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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

20 November 2001
314A Illini Union

After determining that the requisite number of people to constitute a quorum were in attendance, Paula Kaufman, chair, presided over the faculty meeting and called the meeting to order at 3:05pm.

1. Approval of the 16 October 2001 faculty meeting minutes (draft posted on LIBNEWS-L on 11/15/01) was accepted.

2. University Librarian’s Report

— Beth Sandore has been appointed AUL for Library Information Technology Planning and Policy.  She will begin on December 21, 2001.

— In regards to the budget, there will likely be a recision, but currently we don’t know what it will be, or the impact on the library.  UIC has taken cuts in their library budget but their problems pre-date the state problems.  Next year doesn’t look any better.  The University is not asking for any budget requests.  The Administrative Council and Executive Committees will meet together to discuss issues and opportunities.  We should expect small salary increases, if any, and probably no library materials price increases for next year.

— The Capital Campaign feasibility report is finished.  Paula and Lyn Jones are scheduled to meet with Sid Micek and Dick Wilson to talk about the next step.  In the preliminary study, the best response was to preserve what we already have, then to build collections.

— Patriot Act. We’ve had at least one request to remove a government document that was not depository.    Any other requests should be referred to Mary Mallory or Paula Kaufman, who will seek legal counsel.  The University has received requests to remove building plans from web sites.  The Act does allow search warrants to be served, and they have to be honored, but please let Paula know during the day, and the Circ Desk Supervisor at night.  Up until now the local FBI has called local police and University Counsel if they needed to serve subpoenas on campus.

— Oak Street is in progress.  A computer generated picture of the building was delivered today.  The date we have been given for the facility to be finished is March 2003.  Bart Clark will have detailed plans in his office and will be putting on the web internal drawings of user spaces in the next few weeks.

— The Library’s two major priority projects are Oak Street and Endeavor.  Other activities may have to take a back seat while we get these off the ground.

3. Committee Reports

--Executive Committee (Beth Sandore)
The Executive Committee met twice since the last Faculty meeting: October 22 and November 12.

Faculty appointments and other faculty related matters

  • Advised on several searches and a request to split a position into two positions.
  • Recommended appointment of visiting committees and changed appointments to accommodate upcoming sabbaticals.
  • Discussed candidate presentations and agreed it would be useful to include more specific topics and not just local issues which might give an internal candidate an unfair advantage.  Paula will work with Bernice Harrington to communicate this to search committees.
  • Explored the issues surrounding the appointment of untenured faculty to unit head positions.  It is preferable for tenured faculty to be hired as heads, especially for interim positions, but for untenured people being considered for these types of positions, their progress towards tenure will be considered.
  • Addressed the results from the last faculty meeting concerning Communication 21.  Executive Committee asked the Administrative Council for feedback regarding who should work with the faculty to set librarianship goals.
Received updates on Endeavor were discussed.

The move of the Chicago Bears to campus was discussed in regards to parking for patrons and library staff.   Paula will be attending a meeting on December 18 to discuss this further.

The Committee discussed support for the selection of materials to be transferred to Oak Street.

A memo from the Chancellor regarding the positioning of the University for opportunities was discussed.

--Library Senate Committee on Scholarly Communication (Paula Watson)
Committee members consist of Paula Watson, chair, Mitzi Williams, Jane Block, Michael Murphy (Animal Sciences)

The Committee has done things like Forum on the Future.  The Committee would like to move towards faculty and department issues.  There was a presentation given to the VETMED faculty and the Biology Library Committee.

The current chair of the Senate Library Committee, Leslie Struble, has a strong interest in increasing the visibility of the issues on campus.  A revised set of strategies has been implemented to deal with department focus activities.  One suggestion from Leslie was to ask for a small amount of time on as many faculty meeting agendas as is possible and present the basic issues and ask them to think about the issues.  Bill Mischo and Paula Watson met with her to brainstorm about departmental strategies.

Another thing they would like to do in the Engineering College is send out a mass email message to identify faculty who are engaged in a specific issue and will respond, somewhat like a mini survey.  Some of the questions might be “Are you concerned about the high prices journal publishers are charging and do you think it’s appropriate for faculty to take action concerning these issues?”, “Are you involved now in the publication of a journal, are you interested in taking measures to change the pricing structure of that journal”?

They have some ideas for having speakers that might attract larger groups of many departments.  They are interested in identifying pockets of engagement in the faculty.  Please pass on names of possible interested faculty members to Paula Watson.

--Electronic Information Resource Committee (Paula Watson)
The Committee’s first task is to understand the budget and what they can do with the budget.  The strategies developed may have to be re-thought.  They have developed a set of guidelines and deadlines for accomplishing various tasks.

