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Library Exhibitions Committee, Minutes, Tues. November. 10, 2009

Members present:Laura Larkin, Dennis Sears, Lonnie Clark, Annette Morris (chair),

1. Exhibit schedule for 2010

Laura updated us on the exhibit schedule for 2010. The year is nearly fully scheduled. She will continue to correspond with the individuals in charge of the exhibits and provide information.

2. Discussion of the Exhibit Contest

The Comm. discussed the upcoming contest for GSLIS students and library GAs. The Marshall Gallery has been reserved for April 2010. We plan to announce the contest in early Dec. as soon as possible after our Dec. 8th meeting. We need to get the following information firmed up by our next meeting:

* Judging criteria - creative use of space, highlight the library's collection, etc.

* Submission deadline.

* Submission form

* Date winner will be announced

Advancement and the Business Office have OK'd the use of the endowment funds for a small prize of $100.

Anne- Please help us further develop these ideas and any others you think would be helpful.

3. Updating Comm. web page

The Committee's web page has photos and dimensions for the old cases that have been removed from the North South Hall. Dennis has agreed to update the page with photos and dimensions of the new cases.

4. Datalogger data from exhibit cases

Annette will report to the Comm.. next month on the data collected from the 2 dataloggers in the cases in the Marshall Gallery and the North South Hall.

5. Exhibit of the winners of the Book Collecting Contest

Dennis suggested that the winners of the annual book collecting contest, sponsored by the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, be asked to exhibit their collections in the Marshall Gallery in May 2010. The contest awards a prize to an undergraduate and a graduate student in April 2010. Laura has set aside the exhibit space. Dennis will pursue getting the winners to exhibit their collections.

6. Discussion of endowment funds and reimbursement for exhibit expenses

Advancement has estimated that the Comm. endowment will probably yield $1200 this year. In the past the comm.. has offered to reimburse exhibitors up to $100 for expenses. Annette will check with Advancement or the Business office to get info. on how much is typically spent of these funds per annum. We may need to revise this if we are in danger of exceeding the $1200.