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Administration SWOT Analysis


Great energetic people

Explore ideas thoroughly and analytically

Accept criticism

Broad perspective

Ability to raise money

Commitment to archiving collection materials of all formats

Decentralized structure

Open to the community

Strong partners


International presence

Online resources and help


Support from campus administration

Being behind others in some areas – allows us to leapfrog ahead

Administration leaders are national leaders in their respective fields

High level of awareness of what is going on at other institutions/libraries

Optimistic about Library’s future

Willingness to make difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions



Lack ability to move quickly and decisively (faculty governance)

Not enough experience as a group

Don’t articulate library directions well

Lack culture for assessment and accountability (Library)

Hard to anticipate retirements

Hard to coordinate services across the Library

Decentralized structure

Staff services for our own convenience

Poor on-line environment – Gateway lacks user focus; web pages lack consistency

Weak central infra-structure

High number of untenured faculty versus full professors

Begging for collection dollars from other campus departments and units

Lack of/resistance to communication/coordination among administration units

Dependency on campus/legislature for substantial facilities improvements



Perception that Library administration is over-staffed and/or barrier to change

Lack of respect for Library administration role and function from colleagues

Lack of experience with administration acting as a ‘division’ within the Library



Broader perspective; discussions start from ‘Library with a capital L’ perspective

Walk away from focus on ARL statistics


Lots of upcoming retirements (new skills, rethinking positions)

Rethinking decentralized structure

Public Engagement

Marketing of our services/branding


Emerging new partners

Better mentoring process

Getting $ from other campus departments and units

Creation of more online resource tools for our remote users

Ability to be a leading institution by mobilizing behind something that distinguishes us from what others are doing

Potential partnerships between administration units

New AUL for Services will bring new ideas and perspectives

Multicultural Librarian in Office of Services creates new approaches to service development in this area



Condition of physical facilities

Condition of collection materials

Physical constraints of current facilities

Lots of retirements (institutional memory and skills)

Information providers outside academia (coffee shops, public libraries, corporations…)


New provost?

New deans?

Little vetting by Library in reference to new disciplines and inter-disciplinary studies

Trying to ‘keep up with the Jones’

Lack of time to have discussions as larger administration group

Confusion because of ‘non-traditional’ approach to AUL positions; leads to dragging out decisionmaking.



New disciplines and inter-disciplinary studies

Research Park

Changes in academic colleges and units