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September 17, 2002
Grainger Commons
3:00 - 4:30 pm

Paula Kaufman, presiding, called the meeting to order at 3:00pm and began the meeting after it was determined that there was a quorum present. 

1.Announcements from Secretary of the Faculty  (Janice Pilch)

Janice Pilch reminded everyone of practices for planning and conducting faculty meetings that have been in place in recent years, and that should be continued this year. 

1.When requesting that an item be placed on the agenda for an upcoming meeting, please also indicate immediately how much time you will need for the report or agenda item, in minutes. 

2.At meetings, anyone wishing to speak should rise and state his/her name before speaking. This is a courtesy for the other members of the faculty and it is necessary for accurate recording of the minutes. 

3.All committee representatives and faculty members presenting formal reports are responsible for sending the faculty secretary a copy of the reports that they present at faculty meetings.  This should be done within 48 hours of the meeting.  An electronic copy is preferred, but a paper copy is also acceptable.

2.Approval of faculty meeting minutes of June 4, 2002

The minutes were accepted by acclamation.

3.Introductions of New Librarians 

Bob Burger introduced Lisa Hinchliffe - Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction

       Bob Burger introduced Michael Norman - Head of Serials Cataloging

       Dick Griscom introduced Esther Gillie - Music Digital Services Coordinator

       Diane Schmidt introduced Melody Allison - Assistant Biology Librarian

       Bill Maher introduced Joanne Kaczmarek - Archivist for Electronic Records

       Lynne Rudasill introduced JoAnn Jacoby - Anthropology & Sociology Librarian

       Becky Smith introduced Yoo-Seong Song - Commerce Information Services Librarian

       Becky Smith introduced Kerry Wu - Commerce Data and Digital Services Librarian 

       Shyamala Balgopal and Carol Penka were acknowledged for their years of service and wished a happy, healthy retirement. 

4.    University Librarian's Report  (Paula Kaufman) 

       Paula Kaufman reported that the budget group has been meeting to establish a core list of priorities for the limited funds this year and next year, and that the committee will share the list with the faculty in the near future.  While we will probably also face a tight budget next year, the Provost and Chancellor are committed to faculty salary increases next year. 

       Each campus in the system has been asked to produce a 5-year planning document. Paula's role is to shape the Library's priorities in a holistic way. 

       The stress level, due to the implementation of Voyager and other Library activities, is affecting morale.  Paula wants everyone to remember to treat each other and those we serve in the way we would want to be treated.  She would also like to know if there is anything we can be doing to help alleviate the stress and welcomes any suggestions. 

       Bill Mischo suggested that a message be sent out on LibNews to acknowledge the hard work that staff are doing during these trying times and to thank them for their efforts.

5.         Committee Reports 

       Executive Committee   (Sue Searing) 

Sue Searing reported that the Executive Committee has met six times since the last faculty meeting in June.  On August 26, the new committee took office, but only one seat turned over -- Beth Sandore left the committee, and Lisa German joined it.  Sue Searing was selected to continue as vice-chair, and Greg Youngen was selected as secretary. 

Much of EC activity over the summer occurred in three areas: 

In addition, EC addressed several other matters:

Finally, Paula Kaufman and Sue Searing met in August and reviewed a long list of outstanding agenda items that had accumulated over the past year.  They found that some were no longer relevant; others were outside the Executive Committee's purview; and several could be dealt with better by groups or individuals besides the Executive Committee.  So they were able to begin the 2002-03 year with a trimmed backlog of agenda items. 

Sue encouraged faculty to bring matters to the attention of any member of the Executive Committee.  For the benefit of newer colleagues, she asked the EC members to stand: 

Lisa German, Acquisitions, Dick Griscom, Music Library, Janis Johnston, Law Library, Bill Maher, University Archives, Leslie Troutman, Music Library, Beth Woodard, Reference Library, Sue Searing, Library & Information Science Library, Greg Youngen, Physics Library, Paula Kaufman (chair). 

User Education Committee (Sue Searing) 

Sue Searing listed the members of the User Education Committee during 2001-02: 

Linda Ackerson, Cindy Ashwill, Bob Burger (ex officio), Paul Callister, Lori DuBois, Frances Jacobson Harris, Karen Hogenboom, Chris Quinn, Sarah Reisinger, Lynne Rudasill, Sue Searing (chair), Julia Spann (graduate assistant), and Jane Wiles. 

The committee meets monthly, usually on the second Monday of the month.  Minutes are posted on the committee web site and submitted to Library Office Notes. During the past year, the committee has made significant progress in several directions. 

In addition to these major new initiatives, the User Education Committee engaged in a number of more routine activities, such as:

There are a few things the committee did not accomplish that remain important -- most notably, a complete review and updating of the "Learn to Use the Library" web pages. 

With the arrival of a Coordinator for Information Literacy Services & Instruction, the role of the User Education Committee will no doubt change.  The committee looks forward to improved communication and coordination regarding library user education and increased opportunities for collaboration in the coming year. 

