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Exhibitions Committee Minutes 10 April 2012

Exhibitions Committee Meeting Minutes Tuesday, April 10, 2012  3:00pm

Present: Lonnie Clark, Chris Johns (chair), Pat Miller and Jody Waitzman

1. GA contest review (Pat)

Communications glitch and resolve: The technical problem with Pat’s email has been resolved for the most part, and the email group was created to avoid any issues with any individual emails in the future. The potential entrants received were contacted by Pat, received our apologies, and were gracious and understanding about not receiving a response from us prior to the contest deadline.

Scheduling GA exhibits:
Both September and October are open in the Marshall Gallery. Pat will contact the winners about scheduling during these 2 months if possible.

Award payment status: Carole Kopp has processed payments and these should be received by the winners as an addition to their usual University paychecks soon if not already.

2. Empty slots for exhibit scheduling

Zack Grant June & August Marshall Gallery: Chris will work with Zack on these two months of exhibit showcasing the Sustainable Student Farm and market on the Quad.

Marten Stromberg September exhibit: Jody contacted Marten. He will be using the North-South Corridor for the Soybean Press exhibit, leaving the Marshall open for one of the GA exhibits.

June NS Corridor: Lonnie Clark will develop and install an exhibit showcasing Library books, archives, placing UI alumni and other materials about the Summer Olympics in either June or August (depending upon the dates of the 2012 London Olympics).  Details to come later. Post meeting note: the Games of the XXX Olympiad, are scheduled to take place in London 27 July to 12 August 2012.

August NS Corridor: See June.

Brainstorm and delegate contacting: Chris agreed to send out a Libnews soliciting exhibits during (and listing) the vacant times between now and January 2013.

3. Display boxes (Jody):

These are wonderfully crafted, classy and appropriate for our exhibit space. The committee asked Jody to make more of them, keeping the option of placing on any side.

4. Other items:

A question about whether it was possible to email out from came up because it might be useful when sending out items on behalf of the committee. We agreed to look into this. (Post meeting note from Chris after checking with Library IT: Yes, this can be done however it requires establishing and paying for another Lync/Exchange account through CITES. Given our minimal potential use, this is not a good use of resources.)

We discussed the usefulness of creating a 1-page document with a bulleted list of guidelines that we could send to any exhibitor so they don’t need to forage through our website for the information we want them to have. Chris agreed to draft this and send to the committee for a round-robin edit before the next meeting.