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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Faculty Meeting Agenda 09-22-2010



of the



Date: September 22, 2010

Location: 126 GSLIS

Time: 3pm - 4:30pm


Call to Order


Standing Items:

Adoption of the Agenda (David Ward)


Approval of Minutes  (David Ward)


Introductions  (David Ward)


            Report of the University Librarian  (none)


            Executive Committee Discussion Items -David Ward (30 min)

1.       Exceptional Dewey Report - EC has reviewed and endorsed the report, and wants faculty feedback on its recommendations concerning implementing LC for new materials in the languages and literatures library. 


Report of the use of Exceptional Dewey Classification




a.       Are there other areas we should consider using LC for as well?


2.      Faculty Retreat planning - EC is planning a faculty retreat for 1-5pm on Monday, October 18th.  The theme is designing outcome based goals for the library that cover the next 3 years. 



a.       What would faculty like to get out of this retreat, and what are some useful directions to pursue as we have this discussion?

Old Business (none)


New Business

1.      Discussion of Library IT re-organization and IT Prioritization and Review Working Group activities - Beth Sandore (15 min.)


Library IT Re-shaping August 2010



  Questions: TBD


2.      Discussion of Reference New Service Model - Recommendation # 3: Creating a new Research Support Services (RSS) unit - Kathleen Kern (20 min)


Reference Services NSM Team Report



a.      How effective do the faculty think the recommended model(s) will be and are they sufficiently forward-thinking?

b.      What are likely barriers to success and how can they be addressed?

Ad Hoc Items:

             Lightning Presentations

1.       Research in Progress - Greg Youngen  (5 min)


2.       Campus-wide, user-driven collection development program for data sets  - Karen Hogenboom, Tom Teper (5 min)


Data Purchase Pilot Program



Announcements  (5 min)