Faculty Review Committee (Pat Allen) 

Pat Allen reported that the 2001-2002 year was a busy one for FRC, involving newly hired faculty and processing of tenure papers. FRC coordinates the activities of the visiting committees, and held a forum for untenured faculty members on preparing their promotion and tenure documents and annual reports.  FRC reviews annual reports and also promotion and tenure papers, by reading them and voting on them.  They also meet with all candidates being interviewed for new positions. 

FRC provided more evaluative information on the annual reports to untenured faculty this year than in the past.  They would like to improve on this process conducting a survey of what people want from FRC, to find out what kind of evaluative comments are most helpful.  The survey is on the way, and faculty should receive it soon. They will base future work on the survey. Pat Allen added that there is a new communication from the Provost to consider. 

Pat asked if anyone to inform him if they knew of a good web-based survey tool. Becky Smith responded. 

Maria Porta replied that did not feel that she received the kind of evaluative information from FRC that she would have liked, as it was numerically based and not evaluative. 

Pat Allen replied that some people want more information, and others do not, but that FRC needs to know this, and the survey will help FRC understand what people want. 

Beth Woodard clarified that tenured faculty did not get comments this year, only untenured tenure-track faculty got comments, and so Maria Porta is correct in observing that she did not get comments. 

Pat Allen added that the comments were based on visiting committee evaluations, and  that the survey will give faculty a chance to tell FRC what they want. 

6.Other reports 

       Voyager Update (Peggy Steele) 

Peggy Steele reported that work is under way to resolve the problems that have been affecting Voyager. ILCSO is developing a web page with a table listing existing problems, description, status, work being done on them, and when each problem was fixed. 

In addition, there is will be information on what to do when problems are discovered, through work-arounds, and information on which modules are affected. The web page should be available before the end of the week and Peggy will send an announcement on LIBNEWS when it is ready.  The table will be kept up to date--as problems arise, they will be added. 

       Peggy highlighted some of the recent problems:

Other problems are being addressed as well. ISCC team members and Lynn Wiley and Stephanie Atkins have been working hard to address the issues, find workarounds, and staff working up front have also been working hard, and lots of thanks are due. 

       In addition to dealing with problems that need to be resolved with the Universal Catalog there is work going on with two other areas, with the Acquisitions and Serial teams, which are gearing up for implementation. 

       Bill Mischo asked whether ILCSO understands the limits of response times. Peggy replied that they do, and the ILCSO statement to be sent on LIBNEWS tomorrow will provide information. Bill added that response time seems worse in Web Voyage than in the circulation module. 

       Beth Woodard said that response time on the campus network is also slow so there is possibly a network problem along with the ILCSO problem--a problem involving the bandwidth. 

       Bill Mischo asked if we can we identify where the problem is. 

       Maria Porta suggested that we remain optimistic and stop to remember how terrible it was with DRA in the beginning. This is not as bad as DRA and very soon this will be working well, just like DRA did. 

       Lisa German added that there is a lot of frustration and Peggy has been dealing with all our problems in working with ILCSO.  We owe her a round of thanks. 

       Paula Kaufman asked Beth Sandore to comment on the campus bandwidth and the slowdown in the afternoon. 

       Beth Sandore stated that she meets with Stan Yagi, Assistant Chief Information Officer of CITES and Susan Lewis, Deputy Chief Information Officer of AITS, every month.  She learned about the slowdown of bandwidths early this summer.  There are two components to this issue. All of the accesses that go from the Library Gateway to publisher sites, such as for e-journals, could be slow. The bandwidth that goes to Chicago to provide the online catalog is a different bandwidth and should not be affected by the funding issue that was explained by CITES. Endeavor has never had a system that served so many different campuses and they are doing a lot of fine tuning. But the problems with Voyager do not seem to be related to the campus bandwidth issue. Users don't care where the problem is--with ILCSO or with CITES--our two information providers, but we are working with them to resolve things. 

       Joint Report of Executive Committee, Administrative Council, and Library Budget Group (Bart Clark) 

Bart Clark reported that the Library Budget Group consists of Paula Kaufman, himself, Associate University Librarians Karen Schmidt, Bob Burger, and Beth Sandore, Sue Searing (Vice-chair, Executive Committee), Janis Johnston (Chair, Strategic Planning Committee), and Susan Edwards (Interim Head, Business Office), who met in August to discuss the first round of a new procedure established this year because of the tight budget.  All faculty positions and other budget requests are reviewed by the Budget Group. 

       The Group had its second meeting on September 16 to formulate rough guidelines for priorities, which will be forwarded to the Strategic Planning Committee.  Many requests were submitted in the last month, and every request will get a response within the next few days. Once priorities have been established, they will take priority over any other requests. 

