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Chemistry Library New Service Model Team

Chemistry Library New Service Model Team **DRAFT**





In early fall 2011, Chemistry Librarian Tina Chrzastowski announced that she would be retiring on June 30, 2012 after heading the Chemistry Library for 25 years.  This retirement provides the opportunity to take a look at Chemistry Library collections, services and staffing in order to inform short term planning as well as longer term directions.




  1. Articulate a service profile that:

2.   Develop a draft position description for a librarian whose duties include collection development and liaison responsibilities for Chemistry, as well as the needs recently identified by the Physical Science Division librarians related to physical science research in biochemistry, biomedicine and bioengineering.

3.   Collaborate with the Assistant Dean for Library Facilities and the  NSM Coordinator to develop timelines and schedules for  implementation, including:

4.  Recommend a plan for the ongoing assessment of collections and services.

5.  Submit a report with its recommendations to the University Librarian by March 15, 2012.