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21 September 2001
Grainger Commons


Paula Kaufman called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m., after having determined that the necessary number of people were present to constitute a quorum (31).

1.  Minutes of the last meeting of the faculty were approved by acclamation.

2.  University Librarian’s report
a.   Paula appreciated staff responses to last week’s tragedy.  We can anticipate call up of our students and staff as reservists.  Procedures for handling this situation are forthcoming.  Events for the week are posted on the main university web page. Paula encourages library staff to attend these events.  She thanked the government documents staff, especially Karen Hogenboom and Mary Mallory, for developing the informational web pages which are now being cited in the local press.
Two visiting librarians from the Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Japan, were delayed in leaving.  If all went well, they should have left from Chicago by this afternoon.  Yesterday’s Mortenson lecture drew more than 8-900 people, establishing a new standard to live up to on these lectures.

b.  The cultural resources group which includes Spurlock, WILL, Allerton, Japan House, Krannert Art Museum, the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, and the Library, will get sneak preview of Spurlock.  These campus cultural resources groups will jointly celebrate Spurlock opening next fall.

c.  Introduction of new staff:

Cindy Kelly happily introduced Bernice Harrington, Assistant to the Head of Library Human Resources.
Jenny Johnston introduced Scott McEathron as Assistant Map and Geography Librarian.  Scott wants to know if anyone is interested in curling.
Becky Smith introduced Elissa Cochran as Visiting Assistant Commerce Librarian.
Marianna Choldin introduced Sonia Garces, she is a school librarian in Medellin, Colombia.  The Mortenson Center also has 3 Bolivian visitors.

d. Annual ILCSO meeting was held Friday.

Contract negotiations with Endeavor are continuing.  ILCSO is looking for volunteers for implementation of ILCSO Steering Committee.  UIC and IIT will be the first sites migrating.  Still looking for a June cutover date. THE ILLINET ACADEMIC LIBRARY: A VISION WHOSE TIME HAS COME is a white paper that articulates a vision of what resources should be available academic users in the state.

August 30 meeting with representatives of several Illinois consortiums  Consortium consensus was to proceed with trying to examine overlap and possibilities to collaborate.  Each consortium was asked the following five questions:

What are your values?
What values do you want to hold on to?
What are your current activities?
What activities do you want to hold on to?
What activities would you like to give up or not start?

The Illinet Network Advisory Council has responded, and their response is available at
CCM has responded.
ILCSO has created a task force to draft a response by November 1
ILCSO conducted another planning exercise. Bob Burger is chairing strategic planning group for ILCSO (5 year time frame)

ILCSO finances are in good shape.  There is probably enough in reserves for the new system now, which is a testament to the financial management planning of Dave Stewart and his office.

e. ACES  dedication will be October 4.  Please plan to attend.

3. Executive Committee  (Beth Sandore)

First report of the newly elected executive committee for 01-02.  Met twice since last faculty meeting.
Membership of the Executive Committee is described in the Library's Bylaws in article 5.  Sec 6.  Duties and responsibilities of the EC include involvement in senior level staff appointments and the annual evaluation of University librarian to the provost/chancellor.


Paula Kaufman (Chair)
Beth Sandore (Vice-Chair)
Dick Griscom
Sue Searing  (Dick and Sue will share duties of secretary)
Janis Johnston
Leslie Troutman
Beth Woodard
Bill Maher

In the past 18 months the Executive Committee has spent quite a bit of time on job openings.  The group also set priorities for projects which may be worked on by small groups.

The Executive Committee identified the following list of tentative priorities:
? Record keeping   agendas, minutes, evaluative bodies, search
committees.  Bill Maher has been asked to explore
archiving issues.
? Communication with library faculty.   Other than monthly reports.  Identify items for discussion on
faculty agendas.  For example, Communication #21 from the Provost office on periodic faculty evaluation
? Staffing decisions     need better information on staffing needs and gathering
suggestions for creating better guidelines and decisions.
? Professional development  shape philosophy between library as an organization and
individual faculty development
? Visiting committees   shared understanding
? Peer evaluation   work on improving evaluation of librarianship
? Budget process    trying to improve ways to give feedback, etc.
? Individual library faculty on other campus activities.

The Executive Committee reviewed 2 requests to fill Biology Library and newly funded position in Archives (provided by the Pres office)  A small group of EC worked on Mortenson Internship opportunity.

Beth explained that there is a new place an the EC agenda called "question time," to allow members to check on status of things and to keep up to date.  For example, questions about new system implementation has come up 3 times in past couple of months.  Distribution of documents via email and better ways of sharing documents are other examples.
The Executive Committee is developing a request to systems office to better facilitate use of faculty and staff, ex. Better remote use, get back to your desktop, and plans to meet with John Weible in the near future.

