisitions has had three retirements this year and there will be  a fourth. If it is not possible to replace these people, Acquisitions will be looking for some help from other units when they need it.  

Paula Kaufman invited suggestions for strategies, and commented that while she does not believe we can do more with less, we cannot ignore the cuts. We have to realistic about what we can do and what we cannot do. On March 3, the Administrative Council and Executive Committee will meet together to discuss the framework of what needs to be done so that we will remain vital to our faculty and student users five to ten years from now, and to identify the mileposts that will bring us there.  

4.      Committee reports 

     Executive Committee (Sue Searing) 

The Executive Committee met twice since the last faculty meeting, on January 31 and February 10.  Beginning on February 10, the regular meeting time shifted to 3:30-5:00. 

On January 31, Bart Clark visited the meeting to explain the new accounting procedures, which require unit heads to sign off on payroll reports, telephone reports, and account statements for grants and contracts.  He stressed that University regulations mandate unit heads to review all expenditures, and that in the event of an audit, the Library must be able to prove that such review took place. 

Paula Kaufman informed the committee that the Provost asked all deans and directors to supply him with a list of current faculty searches, and an indication of which open searches can be cancelled.  At that time, the Library had searches underway for three positions: Archivist for Music and Fine Arts, Assistant Reference Librarian for Digital Access, and Rare Book and Special Collections Cataloging and Digital Access Librarian. In addition, the Library planned to begin a search for the position of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian librarian in the Modern Languages and Linguistics Library that will become vacant in August.  The Executive Committee recommended that the searches for the Reference and Rare Book positions be suspended. 

Finally, the committee discussed a revision of the International Strategy document, which has since been forwarded to the original committee and to Barbara Ford. 

On February 10, Paula informed the committee that there is still great uncertainty about next year's budget, and that we must wait for the governor's budget address on April 9. EC discussed a confidential personnel matter, and officially approved three final versions of documents previously discussed: "UIUC Library Policy on Donations from Employees in Support of Their Own Programs" (a gloss on the campus policy), "UIUC Library Policy on the Distribution of Grant ICR Monies," and "Guidelines for the Distribution of ICR Grant Seed Money." EC discussed the IT assessment and planning document submitted by Beth Sandore last November, and generally endorsed the directions outlined in it. Finally, the committee revisited a short list of longstanding "future agenda items" related to its internal processes and effectiveness. 

5.      Other reports 

     Stacks assessment survey (Tom Teper)  

Tom Teper presented a report on Collection Conditions in the Central Stacks, based on a  study performed recently to assess preservation needs of the Library. An outline of his Powerpoint presentation is posted on the library faculty meeting website as a supplementary document to the minutes of this meeting. 

Kathleen Kluegel asked what the sample size was for the survey. Tom replied that it was 390 pieces. 

Karen Wei asked why India was listed separately from Asia in the chart. Tom replied that there was no particular reason, other than that the report followed a model that separated India from Asia for linguistic reasons.  

Reaching the 10 millionth volume (Karen Schmidt) 

     Barbara Jones, Karen Schmidt, Lyn Jones, and Jennifer Hain have been meeting to discuss the 10 millionth volume. Around September or October the Library will acquire its 10 millionth volume. Lyn Jones has been working with the University of Illinois Foundation to identify a donor, as the Library intends to purchase something significant for this volume.  

     There has also been an idea for the 10,000,001 st  volume. Karen asked for feedback on the idea of a book consisting of individual pages written by librarians and possibly other faculty on campus to celebrate something in the Library--a book, person, a room, or an experience. It  might be illuminated, as a conservation-quality handmade book, and also made available as a CD ROM.  Karen encouraged faculty to send ideas about this project to her or Barbara Jones. 

     Lynn Wiley asked whether there would be student input in the volume. Karen answered that they have not ruled out anything. The idea is to create something that is ours, that is special to the Library, and it could be open to anyone's contributions.     

     Barbara Ford commented that this is a great idea, that we do not celebrate enough milestones, and that people would welcome the opportunity to do something positive right now. 

     Karen Schmidt asked for a show of hands on who would write something for the volume. About half the faculty indicated that they would. She also asked how many people thought they knew someone else who would. Many hands were raised. 

     Gail Hueting commented that now is a good time to do this, because we certainly have something magnificent, and it is worth calling attention to this. 

     Paula Kaufman added that only two other academic libraries on the continent claim to have 10 million volumes. The 10 millionth volume celebration will be held during the University of Illinois Foundation Annual Business Meeting Weekend in late September or early October. UIUC, UI Chicago, and UI Springfield libraries will be featured throughout the weekend, all members of the President's Council will be present, and at the same time we will go public with our capital campaign. 

Lisa Hinchliffe suggested that another thing to consider is a celebration of our 9,999,999 th volume, as a way of rounding out the past and positioning the next volume. 

     Changes in fund structure in Voyager Acquisitions (Lisa German) 

Lisa German presented a report on changes to the vendor files and fund structure to be implemented in moving to Voyager Acquisitions in the Library and to Banner, the new campus accounting system, on July 1, 2003. An outline of her Powerpoint presentation is posted on the library faculty meeting website as a supplementary document to the minutes of this meeting. 

6.      Old business 

There was no old business. 

7.      New Business 

Kathleen Kluegel announced that on Friday, February 21 the Faculty Review Committee is offering a forum for all tenured members of the faculty involved with Peer Review Committees--past, present, and future. Members are strongly encouraged to attend the meeting, which will be held from 9:00-10:30 in 213 Gregory Hall. 

8.      Announcements 

There were no announcements. 

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15pm. 

Janice Pilch
Secretary of the Faculty