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DRAFT Revised August 2010


(Content, Access, Policy and Technology Committee)


CAPT is charged with developing a forward-looking and overarching vision for effective and innovative user access to Library collections and resources. Its activities are concentrated in these distinct areas:

The policies and priorities that govern CAPT's work rest on these three principles:


Recommended Membership:

(Membership on CAPT is ex officio, voting)


Bill Mischo-Lead for Easy Search / federated search and discovery tools

Robert Slater-Web Technologies and Content Librarian

Michael Norman-Head of CAM

Lynn Wiley-Head of Acquisitions

Tim Cole-Lead for Digital Content Access and Management systems

Representative from Library IT who can speak to access and technology/standards/delivery issues (Peggy Steele)

Sarah Shreeves-Coordinator of the IDEALS and Scholarly Communication Programs and the Scholarly Commons

Beth Woodard-Coordinator for Staff Training and Development, RRGIS

*Tom Teper-AUL for Collections

*Beth Sandore-AUL for IT

Scott Walter-AUL for Services


 Rationale:  need the leadership from various access and content providers/managers around the table; further, we need a connection to both user and staff needs of the organization as we discuss and recommend the provision of access to content across the Library system.




Current CAPT Working Groups:

E-resources (Wendy Shelburne) recommend dissolving group

Cataloging (Qiang Jin)

Easy Search (Bill Mischo)

Next Generation access systems (Lynn Wiley)

Integrated Systems Coordinating Committee-ISCC (Peggy Steele)

Web Content Working Group (Robert Slater)

Mobile Services Working Group (Peggy Steele)