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Social Events Committee
FY 2010 Report

Formed in FY 2001, The Social Events Committee (SEC) serves as the planning and implementation body for Library-wide social occasions such as retirement, service recognition, holidays, promotions, and other receptions.  Financial support is provided by the University Librarian's Office or other appropriate resources.

The Committee is comprised of two faculty members and two staff members (one AP) appointed by the University Librarian in consultation with the Executive Committee.  Members are appointed for two-year staggered terms and may be reappointed for one successive term.

Becky Smith, Chair (08/15/10)*
Jenny Emanuel (08/15/11) 
Cindy Kelly (ex-officio)
Paula Reveal (08/15/11)
Zoe Revell (8/15/11)
Joyce Wright (08/15/10)**

*   Second Term
**  Third Term

One staff member had to withdraw in serving the Committee due to other work-related commitments. Joyce Wright was Chair last year and agreed to serve one additional year.

The budget for the SEC was $12,500, same as FY 09.  However, due to rising food costs, the University Librarian's office provided an additional $500 as there were few funds left for the New Employees Recognition event.  

The SEC traditionally puts on four events throughout the year.  These events include:

There were no complaints this year about any of the events.

Three of the four events require coordination of the following: the Dean's schedule, a room, a caterer, a podium/microphone, picture taking by someone in Advancement and set up by F & S team. 

The Long Term Employee Recognition requires the most coordination and effort.  a room near the Main Library (usually the YMCA on campus), a caterer (Classic Events), the F & S team to begin setting up chairs, dining & gift tables (beginning at 7am), in which the SEC a slide projector, podium, table cloths and decorations as the breakfast generally begins around 8:30, and the ceremony commences at 9.  The HR office prints the names on poster boards (which are on easels), prints name tags for the honorees, and there are programs with the honorees names.   Additionally, a couple of members of the Committee are tasked to buy small gifts and wrap those, name tags for  plus take digital pictures of the honorees for the Powerpoint slide show.  The SEC has to help the F & S team take down what was set up afterward.   This is a well attended event.

Holiday Joy is generally held at the Levis Center and is a catered event.   Levis staff and the caterer do the tables, chairs, table clothes.  SEC arranges the room, coordinates with the caterer (Classic Events), and decorates the tables, as well provides a boom box for music.  Additionally, the Committee also sends out calls for bringing gifts or goods for a university family in need, and those are wrapped and packed in Cindy Kelly's min-van.  There is some clean up in terms of decorations being retrieved.   This event is also popular with the staff and faculty.

Cookie Day was held in conjunction of ALA Library Worker Appreciation Day.   Zoe Revell bought the cookies at Mejer and the Committee decorated a table in Room 127 for employees to drop by between 10am and 3:30pm.  The SEC also does clean up afterwards.  Employees enjoy the break.

The New Employees Recognition Event was a meet-and-greet reception in the Marshall Gallery.  It was not as well attended this year compared to last year's lunch, perhaps because it was held in the afternoon or not enough e-mails were sent out ahead of time.   LA Gourmet, the caterer did an excellent job in replenishing the food and there was more than ample beverages available for anyone who wasn't able to attend.

The Advancement Unit took pictures for 3 of the 4 events. 

The Chair recommends that this Committee continue to be funded as the events are morale boosters for all of the staff and for the Team. The faculty(who attend)/ staff seem to enjoy having seasonal social events. However, the budget will need to be increased at least $1000 to $1500 because of rising costs of food and attendance overall was up from the previous year and anticipates that trend will continue.   Website will need to be updated.

Other Suggestions
For the Long Term Employees breakfast, the Committee could explore faculty and academic professionals as honorees in addition to the Staff to make it a more inclusive event.   Also, another venue besides the YMCA, such as the Campbell Alumni Center could be rented (for slightly more) for the cost of the YMCA if set-ups, tables, table cloths, podium, microphone, and chairs were included.  Three out of five Committee members felt that the Breakfast set up (from F & S and the SEC) especially at hourly rates from staff and faculty time should not be spent on laborious tasks.   Moreover, gifts, while nice to have, could be optional or be limited to "Uncover and Discover" pens and library bags.