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Scholarly Communications Committee Annual Report


Scholarly Communications Committee - FY10 Annual Report


Prepared by Sarah Shreeves, Chair


Charge:  The Scholarly Communications Committee plans and helps to implement services, including education programs, focused on issues related to:



Activities in FY 2010: The Scholarly Communications Committee meets monthly. In FY10 the activities of the Committee included:

Future Purpose and Role: The Scholarly Communications Committee has three important functions:

-          education and training about scholarly communication issues for our own library faculty and staff;

-          education and training about scholarly communication issues for the wider university community

-          development and assessment of services to support scholarly publishing and scholarly communication activities of the university.

I believe that the committee continues to have a purpose and role in these functions. However, there are at times challenges in doing our work, as well as potential for changing the role of the committee.

The primary challenge is that the committee is striking the appropriate balance between advocacy for changes in the scholarly communication system (promotion of open access, for example) and basic education about the current scholarly communication environment. This can be uncomfortable for some on the committee as well as for some of our colleagues.

The Scholarly Commons will provide a physical and virtual service point for some of the services and consultations that the Committee provides, and several members of the committee (Sarah Shreeves, Merinda Hensley, and Janice Pilch) will provide consultation services in that space.

I also believe that at some point (not this year, but perhaps the following year) it would be useful to broaden the membership of this committee or to recharge it to include faculty outside the Library. It is useful now to have a Library only committee, but given the larger conversations about scholarly communications happening on campus and within the CIC it may be time to broaden the focus of this group.

In the short term, the committee's composition needs to be changed. Currently it reads:

The Committee is appointed by the University Librarian with the advice of the Executive Committee.

The Scholarly Communications Officer and the Coordinator for IDEALS are permanent members of the committee. The Central Reference Services liaison with the Graduate College serves on the committee ex officio. In addition, three members-at-large from the Library with an interest in copyright and/or scholarly communication issues in their discipline will be appointed for two year terms. The chair will be chosen by the committee and will serve a two year term.

As we no longer have  a Scholarly Communications Officer, I would recommend striking that from the description of the composition.