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International and Area Studies Implementation Team




In Fall 2008, a planning team composed of Library faculty and staff from an array of Library units directly involved in providing services in support of international and area studies programs on campus, as well as faculty members from two of the liaison National Resource Centers (Title VI), was convened to continue earlier discussions about how to best support area and international studies. The Team agreed that a new unit called the International and Area Studies (IAS) Library should be established. The vision outlined by this team indicated that the resulting unit should serve as the University's gateway to the world of information and scholarship about international, global, and area studies. This new service point should build upon and enhance the excellence of each of the component units, promote opportunities for collaboration and coordination among the Library's area and international studies units, and provide a single physical service point and web presence for library users whose needs may draw upon various library collections and the distinct expertise of area and international studies librarians. As such, the proposed service point would connect the knowledge that is crucial to developing global competencies through the study of global concerns and transnational issues as well as the study of distinct nations and regions. In their final report, the team recommended that a smaller implementation team be charged.


The Library's Executive Committee endorsed the planning team's overarching recommendation that we pursue the integration of existing Library units serving international and area studies programs into an IAS Library that supports the vision outlined by the Area and International Studies New Service Model Team.


The Implementation Team now being charged is being asked to plan for the establishment of this new unit.  The service program implemented should be grounded in the Library's ongoing commitment to developing rich collections of international materials and to providing access to subject specialists who support the use of those materials by student, faculty, and visiting scholars.




The International and Area Studies Implementation Team (IASIT) is charged with developing a program and implementation plan for the University Library's International and Area Studies activities. This team is expected to build upon the work of the Library's previous Area and International Studies New Service Model Team. The IASIT will:


The group should produce a report for the University Library and submit it to the NSM Coordinator November 30, 2009.


Proposed Membership


Faculty from relevant units:




Library faculty:


Library staff:

§  Helen Sullivan, Slavic