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Mortenson Center Advisory Committee Annual Report



2009-2010 Activities and Accomplishments

The Mortenson Center Advisory Committee met twice during the 2009-2010 academic year and the minutes are posted.  This follows the annual pattern of meeting once each semester.  The committee generally listens and responds to reports on activities of the Center.  We also call on members of the Committee from the Library to assist when we have international visitors.  Members from outside the Library help keep us informed about other campus activities that relate to our work.

Committee Charge

The Advisory Committee advises the Director on center policy and procedures.

Committee Composition

The Committee of nine Faculty members, at least half of whom are drawn from the Library faculty, are appointed to the Mortenson Advisory Committee by the University Librarian, in consultation with the Executive Committee, and on the recommendation of the Director of the Mortenson Center. The appointed members serve two-year staggered terms and may be reappointed to successive terms, not to exceed four years.

Future Purpose and Role

Generally there is little advice needed or offered from the committee on Mortenson Center policy and procedures.  We meet twice a year and the Committee provides an opportunity for formal interaction with a small group of colleagues from the library and campus.  The main outcome of the committee meetings is diffusion of information about Center activities. 

An option would be to eliminate the committee and develop and implement a more formal promotion plan about Center activities, which might include using email, our periodic newsletters, the Center Facebook account, and/or reporting periodically to the library faculty to keep our colleagues updated about Mortenson Center activities.



Barbara J. Ford

August 2010