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Library Faculty Meeting

4 June 2002
Grainger Commons

3:00 - 4:30 pm


Paula Kaufman, presiding, called the meeting to order at 3:00pm and began the meeting with the approval of the minutes, as there was enough faculty to make a quorum.

1.  Approval of the faculty meeting minutes from May 30, 2002.
Becky Smith motioned to approve, Frances Harris seconded.  The minutes were approved.

2.  Introduction of New Librarians.
Kathleen Kern, Assistant Reference Librarian, was introduced.

3.  University Librarian’s Report – Paula Kaufman
There is no new information on the budget.

4.  Committee Reports

     Executive Committee – Sue Searing
The Executive Committee met once since the last Faculty meeting.  The entire meeting was devoted to reviewing selectors for promotion and tenure.

     ISCC – Peggy Steele
Go-no go is due to happen June 7.  It looks like it will be a go but it depends on the success of the consortia data projects and the mostly functional universal promotion request software.  The data conversion is going well.

     The UIUC data conversion test loads are completed.  Currently production data loads are being done.  Circulation transactions remain to be done and should be completed by the end of the month.

     All ILCSO libraries have data transfer completed.  The test data base will remain with us until the end of summer and we will be able to use it for training.

     Voyager Launch Briefing #4 will be June 12 in Grainger Commons.  The discussion will included the go-no go decision, review of the remaining important dates, Web Voyage demo, the report from the first ILCSO forum, and the announcement of when cataloging will begin in Voyager.

     Upcoming critical dates for Voyager Implement are:
6/15 – Stop circulating within the consortium in DRA
6/27 – Stop circulating even in DRA
6/29 – Will begin circulating locally in Voyager
7/15 – Resume reciprocal borrowing in Voyager
8/15 – Illinet libraries to be able to resume placing requests in Voyager

     Maria Porta asked what if the decision is no-go.  Based on the analysis of why the decision is no-go the system would be brought up in either December or a year from now. 

     Maria Porta asked what if people cannot attend the Voyager Launch Briefing.  All PowerPoints from the meeting will be on the web.

     Paula Kaufman commented that the decision may be to go even if there are significant problems.  In that case the problems will have to be faced and dealt with.

      Strategic Planning Committee – Janice Johnston

     The committee adopted a model of meeting only twice a year.  They met last in February. 

     The Committee made some recommendations for priorities that they think are important in the coming year.  Those include:

1.      Development of meaningful tools that help access library activities so we know better where to allocate resources.

2.      Continue to clearly communicate to campus our need for resources and continuing development efforts.

3.      Equip graduates to be lifelong learners.  Develop the quality of literacy training programs.

4.      Recruit and develop the best faculty and support staff by creating a system of faculty and staff evaluation that direct personal unit goals toward the Library Strategic Plan goals, and create an ongoing internal training program, increase attention and care in the recruitment process.

5.      Focus on adequate service delivery facilities.

6.      Strengthen the campus as a center for scholarship and learning by establishing our presence as the mediator between developers of new technologies and the application of those technologies to teaching and research, and to continue increasing awareness of the Library and its resources.

June 6 is the All Staff Retreat which will focus on excellence.  It takes place at the Illini Union between 12:00pm and 4:30pm.

Goals for the coming year include taking time at the next meeting in August to make the plan more relevant.  The fourth year of the plan will come to a close and the Committee will need to think about the next strategic plan.


Becky Smith suggested that when looking at the plan the Committee thinks about who owns which pieces.


5.  Other reports
Oak Street
– Wendy Shelburne
The Oak Street Committee met May 13.  There was discussion about issues about the sprinkler system and the shelving.  The code has changed so this is no longer an issue. 

      50% of new documents were delivered last week.  The Committee will meet June 7 with O&M to go over the drawings and that is the first step in construction drawings.  Generally things go from 50% to 90% to 95% to 100% and then at 100% you have your bid documents that actually go out to contractors to do the job.  On this job they are hoping to go from 50% straight to 100% because it is not quite as involved.  So at the Friday meeting they will be moving towards 100% and ground breaking.

      Reconfiguration – Wendy Shelburne
Right now 246 is under construction.  The duct work is being installed but the contractors have run into a design problem on the 5 th Floor which will put things behind by about three weeks.

  6.  New Business

     Roberts Rule – Al Kagan
Al Kagan made a motion that we change over to The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure, commonly called Sturgis from Robert’s Rule.  Mary Mallory seconded the motion.

     Bob Burger asked if the current parliamentarian had any comments, and he didn’t.

     The motion was passed.

      Discussion Topics – Paula Kaufman
The Administrative Council and Executive Committee met May 31.  The topics discussed have been presented to the faculty via email to be discussed today.

     What are we not doing that we should be doing?
Kathleen Kluegel – training needs to be moved to the top of the list.  Not just in a formal sense, but with staff being more connected to the strategic plan.

     Lynne Rudasill – there needs to be a greater push for information literacy from the Library towards teaching faculty so we can maximize our resources so they know what we have available.

     Priscilla Yu – there needs to be centralized cataloging.  One representative representing each division is not enough.

     Frances Harris – improve service to undergrad students.  Double the size of professional and support staff in the Undergraduate Library.  Shift the hours to be available to the undergrads when they need us.  Work more with the faculty.

     Becky Smith – partner with other units on campus and figure out how we fit into the solutions they need.

     Gail Hueting – focus on the collection that hasn’t been cataloged correctly up until now.

     Cindy Ingold – reconceptualize reference services throughout the library.  We need collaboration, sharing, job swapping, training for staff, knowledge of the databases and a base level of quality service in all areas.

