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Library Faculty Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, January 21, 2003
3:00-4:30 pm
314A Illini Union
(refreshments at 2:30) 

Paula Kaufman, presiding

1.    Approval of faculty meeting minutes of December 17, 2002 (draft minutes posted on LIBNEWS-L on January 8, 2003; revised minutes posted on LIBNEWS-L on January 16, 2003; also at

2.   Introduction of new librarians 

3.   University Librarian's report 

4.    Committee reports 

Executive Committee (Sue Searing) 

Faculty Review Committee: Personal annual report guidelines (Gail Hueting) 

Integrated Systems Coordinating Committee: New ILCSO working groups (Peggy Steele) 

5.    Other reports 

Discussion of the Library annual report and vision statement (Paula Kaufman) 

U.S. Patriot Act: Summary and discussion of Library policy (Paul Callister) 

6.    Old business 

7.     New business 

8.     Announcements 

Janice Pilch

Secretary of the Faculty