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Research and Publication Committee Annual Report


Library Research and Publication Committee FY10 Report

Prepared by Marek Sroka, Chair of RPC


FY10 RPC Awards

Total funds awarded to RPC grant recipients during FY10 amounted to $24,809.10.  This represents a 30% increase from FY09 and a 57% increase from FY08.


FY10 Grant Recipients

There were 13 recipients of FY10 RPC grants.  Six (about 46%) of them were untenured faculty (at the time of applying to RPC).  The FY10 awards page can be found at:

The awards ranged from $250 to $5,610.  The average award was $2,255.


Research Topics

Projects funded by RPC represent a diverse and vibrant research agenda of the UIUC library faculty, ranging from cutting-edge research into mobile devices and libraries by Jim Hahn or the assessment of open source software projects by Chris Prom to social and cultural studies by Al Kagan and Raj Chilana. RPC has been encouraged by a relatively large number of applications coming from the untenured faculty.  The chair and other RPC members have personally discussed possible RPC applications with several junior faculty members and encouraged them to apply for RPC funding.


FY10 RPC Brownbag/Faculty Presentations Program

The main goal of the program was to promote greater engagement among the UIUC Library faculty in the discussion, support, and promotion of research efforts.  The sessions included both reports on current research and special topics such as the development of one's research agenda and potential challenges and pitfalls to look out in the research and publication processes.  The last session was sponsored by both Library Research and Publication Committee and Promotion and Tenure Committee.  The sessions were generally well attended, with the best attendance registered at the last session. There were four session with six speakers (two of them were untenured faculty).  Here is a list of presenters and topics of their presentations:

Monday, March 1, 2010.  
Speaker: Chatham Ewing.
Topic: The Development of a Research Agenda in an Academic Environment.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010  
Speaker: Lura Joseph
Topic: Research and Publication for Librarians: Getting Started (Basics, Getting Organized, Finding Ideas).


Wednesday, April 28, 2010
Speaker: Adriana P. Cuervo
Topic: Perspectives on the Management of Music and Performing Arts Archives.


Research Panel Sponsored by Library Research and Publication Committee and Promotion and Tenure Advisory Committee
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Sue Searing: Where to Submit Your Article: Some Factors to Consider.
Sarah Shreeves: Retaining Your Rights: Negotiating the Copyright Transfer Agreement.
Nancy O'Brien:  Dealing with Rejection: How to Rework Manuscripts for Publication.



The committee discusses applications through e-mail.  This allows for a speedy and efficient review process.  The response time depends on the complexity and scope of a particular research project, but it does not usually go beyond 10 days, and in many cases it is much shorter.


Significance of RPC for the UIUC Library

The Library Research and Publication Committee is instrumental in providing financial support for research needs of UIUC Library faculty.  It promotes research accomplishments of the library faculty.  It also informs the library and campus community about ongoing or planned research projects of the UIUC library faculty. 


Current RPC Membership

Marek Sroka, Chair (08/15/11)
Richard Burbank (08/15/11)
Carissa Holler (08/15/11)
Shuyong Jiang (08/15/11)
Rudy Leon (08/15/11)
Scott Walter, ex officio