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User Education Committee Annual Report


User Education Committee

University Library

August 2010


The members of the User Education Committee during 2009-2010 were: 





The committee meets monthly, usually on the second Monday of the month.  The committee is chaired by the Library's Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction (Lisa Hinchliffe) and the Information Literacy Graduate Assistant also participated during the fall semester.


The User Education Committee continued its practice of charging working groups for specific projects and tasks. The working groups this year included Awards, Career Services, Ethnography of the University Initiative Poster Award, and Teaching and Training Technologies (with Staff Development and Training Advisory Committee and Library IT). Each working group includes members of the User Education Committee and may also include other librarians and staff as needed. The working groups set their own meeting schedules relative to their tasks and timeframes.


During the past year, the User Education Committee:


Ø  Telling the Story: Using Narratives to Explain WHY Information Literacy Education is Important and Get Students to Invested in What We Do

Ø  Enhancing the One-Shot sessions: Using Pre-Class Online Tutorials to Build a Basic Information Literacy Foundation

Ø  Step Away from the Podium!  A Lesson Plan for Peer Learning

Ø  Design Thinking Your Way to Information Literacy Innovation

Ø  Building Bridges: Restructuring Online Library Tutorials to Span the Generation Gap and Meet the Needs of Millennial Students

Ø  A Librarian and a Hashtag: Embedded Virtually in a Classroom via Twitter

Ø  Promoting Information Literacy through a Better Designed Learning User Experience

Ø  The Blended Librarian's Approach to Rethinking Instruction and Redesigning the Information Literacy Initiative


The User Education Committee looks forward to continued productivity in the coming year, building on its past successes. The Committee will be continuing its practice of utilizing working groups for specific projects and is also engaged in a discussion about whether to continue meeting monthly or to adopt a blended approach with fewer face-to-face meetings and increased virtual communication. The focus for the coming year is anticipated to be on assessment.