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Staff Development and Training Committee Annual Report


UIUC Library

Staff Development and Training Committee

August 16-2009-August 15, 2010


I.  Committee Composition


a.        Leadership:  Beth Woodard, increased from ½ time to 2/3 time in August 2009.  This increase in time allowed me to spend more time in managing the activities of subgroups of the committee, where a lot of the actual preparation and planning for training takes place.  The whole committee usually meets more frequently than one time a month in the fall in order to plan activities.  A lot of the work actually takes place, however, in the subcommittees.


b.      Membership:


Strong interest and support from the Staff Development and Training Committee.   It is almost impossible to get everyone to attend on a regular basis, but a wide range of interests and jobs is very desirable on this committee, as this input is invaluable.



Susan Braxton (08/15/10)
Paula Carns (08/15/11) 
Camilla Fulton (08/15/10)
vacant (08/15/10)
Gail Hueting (08/15/11)
*Shuyong Jiang (08/15/10)
*Susan Schnuer (08/15/10)
Kate Swan (08/15/10) 
*Sandy Wolf (08/15/11)
Lisa Hinchliffe, ex officio
Cindy Kelly, ex officio
Helen Zhou, ex officio



c.             Subcommittees:  Although this is standing committee is large, it does not have enough expertise to answer some of the specific questions that arise in planning.  Subcommittees have been created to address specific needs.  Meetings of subcommittees vary.  Student training


o   Student Training:  Cindy Kelly, Marlys Scarbrough, Darlene Chirolas, Sandy Wolf,  Barb Trumpinski, Sharon McFarland. 

o   Supervising:  Cindy Kelly, Karen Hogenboom, Susan Schnuer, Susan Hill, Paula Carn

o   Customer Service Working Group (a subgroup of Services Advisory and this committee):  Tina Chrzastowski, Susie Duncan, JoAnn Jacoby, Chris Johns, Debora Pfeiffer, Susan Schnuer  (co-chair),  Peggy Steele, John Wagstaff, Beth Woodard (co-chair)

o   Untenured Librarians:  Beth Woodard, Kirstin Dougan

o   Technology:  Susan Braxton, Jenny Emanuel, Camilla Fulton, Jason Hamilton, Rudy Leon, Lori Mestre, Robert Slater, Peggy Steele, Helen Zhou, Shuyong Jiang,  Donna Hoffman, Gail Hueting

o   Retreat planning:  Scott Walter, Beth Woodard, Cindy Ingold, Emily Love


II.  Budget expenditures


Estimated expenditures=  $13, 458  plus shipping and parking fees



III.  Training offerings and Accomplishments









a.          Mandatory orientations in fall and spring semesters, coordinated by Beth Woodard

b.         Optional training sessions for a week prior to school starting in fall and Spring semesters

c.          GA continuing education series:  When E-resources go bad, Journey of the Book, Preservation and Conservation, Tour of Oak Street held in fall



a.                                                                   Intro sessions, 2

b.                                                                  Time management, etc.  2 sessions


a.             Worked with CITES to offer intensive training for Exchange Calendar and Outlook email migration

b.      Offered repeat of Web 2.0 series.  These sessions were offered entirely by librarians and staff within the University Library.  Since the overall design of the series was developed last year, the group only met face to face 3 times this year, mainly to work out who would be taking on sessions for folks who had left the previous year, and to discuss what additional sessions should be developed.  Much of the time for this group was spent in preparations for these sessions and in updating materials for this year's series.



III.           Support materials                                                                           


IV.    Plans for the Coming Year



Submitted by,


Beth Woodard