     Jo Kibbee – there are infrastructure issues with the systems and the new Gateway.  We need to address cataloging, access to electronic resources, and trouble shooting. 

     Bill Mischo – in library use has gone down.  We need a change in service philosophy – the Library is as much a function as it is a place.  We need better outreach services like our table of contents services.  We need to look at ourselves as an integrated part of campus and figure out where we fit in.

     Kathleen Kluegel – when loading databases many people don’t know how to use them so foot traffic increases.

     Maria Porta – in the past the core of the library was the catalog.  We need to put the same amount of resources into a library site that could include everything that is needed.  We need to come up with standards so when someone goes to a website they know where to find things.

     Paul Callister – prioritize.  Information literacy – forefront at pushing meaning curriculum change that students need.  Think about the impact of moving more of the collection into electronic format and looking at site licenses.  We need to have a voice on a national level as to what rights we have in how we use electronic materials.

     Janis Johnston – we haven’t been strong historically in marketing, promoting our services and our ability to meet information needs, assist with teaching and faculty research.  We need to develop services and make sure everyone knows them and utilizes them.

     Priscilla Yu – there is an inequality of staffing across units.  Small units can’t perform services and skills without more help especially now as more technical skills are needed.

     Maria Porta – better back-up that what we have now.  We need to be prepared for the marketing.

     What are we dong we can stop or do differently?
Becky Smith – people who want to use the building for socialization, email or studying.  Reduce building hours and give them other places to go.

     Pat Allen – large number of service points in main Library.  Reduce some of them and rededicate some space and what people do with their time.

     Al Kagan – amount of time spent on Faculty Review Committee – amount of work that goes into it is not worth the outcome.

     Paul Callister – annual review and dossier are redundant.  It takes a lot of time and we don’t get a lot of feedback on annual reviews.

     Kathleen Kluegel – the annual report is a good thing.  FRC gains enormous respect for all the work that goes on by all the librarians.  

     Tom Kilton – voiced appreciation for the FRC.  Because of the work they are doing there are few grievances and no big problems.  One function of the FRC is the annual merit assessment; they have done an excellent job and would hate to see a downward evaluation program.  Perhaps this could be streamlined.

     Sharon Clark – be sensitive in looking at committee involvement for untenured colleagues.  These committees are time consuming.  The tenured faculty should have the burden of the committee work.

     Lynne Rudasill – it is important to serve on committees as untenured faculty – it socialized them into the culture.  Maybe there could be more thought about who is being assigned to which committees and balance the amount of work on the committees and the untenured faculty’s responsibilities to themselves and the campus.

     Gail Hueting – tenured faculty have too much committee work also.  Need to look at all the committees and maybe do away with some of them.

     Jenny Johnson – unit heads, personal and unit annual reports could be streamlined; possibly make unit annual reports due every other year instead.

     Beth Sandore – it’s hard to say what you would cut when you don’t know how big things are right now; how big a piece of pie do we expend for different things like public service activities, etc..  Draw a picture that shows this so we can see the big picture.

     Maria Porta – what is the percentage of the operating budget that goes into salaries? 

Paula Kaufman - Approximately 50%.

Pat Allen – philosophically staff to collection ration is good now – strategically reallocate people.

How can we save money?
Pat Allen - Different sorts of contracts is one way, such as changing 12 month contracts to 9 months.

Tom Teper – centralize some things like services and libraries.

Pat Allen – are we looking at what we can accomplish in 3 – 6 months or long term?

Paula Kaufman – we are looking at this as an immediate issue.  We can hold vacant positions vacant, we have said we won’t lay people off – but in the face of a 6.5% cut can we stand by this?  We would have to look at all areas: operation, collection and personnel.

Jenny Johnson – at other institutions they have a list of libraries that would be cut first.  Do we have such a list?

Paula Kaufman – not officially.  Although there are some departmental library consolidations being looked at.

Bill Maher – deep cuts in collections and staffing, cutting of hours and units – there is a limit to how much the Library can absorb cuts.  Cuts will have to be visible.

Paula Kaufman – whatever we do we need to make a bold statement about it.

Becky Smith – units get a lot of service for so little.  We need to ask them to be creative with their budgets and ask faculty from those units for help.  We need to be working with others on campus to get more resources.

Tom Kilton – suggested that each division coordinator discuss with their divisions and come up with three activities they feel are important and report to AC and at the fall faculty meeting forge a consensus and agreement and take action on these items.

Maria Porta – coming up with ideas in divisions won’t help.  We need to look at campus priorities together.

Tom Kilton – we need to look at things that are good for the Library and cut things down to make them more useful.

Paula Kaufman – the AULs will be looking over the list to help shape further discussions.

Kathleen Kluegel – Consolidating services is almost impossible.

Beth Sandore – every year we try to do more with less.  We need to change our way of thinking as next year might be even worse.  We need to have a plan in place to do things quickly.  The easiest things are often the most painful and have the biggest impact on faculty and students.

Paula Kaufman – early in the fall the Long range strategic advisory committee will be participating in a visioning exercise to envision what the Library should look like ten years out.  We as a faculty should also offer input.  We need to put aside issues and look at the big picture.

Lynne Rudasill – we need to contact our legislatures and let them know how important it is to fund the Library and what an impact they can have.

7.    Announcements
Beth Sandore – Gateway Web Site is up.  If you see something that should be there send an email to the webmaster.

       Bernice Harrington – General Session workshops for employee evaluations are June 6, 3:00-4:30 in 428 Library, June 7, 11-12:30 in 428 Library and 1:30-3:00 in 100 Greg Hall, and June 10, in David Kinley Hall.