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UIC and UIUC Collaborations


Individually, the University Libraries at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Urbana-Champaign provide high levels of service and resources to their campus communities and to the citizens of Illinois.  We believe that by working together, the two libraries can provide unparalleled levels of service and access to our collections for the University of Illinois community. 


Since their founding, each library has developed strengths in collections and staff expertise that complement the other and reflect the development of our campus and programmatic foci over time.  We have developed and invested in technologies that differ in emphases.  At the same time, we manage operations in multiple locations that perform essentially the same functions.


We believe that through collaboration-through simplifying operations, reducing or eliminating duplication, and capitalizing on our complementary collections and expertise-we can expand the depth and breadth of our services and maintain the strengths and special features of each library.  Although we do not intend to create a single library or to undermine the decision-making authority and governance of each library, we believe that collaboration will bring renewed creativity and energy to projects that will benefit both of our constituencies.  We believe that collaboration will result not in reduced budgets but in better stewardship of our human, financial, and capital resources.  The collaboration will be based upon equitable, balanced effort and commitment.


During this first 2-3 year project, we will develop a framework for ongoing, sustainable collaborations and initiate several targeted collaborative projects.  The primary goals of this first project are to:


A multi-disciplinary team comprised of staff from both libraries will be formed to build the collaboration framework described above, gather, consolidate and prioritize project ideas, and develop and execute project plans.




September 1, 2009