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Faculty Meeting Agenda 11-16-2011


of the



Date: November 16, 2011

Location: 126 GSLIS

Time: 3pm – 4:30pm

Call to Order


Standing Items


Adoption of the Agenda – Paula Kaufman


Approval of Minutes  - Paula Kaufman


Introductions  - Paula Kaufman


Report of the University Librarian – Paula Kaufman


Executive Committee Discussion Items - David Ward  (30 min)


  1. Combined Search Committee Proposal – David Ward


EC would like to suggest forming a combined search committee to handle open searches for 2012-2015, to help the library expedite the volume of anticipated openings we currently anticipate. 


Discussion Questions

  1. Does the proposed membership seem appropriate to cover most search needs?


  1. What other ways could the library pursue to provide a consistent, efficient mechanism for processing the large volume of open faculty and AP searches?



A recommendation is put forth to review and adopt the elements of the Combined Search Committee Proposal. (see link):



Old Business - None






New Business

  1. Faculty Annual Review Process – Joanne Kaczmarek


As part of a review of the annual faculty review process the Faculty Review Committee has drafted changes to the Faculty Annual Report Guidelines and the Faculty Annual Review Scoring Guidelines. These changes are intended to standardize the documents provided by the faculty and to make the scoring process more clear. In particular, FRC is recommending reports to be structured in a way that eliminates a separate coversheet. Facultyare asked to review the documents prior to the faculty meeting and come prepared to provide suggested amendments.



A recommendation is put forth to adopt the Faculty Annual Report Guidelines and the Faculty Annual Review Scoring Guidelines for their use in the faculty annual review process. (see links)


Faculty Annual Review Report Guidelines – draft


Faculty Annual Review Scoring Guidelines – draft



Ad Hoc Items - None