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Coordinator -- Appointments, Evaluation and Administrative Components of Salary


This document provides information to guide the process for appointments and reviews of newly- appointed coordinators in the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Library.  It does not affect current coordinators with existing appointments, such as the Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction.


Coordinator Role


Coordinators currently serve a variety of roles in the University Library, frequently in addition to the appointees' primary responsibilities.  For example, there is a Coordinator for Staff Training and Development (currently a half-time appointment, in addition to other duties) and a Coordinator, New Service Model Programs (full time, limited-term appointment).  Coordinators, as the title suggests, coordinate key functions (such as staff training) across the entire Library.  The need for this type of coordination across unit boundaries is increasing.  Inviting people to accept additional duties as Coordinators may be the only way that the Library can leverage our expertise to address or strategic priorities and core mission. 


Coordinator positions may be created to fill a transient need with the intention of the position expiring once the initial term of appointment is concluded (e.g. , New Service Model Programs), or to fulfill ongoing needs (Coordinator for Staff Training and Development). 


Appointments, Evaluation and Administrative Components of Salary










Approved by Executive Committee,  [March 2, 2009]