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Library Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

3:30-4:30 pm

LEVIS Room 407

(Refreshments at 3:15)


Paula Kaufman, presiding


1. Approval of faculty meeting minutes of August 18th, 2004


draft posted on LIBNEWS-L on 09/09/04; and soon to be posted at"


2. Introduction of new librarians


CLIR Postdocs (Lisa Hinchliffe --Dawn Schmitz and Miranda Remnick -- Patricia Hwse) (5 Minutes)


New Mortenson Associates – Barbara Ford (10 minutes)


Lynne Rudasill (will introduce Visiting French Scholar) (5 minutes)


3. University Librarian's report (Paula Kaufman)


4. Committee reports


Executive Committee (Lynne Rudasill 10 Minutes)


Strategic Planning Committee (Diane Schmidt 30 Minutes)


Training (Beth Woodard 20 Minutes)


5. Other reports


6. Old business


7. New business


8. Announcements