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Social and Behavioral Sciences Planning Team



As part of the New Service Models discussions conducted during Spring 2009, discussion was initiated regarding the opportunity to further coordinate, integrate, and enhance Library services delivered in support of research, teaching and learning in the social and behavioral sciences. This discussion built on earlier discussions of the potential to develop a "social science hub" within the Main Library, and recognized that our model for Library services to the social and behavioral sciences, and for allied professional programs including Teacher Education and Social Work, has evolved consistently over the past several decades. With recent changes to the service models for other social science disciplines, e.g., Labor & Employment Relations and Library & Information Science, this is an appropriate time to review Library service to the social and behavioral sciences and to identify opportunities to enhance support for these fields and for allied, applied fields of study.


The Social and Behavioral Sciences Planning Team will:



Proposed Membership (If applicable, some  members may be drawn from the AHS Planning Team, which will conclude its work before this team is charged.)






Library Faculty:




Library Staff: