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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

15 January 2002
314A Illini Union

After determining that the requisite number of people to constitute a quorum were in attendance, Paula Kaufman, chair, presided over the faculty meeting and called the meeting to order at 3:05pm.

1. Minutes of the 18 December 2001 faculty meeting minutes were accepted as corrected.

2. University Librarian’s Report
— Congratulations to John Weible who has been appointed permanent Head of Systems.
— Budget – The Library has been exempted from cuts this year and next year.  The Provost has asked that we prepare a plan for him as part of the normal budget process.  He has indicated that they will try to find funds for materials price increases but that is not probable.  The university at large started the year with a six percent increase and has been asked to give back four percent.  Craig Bazzani, UI Comptroller, is optimistic about a turnaround in two years.
— The CIC provosts set up two different committees to look at issues related to university presses.  First a University Press Library Project, which will make the full contents of 5 books published by each CIC University Press accessible to all registered students and faculty members of the CIC.  Beth Sandore and Bill Regier are representatives from UIUC.
— The second group is the CIC Advisory Committee on University Press, and Paula Kaufman is a member of the committee.  The committee has been charged with analyzing traditional press functions and identifying a flexible approach in which each press maintains its individual identity, but consolidates more of their operations and efforts.  Ken Gros Lewis, former chancellor of Indiana University, has pointed to unsuccessful efforts in New England and the Mid-Atlantic where individual presses lost their identities when the lead institution took over.
— Paula Watson is coordinating two speakers regarding scholarly communications.  Mary Case from SPARC will be here early in April to talk about issues in scholarly communications.  Bill Regier, Director of University of Illinois Press, has agreed to talk on issues of the scholarly monograph.
— Paula Kaufman has been asked to serve as the Communications Dean Search Chair after Kim B. Rotzoll announced that he will step down as dean of the College of Communications.
— Illinois Power has formally agreed to move the power pole on the Oak Street property so the next step in the process for building the storage facility can begin.
— IMLS primary sources newsletter has announced that Laura Bush has persuaded President Bush to ask for $10 million to fund recruitment to librarianship.
— Kaufman sent letters to untenured faculty on behalf of the Executive Committee reminding them that it’s important to keep their priorities regarding research and publishing in the face of the many other tasks that they are being asked to do, particularly with the pressures of selection for Oak Street and the implementation of Voyager.  Tenured individuals are asked to encourage untenured folks to take research time.
— Paula Kaufman indicated that there will be no budget request forwarded, but the library will still need to prepare an annual report.
— Paula Kaufman noted that this past year the library hired 12 untenured librarians, of which two of them are abroad and still awaiting paperwork, and three tenured librarians.  We still have 12 searches underway.

3. Committee Reports
Executive Committee – Beth Sandore
The Executive Committee met twice since the last Faculty meeting; January 9 and January 14.
— The committee provided advice to Paula in regards to the head of the Slavic Library position.
— They discussed the mid year status of the budget report with Bart Clark, focusing on three issues-- operations, collections, and faculty salaries. Clark reported that the Library is on target as far as collections and operations spending and commitments to facilities.  Clark has his own tracking process that allows him to look forward in the budget year to make projections for future commitments.  Questions about how salaries are determined were discussed and what information is used to make salary decisions.  FRC’s annual merit review figures strongly in the decision as well as ARL statistics being used for comparison.  Clark also tracks campus data.
— A new policy for personal annual evaluation was discussed concerning 3Y people.  Upon completion of the third-year visiting committee’s draft report, the visiting committee will send it to the University Librarian prior to its being shared with the faculty member.  The University Librarian will review the report, make suggestions and comments, and return it to the visiting committee whose members will send it to the faculty member.
— The Cataloging Policy Committee review was discussed.
— The Technical Services Division request to change the way that they participate in Faculty Review Committee responsibilities was discussed.

4.  Other reports
 Preservation and Conservation – Tom Teper and Jennifer Hain
 From the Mellon Foundation, the UIUC Library has received $300,000 outright for outfitting a laboratory in the Oak Street facility, and another $700,000 in matching funds to endow staff and faculty positions.
      They are over half way through visiting all libraries on campus
 They are working on basic program planning, including:
- A preservation policy statement which will set the framework for later policy discussions
- A 5-year plan for preservation/conservation, including staffing needs, development and vision about what they would like to accomplish
- An implementation strategies worksheet with 2, 5 and 10 year timelines and specific projects such as environmental controls, pest control, disaster planning, security and preservation education.

Book repair and binding:
- still taking pamphlet binding and book repair
- reorganizing how they make decisions and route materials down to  book repair by consolidating routing codes on newly revised streamers
- targeting 2 libraries--History and Classics--for one month to test the new paperwork
- forum to talk about new streamers and processes will be scheduled in early March, start new procedures in mid-March
- The new process will put all book  repairs and conservation in one place, which will make repairs more consistent and quicker.
- New equipment has been received, including an ultrasonic welder which will allow multiple piece encapsulation, a de-acidification system, and a digital camera.  The last item can be checked out to faculty.
- They are preparing a report on minor disasters around the library to give to the Administrative Council.
- The binding RFP is out for bid, with the evaluation due to purchasing by January 31.
- The brittle books program includes managing irreparable, brittle materials by replacing material, boxing material, or reformatting material by microfilming or preservation photography.  They are working on a pilot project with Graphic Services to test this last option.
- Once developed, the brittle books coordinator will seek more involvement by collections managers in evaluating materials.  They will also search items on OCLC and create a call number list to send out to selectors.  That person will set  aside one day each month to meet with faculty, but also will be available by appointment.
- DIMTI digitization project with paper output and a scanned image is one option they are exploring.
- They hope to have the microfilming unit up and running by March.
- The Friends Preservation Competition forms will be out in the next couple of weeks.
- Charles Kolb is eager for UIUC to participate in the NEH Preservation project. They would welcome ideas for participation in the National Endowment for the Arts' “Save America’s Treasures” grant as well.
- Regarding remote storage, brittle books are not as much a concern as "broken" materials that may have pieces lost in transit and need to be placed in a container of some sort to keep pieces together.

5.  New Business
Bylaws committee – Bill Maher
- Because of Bylaws regulations, notification for discussion of a bylaws changes have to be issued 10 days before the meeting.  Since that did not happen for this meeting, the discussion of the bylaws amendments will be on the next Faculty meeting.  Please look at the revised version at and bring  concerns to the February Faculty meeting.
- The vote would be taken at the March Faculty meeting, or the group can decide to vote by mail ballot.
- Three general areas of amendments include 1) elimination of provisions and references to Deputy Librarian since the position does not exist and some typographical errors, 2) change in the definition of faculty in article 3 in agreement with University Senate changes, and 3) a formal grievance policy, committee, and procedure which completely replaces the current section.

6. Announcements
Bob Burger
The Administrative Council made a suggestion to the Executive Committee on how to evaluate faculty better.  Their suggestion seeks to balance the preservation of our traditional values with the increasing demand of the state legislature and University administration for accountability.  The crux of the suggestion lies in an interlocking system of mutual goal setting.  Units that have more than one librarian will set goals with unit head by mutual consent.  Unit heads will do the same with Division Coordinators.  Division Coordinators will do the same with Unit Heads and University Librarian. We will try this for two years.  Jo Kibbee asked if these goals will incorporate research and service goals as well as those for librarianship.  Bob Burger confirmed that both individual goals as well as library goals need to be tied to the strategic plan.  Paula Kaufman will send out goal statement of the AULs as examples.
      Paula Kaufman is happy to report that the postponed tour of the library for the new
      chancellor has been rescheduled for February.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm.