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University Library Zero Percent Appointments


University Library Zero Percent Appointments                                                                  

The University Libraries provide the opportunity for zero-percent appointments to individuals when their work enhances the services and/or research of the Library and its faculty. Affiliated Library faculty members serving zero-time appointments may be regular attendees of Library faculty meetings, participate in Library communication, and serve on Library committees and working groups.

To become an affiliated University Library faculty member with a zero-percent appointment, a candidate must be nominated by a current Library faculty member. The candidate must be a faculty member, instructor, or academic professional with a full-time appointment in another unit on the University of Illinois campus and must be engaged, or wish to become engaged, in substantive collaboration with Library faculty.  Zero Percent Appointments may be permanent or temporary. If the appointment is not permanent, every two years following the initial appointment the affiliated faculty member must send a letter to the University Librarian describing his or her engagement with The University Libraries. Based on this information, the University Librarian may continue the appointment for an additional two years.  If no letter is received from the affiliated faculty member, the temporary appointment terminates automatically.


 Benefits and responsibilities:



Approved by Library Executive Committee March 14, 2011.


From Provost's Communication 3: 

F. 0% Faculty Appointments (Attachment 6)


Most 0% appointments are extended by academic departments to members of the tenure trackfaculty who are fully budgeted in one or two other units. It is not necessary to obtain the Provost's approval in such cases, except as required to preserve two-level review of faculty appointments.

Tenure will not be approved for any new 0% appointment.


Occasionally it is appropriate for persons who are fully salaried as academic professionals also to be granted 0% faculty appointments. Usually such a faculty appointment is associated with a position that carries teaching responsibilities along with the operational or administrative duties of the academic professional component.

The critical elements are:

∞ That the individual possess legitimate qualifications for appointment to the faculty.

∞ That he or she will make identifiable contributions to the teaching program at a level of responsibility consistent with a faculty appointment.

It is not appropriate to grant 0% faculty appointments casually as favors or to use them merely to make an academic professional position seem more attractive to potential candidates.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs has ruled that any new 0% faculty appointments for academic professionals, at a rank of assistant professor or above, must be approved personally by the Provost. Deans or directors reporting to the Provost have authority to approve 0% appointments as lecturers, instructors and teaching associates.

cover sheet when requesting a 0% appointment: