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TO: libfac-l

FROM: executive committee

RE: job titles



Since many of our job titles are changing as a result of the New Service Models and other changes in the library, the Executive Committee believes this is a good time to discuss faculty position titles across the library.  We would like your input.  We are planning to develop a guidance document for those who are writing faculty position titles that includes some variant of the following principles:

1.       Job titles should describe the functional or subject responsibility of the position

2.       Job titles should not describe the rank of the person in the position or the relationship between that person and someone else

3.       These words should be avoided in job titles without compelling justification: assistant, coordinator (unless role is library-wide), director, head (heads of units will have a separate component to their title)

4.       These functional/subject job titles will be approved by the University Librarian with the advice of the Executive Committee.  Library faculty job titles at the campus level would be generic, for example "Assistant Professor of Library Administration."  The campus phone list would therefore contain only generic titles, but the library staff listing would contain functional/subject job titles as well as rank.

These principles would apply only to faculty positions, not to APs or staff. 

Please comment on these principles and how they would affect you or your department by e-mail, which goes to everyone on the Executive Committee.  Also, let us know if you would be interested in changing your title to be more in line with these principles. 

This issue will also be discussed at a faculty meeting on July 22. 


Bill Mischo for the Executive Committee