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Veterinary Medicine Library Service and Space Planning Team




 The Veterinary Medicine Library has experienced a significant change in how patrons utilize its collections and services. The availability of resources online has reduced the importance of physical proximity to bound literature, resulting in a decreasing need for prime space in an academic building to be devoted to the storage of physical volumes. Simultaneously, the College of Veterinary Medicine finds itself in need of additional conference and classroom space to meet the demands of a growing student population and revised curriculum.  The College has retained architects whose work will include repurposing approximately 50% of the Veterinary Medicine Library’s allocated space in the CVM Basic Sciences Building. The Library has already begun reducing its collection size by transferring out lesser used materials and exploring new approaches to providing access to resources and servicesthat support research, teaching and clinical practice in Veterinary Medicine.


Working in parallel with the planning process in the College of Veterinary Medicine, and with a goal of informing their planning, the Veterinary Medicine Library Service and Space Planning Team now being charged is asked to articulate a vision for library services for Veterinary Medicine within the context of the College and the Clinics and in relation to other Library service programs on campus.




The Team will:


  1. Articulate a service profile that:
  2. Work with the Assistant Dean for Library Facilities to develop a space program that supports that service profile
  3. Collaborate with the Assistant Dean for Library Facilities and the  NSM coordinator to develop timelines and schedules for  implementation, including:
  1. Recommend a plan for assessing the effectiveness of the new configuration of collections and services
  2. Submit a report with its recommendations to the University Librarian by December 1, 2011.

Submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration:  August 8, 2011
Approved by the Executive Committee:  September 12, 2011