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As part of the New Service Models activities conducted during Spring 2009, discussions about opportunities to further integrate and enhance Library services delivered in support of research, teaching and learning in the social and behavioral sciences have proliferated. These conversations built on earlier discussions in the Social Science Division of the potential to develop a "social science hub" within the Main Library.  The imperative to build stronger relationships among library services for the social and behavioral sciences, the Applied Health Sciences Library and the UIC Library of the Health Sciences also emerged as a recommendation from the Winter 2010 Health Information Services Planning Team report

With recent changes to the service models for  social science disciplines and professional degree programs, e.g., Labor & Employment Relations and Library & Information Science virtual libraries) and the current campus-wide review and consolidation of programs in order to more effectively leverage human and financial resources, it is the right time to review Library service to the social and applied health sciences, and to identify opportunities to enhance support for these fields and for allied, applied fields of study.


Engaging with faculty, staff and students representing the academic communities in the full range of social science disciplines, including all those served by librarians in the Social Science Division and throughout the Library, including the Law Library, and in health-related educational programs and research areas, the Social and Applied Health Sciences Planning Team will:


Submitted to the Library Executive Committee: May 18, 2010