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DRAFT 8/10/09


Health Information Services Planning Team Charge


A 2009 Illinois white paper proposing the creation of a center for promotion of healthy communities identified over a dozen research centers on the Urbana campus that are engaged in health-related research.  Researchers at Illinois who are developing programs ranging from health care policy to the biological determinants of diseases need comprehensive, timely, and reliable information to incorporate into their solutions.  This information must be gleaned from diverse disciplines, including biology, social and behavioral sciences, technology and computer science, informatics, education, nutrition, health economics, health policy as well as allied disciplines such as veterinary medicine.  In early 2009 librarians in Applied Health Sciences, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences library service programs identified the need for the Library to provide a more comprehensive approach to providing health information services to scholars across multiple disciplines on campus.    Although the Applied Health Sciences Library's Health information portal is a growing nexus for vital information, scholars and practitioners who work with increasingly disparate information resources need different kinds of information support than they did 20, 10, or even 5 years ago .  The Health Information Services Planning Team is charged with planning for the future of health-related library services to faculty, students, and practitioners in the programs of Applied Health sciences, ACES, Biology, Medicine, Bioinformatics, Computer Science and Engineering.  The Health Information Services Planning team agrees to do the following:

  1. Identify the areas of study that depend on health information services on the Urbana campus.  Articulate the needs of emerging areas of study, including free-standing and interdisciplinary programs in theme areas such as health management of chronic diseases and disabilities, assessment of public health delivery systems, prevention programs, and health policy.  Illinois currently sponsors several health-related initiatives, including the iHealth initiative, and the Illinois Center for the Promotion of Healthy Communities , and the Family Resiliency Center.
  2. Assess the growing overlap with complementary library services programs in the life sciences and social sciences, and identify the most promising ways in which the Library can build support for emergent programs that support robust health information services.
  3.  Bring relevant groups and individuals into the Team's conversations to develop a broad-based understanding of the existing and emerging needs of information users in these allied disciplines.
  4. Identify how and where to most effectively provide Library services and access to information resources to all disciplines and communities that focus on health-related research, learning,  and practice  in the Illinois campus and outreach communities. 
  5. Plan the specific steps needed to implement the proposed service profile, provide a timeline for implementing these steps, and define staffing and resource needs and responsibilities.
  6. Recommend a plan for ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of the new service profile. 
  7.  Author a report outlining a proposed service profile for disciplines related to Applied Health Sciences to the University Librarian and Dean of Libraries by November 30, 2009

PROPOSED MEMBERSHIP (still need to firm this up and ensure there is overlap with campus health and wellness group)

Faculty from the College of Applied Health Sciences:


  Faculty in related areas from outside AHS:


  Library Faculty:


Library Staff:

Wendy Gregory or Lillian Morales (AHS Library)