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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda Committee

Library Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, April 20, 2005
2:30-5:00 pm
Levis Third Floor
Refreshments at 2:30
Paula Kaufman, presiding

1. Approval of faculty meeting minutes of March 16th, 2005
(draft distributed via libnews April 12th, 2005)

2. University Librarian's Report

3. Committee reports
Executive Committee (Bill Mischo)

Budget Implementation Task Force

21 Responses to Paula's call to the faculty were received.

5 Most Important in Descending order:

Technical Services 3: The Library should charge a small group
of faculty and staff from public services and technical
services to examine how to improve technical services quality
control, streamline processing, eliminate duplicative efforts,
automate statistics keeping, and improve services to users by
assigning alternative tasks to staff in technical services and
departmental library units.

Services: Reference 1: 1.       Appoint a task force to examine the
mission, role, presence, and collection policies of central
reference and undergraduate services, as well as their
relationship to reference services offered throughout the
Libraries, and deliver to the University Librarian a set of
recommendations to determine how they can best support the
majority of our Library users and the librarians who serve them. 

Services: Units 6: Working with the architect chosen for the
Main Library preplanning study, develop the concept of
reductions in service points to reduce confusion and improve
service in the building.

Services: Financial Considerations 2:   Continue to advocate
with University administrators for additional resources for
the Library.

Services: Electronic Resources and IT 1:Focus on integrating
and improving interoperability of electronic resources.

5 Least Important in Descending Order:

Services; Technical services 2: 2.   The Library should
charge a small group, with representatives from technical
services and public services units, to examine the
desirability and feasibility of moving from Dewey to LC

Services: Teams/Staff 2: Develop a team to retrieve
materials from departmental libraries when they are closed.

Services: Scholarly Communication 1: The Library should
allocate resources to develop and maintain a web site and to
reallocate a portion of a Library Faculty member’s time to
work on scholarly communications issues. 

Services: Team/Staff 1: At least one more interdepartmental
staff team should be created to provide emergency short-term
coverage to public service units and to carry out call-slip
activities in the Main Library.

Services: Team Staff 3:Appoint a full-time training coordinator

4. Old business

5. New business

Faculty Governance (Al Kagan)

ARL Assessment Visit and Evidence-Based Decision Making
Workshop (Paula Kaufman and Bob Burger)

6. Announcements