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Exhibitions Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In attendance:   Laura Larkin, Dennis Sears, Pat Miller, Lonnie Clark, Chris Johns, Anne Robbins

1.                  Environmental data for Marshall Gallery & N-S Corridor

a.        LL reported that environmental monitoring has begun in both gallery areas.  HOBO dataloggers (recording temp, RH, and light levels) have been placed in display cases but no information has been downloaded yet.    UV readings show that the glazing on the cases is doing a good job in reducing the UV levels in the cases themselves.  The readings outside of the cases show extremely high levels of UV light in the gallery areas themselves.  Concern for original documents displayed on bulletin boards is highly justified.  Charts and reports will continue to be created.

2.                  Update on exhibition schedule

a.         Discussed the empty slots on the schedule - currently in the summer - and ways to fill those times.

b.      Lonnie volunteered to check with Cindy Kelly about the back-to-back reservations she has for the spring to see if April 2011 N-S Corridor can be opened up for the annual Faculty book plating exhibition.

c.       Discussed the GA contest from last year.  Anne volunteered to send out announcement - first to committee members, after approval of committee to a list of all GA's on campus.  Lonnie will tentatively reserve months of July and September 2011/Marshall Gallery for this contest.  Anne will include in requirements to applicants that they designate a month they will be available to put on their display. 

d.      Lonnie confirmed that UGL could organize a show for these areas.

e.       Laura offered the possibility that some connection to the summer courses in the Midwest Book & Manuscript Studies program could be made, but there was no clear person to take on the work of creating & installing the display.

f.       Discussion was stopped with the request that everyone continue to think about how to fill and promote the use of the gallery spaces during these months.

3.                   Training/information sessions

a.       Committee members were given copies of the power point currently under construction.  Additions and comments were as follows:

a.       Include a proposed timeline of when to begin work on the exhibition, when to contact Conservation for support, etc.

b.      Elaborate on the aesthetics of creating a display in order to make the tutorial useful to a larger portion of the library community

c.       Include more specific information on temp and RH - in an effort to educate people about why they should be aware and concerned about the environment in those spaces

d.      Include a picture of a small thermo-hygrometer as a way to offer participants options for being more proactive

e.       Possibly amend to create two copies - one more detailed as an online resource, one more general as an in-person tutorial

4.                  Forms for scheduling displays

a.       Discussion of current Adobe PDF form that we began using a short time ago lead to the discussion of amending the current form to one based on UIUC WebTools.    Chris offered that WebTools was more user friendly and easier to operate overall.  Lonnie, Anne and Chris will work together to transfer our form for scheduling to this new system.