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Literatures and Languages Implementation Team

New Service Models Program




In Fall 2009, a planning team composed of Library faculty and staff from an array of Library units directly involved in providing services in support of literatures, linguistics and the languages of Western Europe and their diaspora was convened to continue earlier discussions about how to best support these areas. The Team agreed that a new library unit, "The Literatures and Languages Library," that would bring together the collections and services currently provided by English and Modern Languages and Linguistics libraries should be "established on the 2nd floor, near the Main Stacks and other humanities collections."


The Implementation Team now being charged is asked to plan for the establishment of this new unit in 225 and 200D Library, and the integration of reference collections in the component areas with the current reference materials in Room 200 and the Main Stacks Reference materials, as appropriate.  The service program should be grounded in the Library's ongoing commitment to developing rich collections of materials in all formats, both print and digital, and to providing access to subject specialists who support the use of those materials.


The Literatures and Languages Planning Team also recommended that Kolb Proust not be a part of the Literatures and Languages Library, but further discussion regarding the best location and administrative alignment for this program should commence once the Kolb Proust Librarian returns from sabbatical.




The Literatures and Languages Implementation Team (LLIT) is charged with developing a service profile, a space program, and an implementation plan for the proposed new unit.  This team is expected to build upon the work of the Literatures and Languages Planning Team. The LLIT will:


  1. Develop a service profile for the new unit that:
    • Identifies opportunities for the development of new initiatives and for the expansion of services currently offered
    • Draws on the findings of the survey conducted by the planning team, as well as conversations with relevant campus communities, to further define existing and emerging needs of humanities students and scholars
    • Situates the Literatures and Languages Library as a core component in a broader array of Library service programs supporting scholarly work in the humanities
  2. Develop plans to best utilize the designated space that builds upon the aforementioned service profile. This process should involve faculty and staff of the proposed unit
  3. Develop a model for the staffing and organizational structure of the new unit, likewise involving faculty and staff of the proposed unit
  4. Collaborate with the NSM coordinator to develop timelines and schedules for  implementation, including specific steps needed to implement the proposed service profile, a timeline for implementing these steps, a table of staffing and resource needs that identifies ideal and alternate models for meeting identified service needs
  5. Identify opportunities for collaborative collection development both within the new unit and in coordination with other library units (e.g. Undergraduate Library, International and Area Studies Library, Reference, Research and Government Information Services, etc)


The group shall submit a report with its recommendations to the University Librarian by April 30, 2010.



Marek Sroka, Acting Head, English Library (Team Leader)

Robert Cagle, Cinema Studies and Comparative Literatures

Paula Carns, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Librarian

Harriett Green, English Librarian

Jo Kibbee, Acting French Librarian, Reference, Research and Government Information Services

Bruce Swann, Acting Head, Modern Languages and Linguistics Library

JoAnn Jacoby, NSM Coordinator (Administrative Liaison)


Library Staff:

Tony Hynes, Modern Languages Library


Faculty from outside the Library:

1-2 Members of the English Department

Dara Goldman, Associate Professor of Spanish; Center for Global Studies; Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies; Gender and Women's Studies; Latina/Latino Studies; Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory (not yet confirmed)             


RESOURCE PEOPLE (a partial list of people with whom the team may want to consult):

Doug Kibbee, Director, School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics

Curtis Perry, English Department, Head

Lori Mestre, Undergraduate Library

Janice Pilch, German Librarian

Connie Santarelli, English Library

Sarah Shreeves, Scholarly Commons


Submitted to the Executive Committee for consideration:  January 28, 2010
Approved by the Executive Committee:  February 8, 2010