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Exhibitions Committee Meeting Minutes 14 June 2011

Exhibitions Committee Meeting
3:00pm, Tuesday, June14

Present: Laura Larkin (chair), Lonnie Clark, Chris Johns, Pat Miller, Dennis Sears
Absent: Anne Robbins

1. Membership

This is Laura’s last meeting as chair before she moves to Boston. Chris agreed to chair any meetings in her absence prior to the first FY2012 committee meeting. Exhibits Committee composition for FY2012: Chris Johns will continue for another year of her term and is willing to chair, Anne and Pat will continue for another year of their terms, Lonnie (currently a volunteer on the committee) is willing to serve a term and Jody Waitzman has requested a term of membership. We are not aware of any other requests to serve.

2. Dr. Mueller Donation

Laura agreed to tell Roxanne of the committee’s decision to deposit Dr. Mueller’s recently-donated funds into the existing endowment. This will provide an increase in the continual source of annual funding for Library exhibitions.

Chris will extract a small description of Dr. Mueller’s contributions to the Library, post this to the committee web, and link to the full Friendscript article about him.

3. GA Contest

No photos of this year’s GA winning displays were taken. The display is a short one before the students leave at the end of the spring semester.  A note will be added to the committee calendar to photograph both the exhibits and the winning students right after installation next year so we may add this to the exhibition web site.

4. NS Corridor Cases

Chris will send a request to Matt and his crew move the cases in the North-South corridor to their usual positions.

5. Exhibit Procedures

Lonnie offered to gather existing information and work with Chris (and Jeff) to develop a current list of procedures (including dos and don’ts) for people installing exhibits. Chris purchased Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach by Beverly Serrell, created a sign-out sheet and will add to the exhibition cabinet. The first week of August was agreed upon as a reasonable target date for completion and posting of the list.

6. Committee Member Responsibilities for FY2010

We all thanked Dennis for having updated the committee web and calendar during his term, and Chris agreed to take on that role. Pat is willing to spearhead the annual GA contest; there are some files on the G drive related to this.  Chris will contact Library IT to make sure Pat is on the Libnews list-serve.

Adjourned at 3:35pm