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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Faculty Meeting Agenda 03-01-2011



of the



Date: March 1, 2011 (originally planned for Feb 2nd)

Location: 407 Illini Union

Time: 3pm - 4:30pm

Call to Order


Standing Items:

Adoption of the Agenda - Paula Kaufman


Approval of Minutes  - Paula Kaufman


Introductions  - Paula Kaufman (5 min)


            Report of the University Librarian - Paula Kaufman (15 min)


            Executive Committee Discussion Items - David Ward


1.      Strategic Planning Discussion - Scott Walter and David Ward (15 min)


EC and the AULs are preparing to form the strategic planning team, and would like advice from the faculty on how we should seek input for the planning process.


Current Library Strategic Plan can be found here:


Discussion Questions

a.       What are the best ways to engage librarians, campus faculty, and students in discussions about strategic directions for the library? 

b.      What other constituents should we consider?


2.      Paper Preparer Team - David Ward (15 min)

EC has been discussing the idea of having a regular team of paper preparers to help standardize (make more consistent) the process of preparing papers for the promotion and tenure process.


Discussion Questions

a)      How can we improve the paper preparing process for promotion and tenure? 

b)      What goals or benchmarks should be set for paper preparation?

c)      Do you agree that a team organizational approach will help achieve the goals or benchmarks you would like to see for paper preparation?


Old Business:



New Business:


 FAA Digital Resources -Sarah Christensen, Visiting Digital Resources Curator (10 min)


Brief introduction about the work Sarah is engaged in and points of current and possible future collaboration with Library


Ad Hoc Items:


            New Service Model

Discussion of Social and Applied Health Sciences Planning Team  Recommendations - Beth Sandore, Lori Mestre (20 min)



The New Service Model Social Science and Applied Sciences Team has put forth recommendations that the Team would like to the full body of the Library faculty to consider and provide comments on. There is also some concern by some constituents about the planned merger regarding a loss of identify and a sense of their own space.

For a review of the January report as well as other reports, (including interesting background documents) visit the web pages for the Social and Applied Health Sciences Team:



1.      What suggestions do the faculty have to help create physical and virtual spaces so constituents feel comfortable and retain a sense of "identity" with the library?


 Lightning Presentations

                 Survey of Library and GSLIS faculty - Sue Searing (5 min)