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Library Exhibitions Committee, Minutes, Tues. December 8, 2009

Members present: Anne Robbins, Laura Larkin, Dennis Sears, Lonnie Clark, Annette Morris (chair),

1. Exhibition Contest

Plans for the Exhibition contest were finalized. Anne will revise the announcement to include the judging criteria and clarify that it is open to all GSLIS students. Links to websites with sample exhibits will be provided in addition to a bibliography of helpful resources will be made available to entrants. Dennis will publicize the event by sending the announcement to LibNews and GSLIS News online lists. Printed copies will be posted around the libraries. The contest will be judged by the Comm. members.

2.Comm. Name Change

Dennis suggested that the Committee's name be changed from "Library Exhibit Committee" to "Library Exhibitions Committee" to reflect proper usage of the terms exhibit and exhibition. Exhibit is properly used to refer to an item within a larger group and exhibition is used to refer to a group of items brought together for display. The Comm. members agreed.

Annette will find the procedure for changing the name of the Comm. and proceed with changing it.

3. Updating the Comm. Calendar

Dennis has agreed to update the Comm.'s online calendar with current exhibition information.

4. Comm. Web Page

Dennis has updated the web page with new pictures of our cases and their dimensions. Dennis suggested we remove the "Archives" link and it's contents, which consists of a list of older exhibition titles and other information ending in 2007. The Comm. agreed that we should maintain the information on the G: drive for Comm. use but it could be removed from the web page.

The Comm. would like to maintain some visual record of some of our exhibitions on the web page. Dennis said he is working on a project for RBML using Content DM that may be of use to our web page. Previous attempts to get exhibitors to provide photos of their exhibits have not been successful. A requirement to provide photos may be included in the new exhibition scheduling form. These photos could also be used to advertise the upcoming exhibit.

5. Exhibition Scheduling Form

Anne proposed creating and exhibition scheduling form which could be imported into our spreadsheet or a database for tracking exhibitions. This form will help us collect more information about each exhibition. All members liked this idea. Anne will work on creating the form.

6.  Access to G: Drive

Annette put in a request to give Lonnie access to the G: drive and Anne will work on getting the G: drive mapped on her machine in the Law Library. The Comm. folder is G:\Exhibits.