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Exhibitions Committee Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In attendance: Laura Larkin, Dennis Sears, Pat Miller, Lonnie Clark


Pat Miller, Executive Director of the Illinois Heritage Association, is a new member of the committee. She introduced herself to all the committee members, describing her background in exhibition preparation training for institutions and organizations throughout Illinois. She also requested access to the Exhibitions Committee folder in order to familiarize herself with all of our documents and projects.

2. Scheduling for the 2011 calendar year

  1. Reminder to all present that we will be using a standardized form for scheduling this year, available through the committee website
  2. Dennis Sears volunteered to update the schedule on both the committee website as well as the library's main programming calendar
  3. Review website and notifications to exhibition organizers that the committee now requires a label which provides information on who curated the exhibition, with what unit or organization they are associated. or from what collection materials are gathered
  4. Laura Larkin described an issue which occurred in the Marshall Gallery over the summer, where the display cases needed to be moved twice during one month. Each time, the displays were disturbed and required someone to reorient the materials. After a brief discussion of this incident, the consensus was that we needed to send a note to head of facilities, Jeff Schrader, to ask that Dennis Sears be alerted to any necessary case movements. Laura Larkin communicated with Jeff and also asked if there were any calendar months which experienced such activity that exhibition scheduling should be canceled during that time.

3. Projects for 2011 calendar year

a. Environmental monitoring program for Marshall Gallery and NS Gallery

i. Light levels - blinds for windows in NS Gallery - need a quote for total project (purchase & installation) from Jeff Schrader in order to pursue fundraising with Advancement Office or other avenues

ii. Robust environmental monitoring program - HOBO dataloggers to gather temp, RH, and light readings; blue wool cards

iii. Need to include UV readings on a regular basis in the spaces as well - this will occur through the Conservation Unit with Laura Larkin to coordinate

iv. The committee also discussed developing a budget to purchase stand alone alarms for the cases to provide at least some increase in security for the spaces.

b. Training and information session to all upcoming exhibitors

1. Pat offered her perspective on previous training sessions that she offered with Christa Deacy-Quinn at the Spurlock Art Museum. They focused more on the content of displays and labels, rather than the specifics of safely supporting items on display. There was some discussion of various resources available for people to use. We also discussed using a power point presentation for the bulk of such a training session and adding it to our website as an additional resource as well. We decided to focus this training session very specifically to those people scheduled to offer an exhibition in the upcoming 6 months (February - July 2011).