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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Faculty Meeting Agenda 11-17-2010



of the



Date: November 17, 2010

Location: 126 GSLIS

Time: 3pm - 4:30pm


Call to Order


Standing Items:

Adoption of the Agenda (Paula Kaufman)


Approval of Minutes  (Paula Kaufman)


Introductions  (Paula Kaufman)


            Report of the University Librarian  (Paula Kaufman) (20 min)


            Executive Committee Discussion Items -David Ward (30 min)

1.      Faculty Research Support -


EC is investigating Ways to expand support for the research needs of faculty, and have met with the chair or RPC to discuss expanding that group's role in mentoring and providing support for faculty research needs. Other colleges have developed faculty mentoring programs which might serve as possible models, such as ACES:

and the Academy for Excellence in Engineering Education's Fast Start program: (


Discussion Questions

a.      What training and mentorship needs should the library be providing more support for, in order to help faculty develop as researchers and be successful in promotion and tenure endeavors?

b.      What is the best way to organize and allocate ongoing, long term support for these mentoring activities?


Old Business  (none)



New Business


1.      Reference Assessment - David Ward (15 min)



LAWG would like to discuss what the needs are for faculty reference assessment and what the best ways might be to assist with collection and analysis of reference assessment data. (Examples of visualization of data collected from current Desk Tracker tool.)


Discussion Questions

a.      What decisions do you need to make about planning reference services?

b.      What data would be useful to review in order to make these decisions?

c.       What features would be helpful in a reference assessment tool?



2.      Faculty Senate Reporting - Al Kagan/Lynne Rudasill (5 min)


The Library Faculty might benefit from a standard approach to hearing about issues that are brought up and addressed at the Campus Senate meetings. Since we are moving away from a "reporting" model for our faculty meetings and toward a "discussion and action" model, the faculty meetings may not be the best place for reports from our senators


Discussion Question

a.      What are some viable methods for informing and seeking feedback from the Library Faculty about issues brought in the Faculty Senate meetings?



Ad Hoc Items:

             Lightning Presentations

1.       BibApp - Sarah Shreeves  (5 min)


2.       Reference Effort Assessment Data ( READ) - Kathleen Kern (5 min)


Announcements  (5 min)