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Data Services Committee Charge


The Data Services Committee will:

Discuss issues and investigate best practices pertaining to the provision of data and assistance offered to data users in the library, including data procurement, access to and re-use of data purchased by the library, training and instruction for data users, and assessment of services.

Administer the library’s Data Purchase Program

Collaborate with library and campus partners on projects that strengthen and potentially embed the library's data services on campus.

Collaborate with the Scholarly Commons to promote data services to the library and the campus.

Create opportunities for library faculty and staff to collaborate with researchers to strengthen awareness on campus of best practices for using, documenting, and storing data.


Members are library staff and faculty and campus partners who are engaged with researchers who use spatial and numeric data sets.  The Numeric and Spatial Data Librarian, the Life Sciences Data Services Librarian, The Engineering Data Services Librarian, the coordinator of the Scholarly Commons, and two representatives of ATLAS are permanent members of the committee.  At least three other librarians or staff with responsibilities related to data services serve two year staggered terms and are appointed by the University Librarian with the advice of the Executive Committee.  The University Librarian appoints a chair with the advice of the Executive Committee.