Paula Kaufman pointed out that the Mortenson internship announcement that Beth mentioned went only to tenured faculty.

4.  Other Reports

A. Writing RFPs for Library Purchases  (Lisa German)

In 1998 purchasing rules changed in Illinois, mandating a competitive procurement process. For 2003, the Library needs to establish an evaluation mechanism and work with Campus Purchasing to award contracts. We will invite proposals and have people come to campus with open meetings, evaluate responses, award contract, etc.
All contracts over $500,000 the Board of Trustees must approve.
Lisa has set up a group of librarians to set evaluation criteria for each RFP.
Serials—Diane Schmidt, Greg Youngen, Katie Clark, and Lynda Wirth
EBO----Tom Kilton, Kathleen Kluegel, Lynne Rudasill, Mary Stuart, Tim Cole
Domestic Monographs—Beth Trotter, Mary Beth Allen, Nelly Gonzalez
Approval Plan—Jim Williams, Allison Sutton, Maria Porta, Jim Remington, Greg Youngen, Dick Griscom

B.  College Budgets and the Library (Karen Schmidt)

Library Allocation Steering Committee recommended that the library attempt to strengthen the academic department’s ties to the library.    So Karen met with several colleges to ask "Where is your college going?"  She was accompanied by subject librarians who work with the various disciplines. Although LASC recommended that the library meet 2 times a year, we will probably not attempt that frequency.

The overarching themes for the colleges included inter-disciplinary approaches in applied life studies and the college of commerce and business administration.  Engineering has a big push for IT and 24X7 needs. They need electronic access, but don’t want to get rid of print resources.
Fine & applied arts identified new digital arts and space issues.  The Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations sees a move from union to human resource management.  The LAS budget request is called “Restoration LAS.”  They see growth in ethnic studies, interdisciplinary areas, and are concerned with startup money with new programs and information. GSLIS has identified ethical issues in IT, are highly interdisciplinary, and support the purchase of e-resources like 24X7.  Social work needs better access to medical tools/psychology.  They have new faculty, more internships, different use of collections for practitioners.  Vet Med has to deal with distance from campus, and isolation from rest of campus and libraries; not having a medical school is problematic.

Several overarching themes emerged.  Four schools have given a strong call for better access to medical journals and strengthening the association with health sciences libraries.  Several have identified the need to get seed money for new areas.  Most colleges have a strong empathy for archiving and keeping print.  All had laudatory things to say about librarians, recognizing that the librarians are good advocates for the collection.

Paula indicated that state funding prospects for next year are not good.

C. Development Office on the Campus Campaign (Lyn Jones)

Last year the library received $1,271,643 in gifts, which represents a significant drop from the year before, which included a $1 million dollar gift in kind.  Lyn and Karen Schmidt are working on getting gift-in-kinds reported separately from money given.  More important statistics, she feels are the number of donors, of which we had 2,698 last year, with 250 new donors, giving 3,232 gifts.  Now have donors giving more than one time a year.  Another exceptionally good figure is the percentage of people who give each year, which is 75.3%.
The Library telemarketing program started in August, but was discontinued for a week after September 11.  This campaign targets non-donors, or people who haven't given in 6 years.  In that short amount of time, they received 380 pledges for $18,478.
Gifts for relief funds will probably be the focus of giving nationally.  Any alumni in the affected areas have been deleted from the telemarketing plan.  There are 4 Illinois Alumni who are confirmed dead or missing.
There will be a direct mail for donor renewal in October, with a message in Friendscript.

A one page letter went out to alumni asking them to be interviewed.  The interview team consists of Lyn Jones, the president of the Foundation Dick Wilson, and 4 other staff.  Forty interviews are completed.  They are affirming a strong sense that the library is important.  They are identifying a perception that the library is so big that a small gift is not important.  Lyn needs to gather "stories" to share about how a gift made a difference.  Please send your examples to Lyn.

In November, the final determination on whether to proceed with a campaign will be made, and the goals set.  Lyn's initial impression is that it is likely that they will go forward with it.

The ACES dedication precedes Foundation annual meeting.  Lyn reminded everyone that there will be a lot of people on campus for that event.

Kathleen Kluegel questioned why the Undergraduate Library was not mentioned in the flyer sent out.  Lyn replied that it wasn't by design.  Paula Kaufman indicated that they will try to incorporate the Undergraduate Library into the next version.

One of the concerns voiced by volunteers in the library is parking, which is very costly.  Please let Lyn know if you have volunteers in your library who would avail themselves of parking if available.

5.  New Business
There was no new business.

6. Announcements
There were no announcements.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.