The Committee developed a revised purchase request form for the web.  Members of the committee have worked with divisions to develop priorities.  Divisions sometimes took different approaches with some listing titles 1 through 6 in priority, while others submitted unnumbered lists and another asked for only the number one priority of the individuals in the divisions.   A guidelines document will be distributed soon.  A majority of the decisions will be made by February 15.  Kathleen Kluegel asked how much money was involved, and Paula responded that the amount of recurring money is between $111,000 and $141,000.

--Faculty Review Committee – Beth Woodard
FRC’s term goes from December 1 – November 30 so the committee can finish a complete cycle of process through Promotion & Tenure.  The committee has completed review of P&T papers and passed them on to the P&T Committee.  Now they are focusing on Communication 21 and how the annual report can be revised to better reflect the information Communication 21 is asking for.

Jim Williams, social sciences representative, was recognized for his contribution to FRC over the last six years.  Priscilla Yu has been elected as the new social sciences representative.  Barbara Jones is continuing for another term. Beth Sandore is taking a new position and won’t be on FRC next year.

--Promotion and Tenure (Leslie Troutman)
P&T is nearly finished with their deliberations and will be forwarding the information to the University Librarian.  Thank yous were given to people who contributed to the committee and the candidates for their work.  A special thank you was given to Mary Stuart and Paula Watson for serving as editors.

P&T is coming to the end of their term and an election will be held to replace members whose terms have expired.

4. New Business

Positioning for the Future
Paula asked for the faculty to contribute ideas in the broadest sense based on the four subjects that the Chancellor put forth.  Paula has to report back by February 1.  Some ideas were:

a. (Barbara Jones)  Conference or collaboration on artifacts during times of global conflict.
b. (Beth Sandore)  Preserving the cultural scholarly artifact, tracking the fundamental strategies of changing use of information.
c. (Barbara Jones) Arts in a technology intense world, multimedia technology- exhibits, presentations, multimedia kinds of things.
d. (Becky Smith) Academy of Librarianship – working papers
e. (Diane Schmidt) Biotech – a journal of bio/nanotechnology will be coming out.  This is funded with NIH money.
f.  (Leslie Troutman) questioned whether the library has to host this kind of scholarly communication.  Will editorship of a journal be in Katie’s future?
g. (Paula Watson) tremendous need for us to understand humanistic values of cultures.  For example, readable documents for Islamic values.  Creation of digital content, partner with other nations to convey other values – translation, rendering of alphabet.  Obvious needs, but too big.  How do we get there from here?  We doing traditional things like directing library collections and exchanges, but what would be the next step?
h. (Tim Cole) One thing the library can do is recognize kinds of materials that belong in the library that we’re not collecting yet – web archives – who owns the material – groups we partner with
i. (Gail Hueting) Book arts, history of the book – publications, theories

Paula commented that there is a theme running through the ideas that suggests providing perpetual access to artifacts of our global world.

j. (Wei Ma)  Explore areas:  1) service: More and more digital resources are available online.  Services to guide users to access and use these materials should followed. Areas to research could include how to reach out to users and provide services when needed, how to better incorporate Real-time Reference service into traditional library service in the areas of resources, personnel and service model, etc. 2)  Explore ways to make information access process easier for users since help is not aways available online.  3) Explore ways to develop new mechanisms to identify new user needs --- the data could be valuable to help develop
user oriented instruction programs and collection development.
Discussion should go on before the next retreat to discuss the next wave of scholarly communications, information access, how to meet strong needs, provide services, balancing.
k. (Barbara Jones) commented that there should be more discussion across disciplines on campus before this retreat is held.
l. (Joanne Kaczmarek) Feels that we’re being asked to identify the next big wave beyond scholarly communications issue, and information access.
m. (Barbara Jones)  Old collections, new scholarship – reformatting, assisting faculty, students, make things accessible, make the most of our strengths, needs that are old – American Institution in a demographically changing world, demographics affecting services such as social work, medical field, libraries, etc.

Paula Kaufman asked the faculty if they wanted to discuss this with the Provost and the Chancellor at the next faculty meeting.  Bart Clark thinks there needs to be another step between now and talking with the Chancellor.  Paula will have the Executive Committee do some thinking about this since there seemed to be a consensus that we are still too early in the formulation stages to talk about this in a formal way.

5. Announcements

Director and Associate Director of the Library of Kanazawa Institute are visiting and will sign an agreement to exchange non-returnables.
ALA is sponsoring a traveling exhibit entitled “Frankenstein:  Penetrating the Secrets of Nature.”  Kathleen Kluegel and Roxanne Frey are putting together a proposal to have the exhibit come to the UIUC Library.   Part of the proposal includes identifying collections and local resources and interests that tie into the Frankenstein exhibit.  She invites anyone who knows of Frankenstein and/or Shelly-related materials and interests to get in touch with Kathleen or Roxanne by December 14.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:38pm.

Beth Woodard
Faculty Secretary