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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

16 April 2002
Grainger Commons
3:00 - 4:00 pm

Sue Searing, presiding, called the meeting to order at 3:00pm and began the meeting with the Approval of the minutes, as there were enough faculty to make a quorum.

1. Approval of the 19 March 2002 faculty meeting minutes
 Karen Schmidt motioned to accept the minutes as approved, Tina Chrzastowski seconded the motion.  Motion carried.

2. Committee reports

Executive Committee (Sue Searing)
-Sue Searing will be Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee as Leslie Troutman is out due to illness.  Dick Griscom will take on the responsibility of Secretary while Sue fills in for Leslie.
-Since the last faculty meeting EC met March 25 and April 8
-The March 25 meeting was devoted to dialog with Cindy Kelly.  She covered orientation for new faculty and staff at all levels; supervisor training, which should be in place by the end of the summer; audits of classified position and possible changes in the civil service system in the future to bring the system into line with current job realities; the Library HR web page; changes to the process for interviewing and hiring GAs; response time from HR to queries from other offices, suggested a generic office email address; and coping with the stress resulting from heavy workloads and deadlines for Voyager implementation and Oak Street preparation
-In the April 8 meeting Paula updated EC on the progress of the library’s fundraising campaign, which is in a very active but quiet stage right now; they suggested replacements for Leslie on several committees with a special thank you to Tom Kilton who stepped in to prepare tenure papers for several candidates; gave a go-ahead to commissioning a plaque to be placed in the Sousa Archives to memorialize Phyllis Danner; continued the discussion of restructuring the Collection Development Committee, which will require a bylaws change, and Karen Schmidt will present the proposed new structure at the May faculty meeting in hopes that it will be approved in time for the August committee appointments; and decided it was too late to nominate someone for an honorary degree for 2003 and decided to start now to put criteria and a process in place for 2004 and subsequent years.
-The Provost charges the Executive Committee and the Library Committee of the Senate to evaluate the University Librarian yearly and recommend renewal of her contract.  The Committee would appreciate any feedback from the faculty by May 1.
-Sue also reminded everyone to turn in the Library Committee Volunteer Form by May 1.
-Tina Chrzastowski asked about evaluations of staff.  Bart Clark commented that evaluation forms would be out soon for Academic Professional evaluations.  General staff evaluations are pro forma and evaluations need to be done for secretarial staff, LOA and other non-union employees.  The forms are due in June.  Barb Henigman asked if the forms are the same as last year and they are.

Colloquium Committee (Martha Zarate)
-The purpose of this standing committee of the Faculty is to organize an annual series of lectures or seminars on topics within or related to the Library and Information Science profession, or the Library's collections and services.  The members of the Committee include Winnie Chan, Grainger Engineering Library; Nuala Bennett, Digital Imaging and Media Technology Initiative; Sue Searing, Library and Information Science Library; Ellen Swain, University Archives; and Martha Zarate, Modern Languages and Linguistics Library.
-The next lecturer is Professor Loriene Ray from the University of Texas at Austin.  The title of her lecture is “International Indigenous Librarianship,” to be held on April 18 at 1:30pm in the Grainger Engineering Library Commons.  Sally McCullom will be speaking on May 2.
-Some past lectures have included JEAN-CLAUDE KUPERMINC, Library of the Alliance Israélite Universelle; ANNE MARIE CASEY, Central Michigan University; SALVADOR GÜEREÑA, University of California, Santa Barbara; CAROLE L. PALMER, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; GIUSEPPE VITIELLO, Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France; MARY MAACK, University of California, Los Angeles; PAULA KAUFMAN; ADAN GRIEGO, Stanford University; DEANNA MARCUM, The Council on Library and Information Resources; RICHARD JONES and SONJA JORDAN, Notre Dame University; and SARAH PRITCHARD, Smith College.
-Martha interviewed some faculty to get input as to how the colloquium might be improved.
-Martha red a poem in honor of Phyllis Danner and asked for one minute of silence.
-For more information about the colloquium see

ISCC (Peggy Steele)
-Major task they’ve been working on is the conversion of the DRA
bibliographic/holdings/item data.  Data Conversion team signed off on the test bib load earlier this afternoon.
-Production bib/holdings/item load will happen in the not too distant future and we will once again have an opportunity to review the converted data and look for problems before accepting the database.
-Patron, vendor, order, and circ transaction test and production data loads will be done over the couple of months.  The last data load will be the production load of our DRA circ transactions.  This should be complete on June 29.
-Testing and production loads are happening on parallel tracks -- i.e., we won't wait to complete all the test loads before beginning production loads.
-Goal is for the consortium to be live on Voyager on August 5, 2002.
-UIUC should be up with a standalone catalog and local circulation only by the end of June.
-The ILCSO "go/no go" date of May 10 reflects the need to be sure that the Universal Borrowing/Request Promotion software is functioning adequately before the consortium goes live with Voyager.
-Weekly updates from ISCC known as Messages from Voyager will be web-based. Each Message contains a brief report of Voyager activities for the week just past and the week ahead.
-The vanilcso version of the Voyager opac is now available in UIUC's development area.  This is not the final Day 1 version of vanilcso.  When the Day 1 version has been completed, ILCSO will move it into UIUC's development area, and UIUC will make any further customizations recommended by the PIT crew.
-Beth Woodard and the Training Team have scheduled Voyager overview sessions called the Voyage of the Book.  The first was took place earlier this afternoon.  Three more are currently scheduled.
-ILCSO users advisory group (IUAG) is planning a forum on June 6 at UIS.  The forum will include presentations on Universal Catalog and Universal Borrowing plus there will be discussion sessions on each of the Voyager functional modules.
-Systems Office is currently interviewing for visiting research information specialist position.  This is a two-year position to assist with the Voyager implementation.
-Several ISCC team members will be attending the annual Voyager Users Group Meeting to be held in Chicago at the end of the month.

3. Other reports

Oak Street (Bart Clark)
-Oak Street is just a little more than a year away.  It was decided that Bart would give a brief update at each faculty meeting.
-When you leave the building look at Grainger from the ground to where the roof line begins.  That is how high the shelving will be in Oak Street
-Oak Street will have the best environment of any of the UIUC Libraries.  It will have a steady year round 50 degree climate with 30% humidity.
-The Oak Street Committee met with the company that will produce the climate control system and they will have no problem meeting those conditions.
-There will be a bus trip later in the summer to Bloomington, Indiana to see their system so people can get a sense of what the facility will look like
-The first module target is 1.8 million volumes
-Hort Field Lab will serve as a faux Oak Street Facility.  This will give us an opportunity to see how things will work in the real Oak Street and make the transition easier by seeing how many volumes can be moved and possibly what kind of staffing we will need.
-You can read more about the facility on the Planning and Budgeting web site.
-Tina Chrzastowski asked when the Hort Field Lab will be ready.  Bart responded that we are waiting on the shelving to arrive.

4. Announcements
Bart Clark – Acquisitions will be moving into their new space next week.
Sue Searing – All Staff Retreat is scheduled for the afternoon of June 5.
Beth Woodard – The June Faculty meeting will be June 4.
Karen Schmidt – Motioned to end the meeting.
Tina Chrzastowski – Seconded the motion.
Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.