       The message is that there is no money.  The Library was fortunate, given the campus situation, to have received non-recurring dollars and collection dollars.  But there will be no new money. As we address our priorities, the money will have to come from our budget.  Because these issues cross over into several groups, there was a meeting yesterday of the EC, AC, and the Budget Group to discuss some of the issues.  Requests and the status of requests will be posted. 

       Main Library Reconfiguration (Bart Clark) 

Reconfiguration is focused on the new space for the Newspaper Library in 246 Library. The work is projected to be finished in mid- to late October, at least by November 1.  Furniture and open stacks material will be delivered in mid-November.  The transition will be after the end of the semester so as not to disrupt students and faculty using the Newspaper Library. 

       There is tentative clearance on funds for the next stage of reconfiguration, and clearance is expected in December. In January or February we will be looking for an architect for the next phase, which will be to remodel the space that the Newspaper Library currently occupies for the Cataloging unit.  That will take about a year from start to finish.  Any spare money will be used to address other areas. 

       Oak Street  (Bart Clark) 

We are at the 95% review stage on the bid documents. The next step is a final review of those documents, scheduled for September 23. Once that is done, the bids will go out. There is one month slippage so far.  The actual construction will take eight to ten months.  So at this time next year, we expect a finished facility. In the meantime work is going ahead with Faux Oak. 

       Becky Smith asked whether the facility is ready so that items can be moved. Bart answered that we need transportation for all the materials and need to make a contract with vendors. Two key things are holding this up: hiring staff and obtaining software.  We don't want to license the software until we are ready to go, because as soon as we license the software we start getting a monthly bill. We expect an individual from the software company on December 1. By then, we will have hired staff and we will be able to start handling materials. 

       Paula Kaufman added that the power poles have been moved for Oak Street construction, but the wires have not yet been moved. The Associate Provost is trying to get the lines moved. 

7.Old Business 

       Discussion of motion to replace Robert's Rules of Order with Alice Sturgis, The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure

Paula Kaufman led the discussion of the motion to replace Robert's Rules of Order with Alice Sturgis, The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure.

Al Kagan showed a copy of the fourth edition of Sturgis, revised by the American Institute of Parliamentarians, and read from the book's introduction, on endorsements of the book.  Al noted that ALA uses Sturgis, as the language is much easier to understand.  When there are items to vote on, Robert's Rules of Order can be confusing. Al presented the motion. 

       Gene Rinkel, Chair of the Bylaws Committee and acting Parliamentarian for this meeting,  suggested that it would be appropriate to endorse Sturgis as an updated, simplified format, which is easier to read. Gene stated that he wholeheartedly endorsed it and was in favor of the motion. 

       Gene Rinkel read the motion to amend the Bylaws at Article III, Section 3F by replacing Robert's Rules of Order with Alice Sturgis, Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, to read: 

"Article III Section 3 F.  The latest edition of Alice Sturgis, Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure shall govern meetings of the Faculty when not in conflict with these Bylaws or the Statutes." 

Lynne Rudasill asked for a show of hands as to how many people understand Robert's Rules of Order. (Approximately five hands were raised).  Then she asked for a show of hands as to how many people understood Alice Sturgis , The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (Approximately five hands were raised). 

       Richard Griscom made a motion to call for the question. 

Gene Rinkel made a motion to substitute Richard Griscom's call for the question by a motion for a vote by ballot to change the bylaws. 

       Beth Woodard seconded the motion. All were in favor of accepting the motion. The motion carried. 

The Nominations, Elections, & Voting Procedures Committee will submit this as a mail ballot vote. 

8.New business 

There was no new business.


Michael Norman announced that there would be a serials forum on September 25 to discuss Voyager irregularities and hopefully provide insight. 

Sue Searing, Head of Library and Information Sciences Library, announced that library unit annual reports for 2001-02, due on October 15, must include additional information this year about the future of the unit and needs for collections and services.  Sue seeks input for the section on "Five Year Plans and Goals,"  and will send out an e-mail asking for input. 

Beth Sandore announced that the final meeting of the Gateway Design Committee was held last week.  The committee is finished with the active phase of redesign, but work on the gateway is not over, and they are still interested in feedback  suggesting improvements and changes. Suggestions may be sent to Webmaster, John Weible or Beth Sandore. Suggestions from users will continued to be tracked, but the committee chapter is over. 

Paula Kaufman added that last spring we had a discussion about what we can do differently in the Library, and one suggestion was that there should be fewer committees, and now we have one less committee. 

Cindy Kelly offered a reminder that the Staff Service Recognition Awards event is scheduled for October 3 from 2:00-4:00pm in Peabody Residence Dining Hall. 

Priscilla Yu announced that the next annual meeting of the University faculty will be on September 23 from 3:10-5:00pm. 

Paula Kaufman announced that on October 2 the faculty reception for new Library and GSLIS faculty will be held in GSLIS. 

Becky Smith motioned to adjourn the meeting, and Sue Searing seconded the motion.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15pm.