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Exhibitions Committee Meeting Minutes 10 May 2011

Exhibitions Committee Meeting
3:00pm, Tuesday, May 10

Present: Dennis Sears, Pat Miller, Chris Johns, Lonnie Clark

Absent: Laura Larkin, Anne Robbins

1. We considered how to use the recently-donated additional funds from Dr. Mueller and decided to deposit them into the existing endowment to provide an increase in the continual source of annual funding for Library exhibitions. The suggestion to purchase a digital camera was not supported as most departments either have one or can readily borrow one.

2. Photos of the GA winning displays will be taken then posted to the website along with mention of Dr. Mueller's support for the awards. We want this to be a regular item and include the students with their collections in the photo if possible.

Information about Dr. Mueller is available in Friendscript and will be added to the Exhibits website. Because the Library agreed to do at least one display each year focusing on the accomplishments of faculty, we will also take photos of the annual bookplating display "Honoring our Faculty Accomplishments" to be included in the web page about Dr. Mueller.

3. Dennis updated the online exhibits schedule. Lonnie will send out a LibNews soliciting exhibitors for vacant periods (Laura cancelled the July exhibit, so it's available). "Honoring our Faculty Accomplishments" is scheduled for August when, for part of the month, school is in session.

4. Lonnie has completed and made live the webform to request exhibit space. Dennis will put a link to it on the web.

5. We will develop a list of procedures (including dos and don'ts) for people installing exhibits. Chris will work with Jeff on this (mostly because of the tape issue), and send out a draft for a collaboration via email to the committee. Because we want to promote well-designed displays, it was agreed to purchase a copy of Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach by Beverly Serrell to keep with the exhibits materials (cabinet) for exhibitor use.

6. Exhibits Committee for FY2012: Dennis will retire from the committee and Laura is leaving this campus for a position at Harvard. We need a new chair and 2 more committee members. We agreed that Anne could chair if she wishes, and Chris volunteered to if Anne doesn't want to.