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Psychology Social Work Request



Proposing Division, Unit, Group or Individual


Nancy P. O’Brien, Head, Education and Social Science Library

Proposed Title


Psychology/Social Work Librarian

Faculty Rank


Assistant Professor or above

Estimated Salary



Potential sources of funding for position


State funds currently allocated

Reports to


Nancy O’Brien, Head, Education and Social Science Library

Recommended time frame for filling (immediate need, 6 months, 1 year, etc.) and explanation







Begin search immediately to fill for August 2010

Position Need & Rationale: explain how this position contributes to the Library’s strategic goals














This position works with two major, active programs on campus.  The Department of Psychology has 54 FTE tenure system faculty with 1437 undergraduate and graduate students.  The School of Social Work has 18 FTE tenure system faculty and 263 graduate and professional students.   (2008/2009 DMI information )  With the recent addition of a bachelor’s degree program in Social Work, the demands for instruction and reference will increase markedly.  Both of these programs already make very active use of library services and resources.  Social Work, for example, requires library instructional sessions for their new students each semester.  Instructional and reference activities meet the strategic goals to “Strengthen our services to meet the changing library needs of today’s and tomorrow’s faculty and students.”  In addition, we anticipate that this position will develop more interactive ways to meet user needs with increasingly diverse use of technologies such as social networking, IM, online instruction, Web tutorials, and so on.  This position also supports the strategic goal to “Strengthen our ability to provide content in all formats and enhance access for Library users” by enhancing the library’s collections through purposeful acquisition of relevant subject material in all formats.


Brief position description and job duties



























Under the direction of the Head of the Education and Social Science Library, the Psychology/Social Work Librarian develops and manages psychology and social work collections.  Serves as liaison to the Department of Psychology and School of Social Work and works closely with faculty to establish collection priorities.  Provides reference service and instruction in asynchronous and real-time settings for psychology, social work and the Library’s other disciplines.  Depending upon departmental needs and qualifications of the successful candidate, duties may also include Web site management, digital projects, developing and managing additional collections, coordinating specific library programs and operations, and participating in other projects and activities.

How might this position evolve to meet continuing Library needs in 5-10 years?












This position will evolve into more digital and online delivery of services as well as continued in-person and on-site service to students, faculty and other constituents.  The School of Social Work has requested that the librarian in this position spend some time each week in its building to provide assistance.  In addition, this position will coordinate development and maintenance of the ESSL Web pages.  As technology changes and as new subject areas are added (which is likely due to the consolidation of service points and new service models), this position will take a pro-active role.


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